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iKON Members Profile & Facts

iKON Members

iKON (아이콘) is a South Korean six-member Kpop boy group under 143 Entertainment. The group members consist of Bobby, Jay, JUNE, Song, DK and Chan. They initially debuted with seven members on September 15, 2015 with the digital single “My Type”.

iKON Profile

DebutSeptember 15, 2015
Active Years2015–present
iKON MembersBobby, Jay, JUNE, Song, DK, Chan
GenrePop, hip-hop, R&B
Label143 Entertainment
Oldest MemberJay
Youngest MemberChan
Former MemberB.I
Fandom NameiKONIC

iKON Facts:

– The group’s greeting is ‘Get Ready? Show Time! Hello, this is iKON!’.
– Their official lightstick color is Orange-Red.
– iKON was formed on the survival show Mix & Match.
– The group first appeared on the show ‘WIN: Who Is Next’ and were in Team B but they lost against Team A. Team A (went on to become WINNER) while they appeared on Mix & Match in 2014.
– They rose to fame in 2018 after releasing the song ‘Love Scenario’ which ranked top for a record-breaking six weeks at the Gaon Digital Chart.
– The group’s name, iKON, was created with the aim of making the group an ‘icon for Korea’.
– They were formerly under YG Entertainment but the members left the agency on December 30, 2022.
– Over 150K fans applied to watch the final performance of ‘Mix & Match’ to see the final lineup of the group, overloading and crashing YG’s blog server.
– The group’s leader, B.I, left the group on June 12, 2019 after his drug scandal. Jay is considered the unofficial leader of the group.
– They signed under 143 Entertainment in January 2023 and were allowed to use the group’s name.
– The members revealed that after B.I left, they felt anxious and dumbfounded. The members didn’t come out of their rooms for quite a while and didn’t know how to move forward without the leader. (Golden Clinic)


– Even prior to their debut, iKON enjoyed immense popularity and held fan meetings in China, Japan and Korea with over 50K fans applying for only 2K tickets in China and Japan.
– They were listed by the Billboard as the ‘Top 5 Kpop Artists to Watch in 2015’ and were the only pre-debut group on the list.
– Their first concert sold out 13,000 tickets and was held in the largest concert hall in Korea with over 500,000 viewers streaming the live broadcast of the concert through the Naver V App.
– Their song ‘My Type’, became immensely popular in China and iKON was reportedly searched on Weibo for a whopping 1.3 billion times.

Major Works

– Their popular songs include ‘Love Scenario’, ‘Killing Me’, ‘Rythm Tha’ and ‘My Type’.


– The group has won multiple new artist awards in both China and Japan as well as in Korea.
– Their song ‘Love Scenario’ has won multiple ‘Song of the Year’ awards.

Website:  iKON |  

Instagram: @withikonic
Youtube: iKon
Twitter: @iKONIC_143
TikTok: @ikon_tiktok
Facebook: OfficialYGiKON
Fancafe: iKONYG
Weverse: iKON

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iKON Members Profile

1. Jay

Jay (iKON Members)
Stage Name Jay (제이)
Birth NameKim Jinhwan (김진환)
PositionMain Vocalist, Lead Dancer
BirthdayFebruary 7, 1994
Active Years2013–present
Age30 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height165 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Weight56 kg (123 lb)
Blood TypeA

Jay Facts:

