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Song Kang Profile, Bio, & Facts

Song Kang

Song Kang (송강) is a South Korean actor under Namoo Actors. He made his debut in the year 2017 with the drama, “The Liar and His Lover”.

Song Kang Profile

Stage Name N/A
Birth Name Song Kang (송강)
Occupation Actor 
Birthday April 23rd, 1994
Active Years 2015–present
Age 29 (in 2024)
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight 68 kg
Nationality Korean 
Blood Type B

Song Kang Facts

Early Life

– Song Kang is from Paldal-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– He went to the Seoul Songpa Elementary School.
– He attended Songpa Middle School.
– He was in Changhyeon High School.
– He went to Konkuk University in Film Arts.

Personal Life

– Kang’s shoulder length is 55cm.
– His hands’ measurement is 19cm.
– He has a younger brother born in 1998.
– His mom is a piano teacher and his dad is an artist in gymnastics.
– He uses an iPhone 13 Mini.
– He acted in “Beautiful Vampire” for his film debut.
– He’s allergic to a lot of things like pollen, peaches, shellfish, and dogs.
– He has a lot of hobbies like driving, playing the piano, and playing games.
– A few of his nicknames are Song River, Song Guangdong, Ginger, and Ddong River.
– His fandom name is Songpyeon.
– He was almost an idol instead of an actor because he kept being scouted by idol agencies.
– He likes working out on his days off.
– He drives a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.
– “Love Alarm” was his first-ever role in the Netflix series.
– His ideal type is a girl who can communicate, jokes around, compliments him, and is a warm person.
– He uses his left hand sometimes to eat.
– When he was a rookie, he chose director Jin Hyuk as someone he wanted to work with at least once.
– He chose Jeju Island as the destination he wanted to go to for my summer vacation.
– He’s a morning person and likes to spend time alone.
– Some of the dramas he recommended are You vs. Nature, Beauty Inside, Stranger Things, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Okja, Titanic, Spider-Man, and Emily Goes to Paris.
– His fairly plump lips are his charm point.
– He resembles Yook Sungjae from BTOB.


– Kang’s been an MC for Inkigayo with SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, and DIA’s Chaeyeon.
– He made an appearance in “Touch Your Heart’s 13th episode.
– He was cast in “Man In The Kitchen”.
– He is a fixed member of “Village Survival, the Eight” variety show.
– He was in Goethe’s Faust’s adaption, “When the Devil Calls Your Name”.
– He has two photobooks and DVDs named, “Eyes On You SONG KANG” and “SONG KANG NYLON SUPER VOL.12”.


– Kang has appeared in music videos for THE ADE’s “달콤한 여름밤 (Sweet Summer Night)”, VIBE’s “이 번호로 전화해줘 (Call me back)” and SURAN’s “Love Story”.

Magazines & Advertisements

– Kang has advertised for KT, Too Cool For School Co., Ltd, Coca-Cola Korea, Hite Jinro, J.ESTINA, Angel Research Institute, Henus Co., Ltd, Platon Ventures Co., Ltd, F&CO Co., Ltd, Sejeong & Future Co., Ltd, Estee Lauder, LVMH, Korea Ginseng and many many more.
– He has been on magazine covers for Wedding 21, Allure Korea, CeCi, Marie Claire Korea, @Style, THE STAR, GRAZIA Korea, ELLE Korea, Singles Korea, W Korea, Singles Korea, W Korea, Arena Homme Plus Korea, COSMOPOLITAN Korea, Cine21, 1st Look, VOGUE Korea, DAZED Korea, and many more.


– Kang is an ambassador for PRADA (Korea Ambassador), Visit Seoul Beauty inside Seoul, Cartier INTO THE WILD, BobbiBrown, (Asia Pacific Ambassador), and ACQUA DI PARMA (Korea Ambassador).


– Kang has acted in famous dramas like, Nevertheless, My Demon, Sweet Home, Sweet Home 3, Love Alarm, and Love Alarm 2.
– A few more of his dramas are Man in the Kitchen, Touch Your Heart, The Devil’s Call, Navillera, and Forecasting Love & Weather.

Likes & Dislikes

– Winter is his favorite season.
– He loves dogs even though he’s allergic to them.
– Bright colors are his favorite ones.
– The comedy genre in movies is his preferred one.
– He hates bugs.
– He enjoys gloomy and rainy weather.
– His favorite scent is a slightly heavy floral scent.
– His favorite anime character is Crayon Shin-chan.
– He prefers analog over digital.
– He chooses to text rather than call.

Food Preferences

– Pork cutlet is his favorite food.
– His favorite pork cutlet is a mozzarella cheese cutlet.
– He likes all types of Korean food, including farro and meat.
– His favorite snack is oatmeal bites.
– His favorite chocolate is Ferrero Rocher.
– He likes yakitori.
– Peach is his favorite fruit.
– He enjoys tea and drinks it all the time.
– He loves Cream puff bungeoppang.


– Kang has won many awards like the Seoul International Drama Awards’ “Character of the Year”, the Asia Contents Awards’ “ACA Excellence Award”, the Newsies Hallyu Expo’s “Seoul Tourism Foundation CEO Award” and the Brand Customer Loyalty Award’s “Malor Actor- Rising Star”.
– He’s also won awards for SBS Drama Awards’ “Best Cpuple Award with Kim Yoojung” and “Best Actor Award for Miniseries Melodrama/Romantic Comedy”.

namooactors.com| song-kang.jp  (Japan)

Instagram: songkang
Twitter: songkang_staff | SONGKANG_JP (Japan)
Cafe Daum: songkangofficial
Facebook: actorsongkang

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