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Sanha (ASTRO) Profile, Bio, & Facts


Sanha (산하) is a South Korean singer, actor, and a member of the boy group ASTRO under Fantagio Entertainment. He is a former member of the subunit MOONBIN & SANHA.

Sanha (ASTRO) Profile

Stage Name Sanha (산하)
Birth Name Yoon San Ha (윤산하)
Occupation Singer, Actor
Birthday March 21, 2000
Active Years 2016–present
Age 23 (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign Aries
Height 185 cm (6’1″)
Weight 67 kg (148 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type AB

Sanha (ASTRO) Facts:

Early Life

– Sanha was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He attended Seoul Gain Elementary School and Baekun Middle School.

Personal Life

– His religion is Christianity.
– He graduated from Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School in 2019 (Department of Applied Music).
– He has two older brothers: Junha, born in 1995, and Jeha, born in 1998.
– His hobbies include eating, and he’s known for having a big appetite.
JinJin’s first impression of him was that he looked like a fool because he was wearing Harry Potter round glasses. (Daebak Show)
– He owns two cats named “Kiyong” and “Ray”.
MJ said that if Sanha is in the room, there is no place for boredom. (Marie Claire)
– He would date himself if he were a girl. (Astro Idol Party)
– He learned to play the guitar from his father and brothers.
– If he were any animal, he would be a rabbit.
– One thing he wants to convey to others is that it became awkward for him to act as cute as he did when he was young so he wants people to understand it’s part of growing older. (ELLE Korea)
– He has various celebrity friends, including The Boyz‘s Eric and Sunwoo, AB6IX’s Daehwi, Golden Child’s Bomin, Stray KidsHyunjin, and NCT‘s Haechan.
– If he weren’t a singer, he would likely pursue a career as a guitarist.
Rocky said Sanha has changed the most from their rookie days because he used to wear braces and he grew up so well in many different ways. (NME Interview)
– His favorite words to hear from others is “Your skin has gotten better”.
– He would choose Rocky as the member who has to style his outfit for a week.
– He is nicknamed “alpaca” because of his resemblance to the animal.
Moonbin said he would like him to stop sending unfunny videos on the group chat. (Hallyutalk Exclusive)
– He attended A-Sound Music Academy, initially studying under the vocal class. He mastered playing the guitar in just eight months.
– His life motto is “Be punctual”.
– He would pick five Rockys over five MJs if given the choice because five MJs would be too noisy.
– If he had to listen to one song for the rest of his life, it would be “Into The Unknown”. (Soompi TMI)
– He said Jinjin is a “Sloth” to him, Rocky is a “rock” and MJ is a “Happy Virus”. (Gallery Talk)
– He is also nicknamed “Beagle.”
– Sanha’s ideal type is a girl who thinks about him a lot and asks him about his day.


– Sanha is the lead vocalist and maknae in ASTRO.
– He was accepted as Fantagio iTeen’s trainee on December 16, 2012.
– He almost didn’t make it into ASTRO, but after a growth spurt, he was able to join the group.
– He has appeared in many dramas including “Crazy Love”, “Soul Plate”, “Your Playlist” and “Love Formula 11M”.
– He appeared in Fantagio’s web drama “To be Continued” in 2015.
– He co-wrote and co-composed the track “Wish” on the 3rd mini album “Incense” by the subunit Moonbin & Sanha. (Allkpop)
– He contributed to the chorus and melody of the song “My Zone”.
– He served as one of the MCs on Show Champion alongside Moonbin and Verivery’s Kangmin.

Likes & Dislikes

– He prefers cats over dogs.
– His favorite ASTRO song is called “You’re My World”. (YSH Interview)
– He likes dramas more than movies.
– His favorite season is Winter.
– He likes to skateboard in his free time.
– His favorite color is pink. (Koreaboo)
– He likes listening to ballads. (Marie Claire)

Food Preferences

– Sanha has a seafood allergy, so he cannot consume seafood.
– His go-to beverage at a cafe is a strawberry smoothie. (Soompi Soulmate)
– He doesn’t like coffee and mint chocolate.
– He prefers mineral water over sparkling water.
– He likes to buy cream puffs at convenience stores.
– He would rather give up on sugar than meat. (Soompi TMI)
– His favorite Japanese food is Yakiniku and Wagyu beef. (Cancam Japan)
– He would choose chicken over pizza.


– He has a very flexible body, which allows him to fit into a bag or a cupboard.
– He is skilled in playing the guitar.
– He is considered a fast learner and is good at dancing among the members.
– He is a skilled martial artist trained in Hapkido (2nd dan black belt), Judo (1st dan black belt), and Muay Thai. (Pops in Seoul)

Personality & Habits

– Sanha was chosen as the member who talks the most in the group chat. (Soompi TMI)
– He has a habit of wrinkling his nose when he sings.
– Moonbin said that Sanha has an unexpected mature side to him. (Elle Korea)
– He believes he’s a morning person trapped in a night owl’s lifestyle. (Pop Crave Exclusive)
– He and MJ’s team is called “Matnae” because they are the youngest and oldest members in the group and both like to play around. (Marie Claire)

Instagram: @ddana_yoon
Weibo: ASTRO_尹产贺

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