– Jay wants to be born again as iKON’s youngest member if given the choice because he said it’s harder for the older members.
– He is the unofficial leader of the group.
– He thinks raisin sushi is worse than eggplant sushi.
– He gets bitten by mosquitoes the most in the group.
– He would love to memorize lyrics at once rather than memorize dances at once.
– He prefers wink over finger heart.
– He thinks he is sexy but said people around him call him cute.
– He hates eating shiitake mushrooms because of its smell.
– He loves staying in his room alone and on some days off , he won’t come out of his room. (Marie Claire Korea)
– He loves to play table tennis.
– His favorite season is summer and he loves to visit the beaches.
– He relieves his stress by watching a movie alone.
– If time stopped and only he could move, he would hit resentful people. (Hallyu Top)
– He set a rule for himself that he must watch a movie before he sleeps.
– His ideal way of spending a day is waking up early, eating 3 meals of the day and drinking alcohol before sleeping.
– He said he feels jealous when he watches other’s performances and finds them cool.
– Despite being the oldest member in iKON, he doesn’t like treating them as juniors but prefers to treat them as friends. (JJ Magazine 2018)
– Bobby said Jay is not very short in height despite what people say.
– His favorite animal is dogs.
– His nickname is ‘mandarin fairy’.
Changbin from Stray Kids is a big fan of him.
– He describes himself in one word as a ‘plentiful person’.
– He prefers watching opening endings over happy endings in movies because happy endings are too simple. (Marie Claire Korea)
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Instagram: @gnani_____
Twitter: @iKON_gnani_____ | @GNANI_OFFICIAL)

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2. Song

Song (iKON Members)
Stage NameSong (송)
Birth NameSong Yunhyeong (송윤형)
PositionSub-Vocalist, Visual, Center
BirthdayFebruary 8, 1995
Active Years2013–present
Age29 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height175 cm (5’9”)
Weight58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Song Facts:

– Song is nicknamed ‘Song chef’ in iKON because he is good at cooking.
– He feels that having someone beside is better than being alone.
– He thinks he is good at having a positive personality.
– He likes to eat sushi.
– He has a gentle way of speaking. (JJ Magazine 2018)
– His specialty is cooking, comedy and riding the bike.
– He started growing green onions in his house because it’s expensive in the market. (THE STAR)
– His favorite perfume is Tom Ford.
– He said black is not his favorite color because it turns out he was just addicted to it but never really liked it. (iKON-ON : 2022)
– He is scared of horror movies.
– Members said he has a mischievous and gentle personality.
– His motto is ‘Always work hard and don’t be arrogant’.
– He always puts on facial masks before going to sleep.
– He is a fan of Zion.T. (WI?XT)
– He likes movies that have the concept of time machine and time travel. (Hallyu Top)
– Song described himself in one word as a ‘happy person’.
– If time stopped and only he could move, he would visit the amusement park and not stand in line and ride 100 times.
– His ideal way of spending a day is meeting with friends, having a meal and talking while drinking coffee.
– He always tries each area’s specialty sushi when he visits Japan.
– Chan wants Song to stop pretending to be a gentleman because the way he appeals as a gentleman is too much. (JJ Magazine)
– He is allergic to animals and has to wash his hands after touching his dog Kkotnim.
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Instagram: @sssong_yh
Youtube: 송슐랭 가이드 – SONGCHELIN GUIDE
Twitter: @sssong6823 | SONG_LOVE_JP
TikTok: @yoyo_ik0n

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3. Bobby

Bobby (iKON Members)
Stage NameBobby (바비)
Birth NameKim Jiwon (김지원)
PositionMain Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Face of the Group
BirthdayDecember 21, 1995
Active Years2013–present
Age28 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height175 cm (5’9”)
Weight68 kg (149 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Bobby Facts:

– Bobby loves to paint his nails as a hobby.
– He relieves his stress by sleeping.
– His ideal way of spending a day is waking up when he feels like it, eating, swimming, setting off fireworks with friends and having a serious conversation before sleeping.
– He likes to eat Japanese potato chips. (Hallyu Top)
– He said the reason he is always happy is because he lives in the present moment and practices gratitude.
– He loses to Chan in jumping high.
– He wants to try shaving his head someday.
– He likes listening to NewJeans, aespa, IVE and Le Sserafim. (1st Look)
– He described himself in one word as ‘sleepyhead’.
– He enjoys playing basketball.
– He gets severe headaches if he drinks on a plane so he avoids it. (Y Magazine)
– He thinks the least sexiest member in the group is Chan because he is the youngest.
– He would want Jay as a younger brother among all the members.
– He said he can sleep for even 24 hours if he can make up his mind to do so.
– Ju-ne thinks he is the member who would survive a zombie apocalypse.
– He feels it’s the hardest when he is being presented in a dishonest manner like being asked to smile when he is not in the mood. (Golden Clinic)
– A member he would’ve gotten closer to even without iKon is DK.
– He got married to a non-celebrity in 2021 and has a son born in September 2021.
– His family is very religious.
– He thinks that a person who works hard in doing their work are the coolest in this era
– He lived in America for four years so he is good at English.
– He really hates seafood.
– He would not perform aegyo in front of his girlfriend because it might feel troublesome to her so he doesn’t want to burden her. (POPTEEN)
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Instagram: @bobbyindaeyo
Twitter: @bobbyranika | BOBBY_SiR_JP
TikTok: @bobbyorshedie 

