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Sungjong (INFINITE) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Sungjong (INFINITE)
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Sungjong (성종) is a South Korean singer and a member of the Kpop boy group INFINITE. He debuted solo on March 13, 2023 with the single album “The One”.

Sungjong (INFINITE) Profile

Stage NameSungjong (성종)
Birth NameLee Sung Jong (이성종)
BirthdaySeptember 3, 1993
Active Years2010–present
Age30 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height179 cm (5’10.5″)
Blood TypeA

Sungjong (INFINITE) Facts:

Early Life

– Sungjong was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He moved to Andong at the age of 9 and later moved and lived in Gwangju for four years.  (Xports News)
– He also spent a year living in Jeonju and attended an arts high school.

Personal Life

– He graduated from Jeonju Arts High School on February 7, 2012.
– His family consists of his parents and younger brother, Seonkyu, who is three years younger than him.
– His nicknames include ‘Lemon Candy’, ‘Zonderalla’, and ‘mimijjong’ (crazy beautiful).
– He sang Lee Hyori’s ‘Hey’ and danced to ‘Mr. Big’ for his audition at Woolim. (Xports News)
– He is scared of spiders.
– He has a dog named Nari.
– He at one point stopped going on variety shows because he was afraid people would make fun of him because of his lemon candy image. (Hankook Ilbo)
– His religion is Protestantism.
– His father works as a professor and his mother is a teacher.
– His family is religious and he often visits the chruch.
– He is known for being quite photogenic.
– He thinks of members the most when eating ramyeon.  (The Star)
– Sungjong once lost so much weight to retain his ‘handsome and pretty maknae’ image that he weighed 51kgs with a height of 179cm and only used to eat a spoonful of food before going on stage. He eventually had to be on IV drips. (tvreport)
– He considers Michael Jackson as his role model.
– He is ambidextrous and can write with both hands.
– His hobbies and specialties include riding a bicycle, staring at fire and water, being a good listener, a king of consideration and having impeccable skin. (리얼리티 EP.1)
Dongwoo said despite him being a maknae, he is an influential person in the group.
– He tends to make plans beforehand.
– He likes emotional music that focuses on a sense of yearning. (View of the Arts)
– He is most confident about his eyes.
– He announced that he would be enlisting in the military on July 29, 2019. He was discharged on May 8, 2021.
– Sungjong’s ideal type is “someone who is chubby and cute.”
– He and Sungkyu pays the most when the group ordered
supper.  (The Star)
– He joined Woollim Entertainment because he was a big fan of Nell.


– Sungjong is the Vocalist, and Maknae in INFINITE.
– He was in the group’s subunit INFINITE F along with Sungyeol and L.
– He participated in the show “Law of the Jungle in Tonga” (2016).
– He worked as the MC for the show “Stargram Season 2” ans was the DJ for EBS’s “Midnight Black.”
– He acted in the drama “Mysterious Nurse” and also sang its OST “Beside Me”.
– On January 24, 2022, it was announced that Sungjong left Woollim Entertainment, but he remains a member of Infinite.
– He was formerly under SPK Entertainment.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite color is yellow.
– He loves to ride bicycles.
– His favorite Michael Jackson songs are “Beat It” and “Ben.”
– He is passionate about fashion.
– He likes to listen to music on a speaker instead of earphones.  (The Star)

Food Preferences

– His favorite foods include jokbal, fried chicken, hamburger, jjolmyeon and rameyon.
– He loves to eat what his mom cooks.
– He likes chocolate a lot and his favorite milk is chocolate milk.
– He hates eating beans.
– He loves to eat sweet food.

Instagram: @ssongjjong.ifnt | @leeseongjongofficialspk
Youtube: E성종
Twitter: @infiniteyounges
TikTok: @lee_seongjong

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music  

Sungjong Photos

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Solo Debut Release:

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