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4. DK

DK (iKON Members)
Stage NameDK (디케이) 
Birth NameKim Donghyuk (김동혁)
PositionMain Dancer, Sub-Vocalist
BirthdayJanuary 3, 1997
Active Years2013–present
Age27 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height173 cm (5’8”)
Weight62 kg (137 lbs)
Blood TypeO

DK Facts:

– Prior to joining YG, DK had also passed the auditions for JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment.
– He said he becomes sensitive when he is preparing for a concert or an album. (STUDIO JAMBOX)
– He often buys denim and sneakers.
– He loves to visit the vintage shops in Japan.
– He doesn’t care about brands when buying clothes and doesn’t have a specific brand he likes. (JJ Magazine 2018)
– His hobbies include shopping, listening to music and playing tennis.
– His motto is ‘always be a warm person.’.
– Bobby shares the most similar taste with him among all iKON members.
– He hates bugs so much that he doesn’t go mountain climbing in summer. (팬바타 FANVATAR)
– Bobby said DK is actually not very skinny.
– He described himself in one word as an ‘animated person’.
– He de-stresses himself by dancing or meeting with friends and talking.
– If time stopped and only he could move, he would like to shout.
– His ideal way of spending a day is eating, making music, working in the studio, meeting friends, shopping and drinking alcohol while eating.
– He gets his inspiration from dramas, relationships with his friends and love stories.
– He wouldn’t mind doing lots of agyeo in front of his girlfriend because he is in front of the one he likes. (POPTEEN)
– When he was young, he wanted to be a bodyguard or a teacher.
– Members said his closet is like a store for them.
– He would rather go on a trip with all members for a week over with one member for a month.
– He is the loudest member in the car.
– Members said he is the most cowardly when it’s related to bugs.
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Instagram: @_dong_ii
Twitter: @D_dong_ii | DK_JPNOFFICIAL

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5. Ju-ne

Ju-ne (iKON Member)

Stage Name JUNE (준회)
Birth NameKoo Junhoe (구준회)
PositionMain Vocalist
BirthdayMarch 31, 1997
Active Years2013–present
Age27 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height183 cm (6’0″)
Weight68 kg (149 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Ju-ne Facts:

– DK said he is the most different from his first impression among all iKON members because his first impression seemed very intense and masculine but in reality, he is cute and soft-hearted. (hello82)
– His ideal way of spending a day is sleeping, working out and then taking a good sleep.
– His favorite place in Japan is Hokkaido.
– He usually listens to music when he takes a walk.
– Jay said Ju-ne initially got very lonely living alone so he often used to ask Jay to come to his house.
– His poem that got the most attention was his shortest two line poem he wrote during a sad time “It’s not that I don’t want to do anything but maybe what I want to do it far away”. (STUDIO JAMBOX)
– His rule for himself is finishing what he started.
– He said members don’t like to come to his house because his house is alway messy.
– He once went on a whisky diet because he couldn’t give up alcohol and lost 7kgs. (GQ Korea)
– He said he is a cute guy once someone gets to know him.
– He has watched all the works of Kitano Takeshi because he finds him attractive and thinks he has a manly mood to him. (JJ Magazine)
– He loves poetic works and wishes to write a poetic novel or a poetry book.
– He said he lied that his favorite color was blue to look cool because he used to write a lot of poems back then and thought that blue represents sad feelings. (iKON-ON : 2022)
– He likes to eat meat.
– The first thing he does after coming home is take his clothes off and throw them on the floor and wait to pick them up until they are collected in a pile. (VOGUE POP)
– He likes listening to Youtube’s setlist of indie band music.
– He makes decisions quickly and can be impatient. (Golden Clinic)
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Instagram: @juneeeeeeya
Twitter: @tkwpcnfak | JUNE_GOZARU_JP

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6. Chan

Chan (iKON Members)
Stage NameChan (찬), Chanwoo (찬우)
Birth NameJung Chanwoo (정찬우)
PositionSub-Vocalist, Maknae
BirthdayJanuary 26, 1998
Active Years2008–present
Age26 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height181 cm (5’11″)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Chan Facts:

– Chan is often compared to EXO‘s Chanyeol for his appearance.
– Members said he is on his phone until the last minute he has to go on stage. (hello82)
– He likes to play catch ball and even play it at 1 am.
– His favorite nickname is ‘maknae on top’.
– If he were to confess to a girl, he likes messages that contain emotions rather than using lots of stickers and emotions. (JJ Magazine)
– He chose Song as the member he would’ve gotten closer to even without iKon.
– He is a fan of BIGBANG and the first concert he visited was BIGBANG’s.
– He speaks fluent English when he is drunk.
– He’s always punctual.
– He relieves his stress by playing games.
– He is a big fan of the Marvel series.
– A rule he has set for himself is to always wear black socks. (Hallyu Top)
– His ideal way of spending a day is eating something delicious.
– He hates foods related to tomatoes and ketchup and can’t even have them near his mouth. (iKON-ON : 2022)
– If time stopped and he were the only one who could move, he would like to sleep without setting an alarm.
– He hates not getting much sleep.
– Bobby said he is the ‘brain’ of the group and there is no schedule he doesn’t know of.
– He described himself in one word as ‘smartphone’ because one cannot be with it.
– He enjoys playing video games.
– He is a fan of the R&B made in the early 2000s rather than these days. (1st Look)
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Instagram: @chan_w000
Youtube: 찬우살이
Twitter: @ikon_chan_w000

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Former Members:

7. B.I

B.I (ex.iKON Members)
Stage NameB.I (비아이)
Birth NameKim Han Bin (김한빈)
PositionLeader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
BirthdayOctober 22, 1996
Active Years2009–present
Age27 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height175 cm (5’9’’)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeO

B.I Facts:

– B.I is a fan of The Beatles.
– One thing that gets him seriously anxious if he doesn’t have it is lip balm. (Mindset)
– He wants the superpower to control time because he feels it’s the most superior power.
– He doesn’t like being cute but likes cute things.
– If he could wear one color for his whole life, he would choose black.
– His favorite time in school was lunch time.
– Words he overuses out of habit are ‘balance’ and ‘revolution’.
– Chan would like to date B.I among all the members because he said he has such an unexpectedly pleasant personality. (JJ Magazine 2018)
– He said his favorite feeling is ‘solitude’ and he likes being alone which inspires him to write songs.
– He feels his song ‘Waterfall’ best describes him in his entirety.
– He relieves his stress by going out with friends and watching light movies.
– He listens to a lot of house music and old pop music and likes listening to Skrillex and Fred Again.
– He would describe his mindset as ‘work ethic’, ‘Idle’ and ‘passion’.
– His most embarrassing moment onstage is when he has to perform agyeo. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– His biggest fear is cockroaches.
– His rule about himself is that he always tells himself that he is not just satisfied with making music as a job. (Hallyu Top)
– His preferred way of relaxing is doing nothing and being alone.
– If he had to describe himself as a food, he would choose ‘Pyongyang Naengmyeon’ because its taste is deep yet subtle and one has to try it atleast three times before they’ll start liking it. (BuzzFeed UK)
– He left iKON on June 12, 2019 after he was involved in an illegal purchase of drugs.
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Instagram: shxxbi131
Youtube: 131online
Twitter: shxx131bi131
Facebook: 131kimhanbin

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