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INFINITE (인피니트) is a South Korean six-member Kpop boy group under INFINITE Company. The group members consist of Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong. They initially debuted as a seven member group on June 9, 2010 with the mini album ‘First Invasion’.


Active Years2010–present
INFINITE MembersSungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, Sungjong.
GenrePop/ Dance/R&B
LabelINFINITE Company
Oldest MemberSungkyu
Youngest MemberSungjong
Former MemberHoya
Fandom NameINSPIRIT (인스피릿)
Fandom ColorMetal Gold Pearl


– INFINITE debuted under Woollim and remained with the company from 2010 to 2022.
– The group had two subunits INFINITE H and INFINITE F.
– Before their current group name was chosen, other options for the group’s name included Big Dipper”, “Blackberry”, and “Super Sonic”.
– They are popular for having very synchronized dance moves.
– Their song ‘Chaser’ was considered as the No.1 Kpop song by Billboard in 2012. The members couldn’t believe it and thought it was a joke at first since they had never been to the US and also had never sung an English song until then. (Billboard)
– The members revealed that they fought a lot as trainees and even had many fist fights.
– Hoya left INFINITE and the group’s former company Woolim Entertainment on August 30, 2017.
– The group debuted in Japan on November 19, 2011 with the single “BTD (Before the Dawn)”.


– They were the first Korean act to gain permission for filming at the Universal Studios Hollywood.
– Their song ‘Chaser’ was regarded by Billboard as the third best Kpop song of the 2010s.
– They became the first Korean artist to rank on Billboard No. 1, topping the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart in 2014.

Departure from Woollim & Establishing INFINITE Company

– L was the first member to depart Woollim in 2019 and later all members left in the following years, last being Woohyun who left in October 2022.
– The group’s leader, Sungkyu founded INFINITE Company, investing money and hiring employees from his own pocket. All the members share 90% of the profits and the company only gets 10%.  (Knowing Brothers)
 – Woollim’s CEO transferred all the trademark rights of the group without any conditions or compensations to INFINITE Company on Sungkyu’s birthday. (Soompi)

Comeback After 5 Years

– In 2023, the group made a comeback after more than half a decade of being inactive.
– All the members didn’t have the courage to go outside the waiting room because of the awkwardness around their juniors and didn’t go to the restroom unless they were in a group of three. (Sbsstar)
– They made their first album on their own in 2023 since their debut in 2010 and listened to over 100 songs to feature the best ones on their album.
– Even after coming back from hiatus after five years in 2023, their show tickets got sold out in one of the largest concert venues in Korea. (The Korea Times)

Major Works

– Their popular songs include ‘Bad’, ‘Chaser’, ‘The Eye’ and ‘Be Mine’.


– The group has several awards in their career including winning multiple ‘Best Male Group’ and ‘Bosang’ awards.
– They have also won several performances awards for their precise and perfect dance synchronization.

Instagram:  infinitecompany_official
Youtube: INFINITE Official
Twitter:  @IFNT_Official_ | infinite7_jp
Facebook: INFINITE_Official

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INFINITE Members Profile

1. Sungkyu

Kim Sungkyu (INFINITE)
Kim Sungky
Stage NameSungkyu (성규)
Birth NameKim Sung Kyu (김성규)
PositionLeader, Main Vocalist
BirthdayApril 28, 1989
Active Years2010–present
Age35 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height176 cm (5’9″)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeA

 Sungkyu Facts:

 – Sungkyu thinks INFINITE won’t be the same without him because he is considered the ‘average’ of the team and it’ll be like losing a pillar. (10asia)
– He lives near the actor Kim Min Suk and they often hang out together. 
– He regrets not enjoying the moments because as a leader he had the mindset that he could never make mistakes. (The Star)
– He lived with Ji Changwook and Kang Haneul in military dorms. (Soompi)
– He is best friends with the actor Kim Min Seok. (The Star Magazine)
– His source of strength is his family.
– He has very small hands.
– A musical he wants to try is Orepheus of Hadestown, Mozart and L of Death Note.
– His inspiration for songwriting is movies and imagination based on his experiences.
– He would rather wash his best friend than be washed by him.
– He feels ghosting is the worst way of breaking up over moving on to someone else immediately.  (The Star Magazine)
– He loves to watch movies.
– Sungkyu used to take a lot of memos but doesn’t do anymore after coming back from the army.
– He would live as a 10 year old forever more than a 60 year old forever.
– He watches most of the foreign soccer leagues.  
– He was a huge fan of Nell since childhood and got to work with him on his solo debut album.
– He started getting scared of ghosts when once he was in the elevator with his friends and the buttons of the lift started getting pressed on their own so they all got shocked and ran away.  (성규특별시)
– He is considered the “father” of INFINITE.
– He was famous  for always dissing his old company.
– If he is born again, he would prefer an ideal body over an ideal face.
– He believes more in ‘Knowledge is power’ over ‘ignorance is bliss’. 
– He doesn’t like playing soccer because he is scared to get hurt.
– He likes listening to Javier and Chirs Brown. (Billboard)
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Instagram: @gyu357 / @sungkyu.official
Youtube: 성규특별시 [KimSungKyu Official]
Twitter: @kyuzizi / @KSK_official
TikTok: 김성규(KIM SUNG KYU)  
Facebook: Kim Sung Kyu – 김성규

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2. Dongwoo

Dongwoo (INFINITE)
Stage NameDongwoo (동우)
Birth NameJang Dong Woo (장동우)
PositionMain Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist
BirthdayNovember 22, 1990
Active Years2010–present
Age33 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height172 cm (5’8″)
Blood TypeA

Dongwoo Facts:

– Dongwoo is the shortest member of INFINITE.
– His family consists of his sisters and his mother.
– He started liking pop music after listening to Chris Brown. (Naver)
– He considers his eyes and lips to be the best features of his body.
– He loves lemons and can eat them whole without any issues.
– He has a fear of bleeding.
– He serves as the peacemaker and mediator within the group.
– His hobbies include reading wise quotes, dancing, auditioning, chatting, personal training, riding a bicycle, bowling and playing League of Legends.
– He also listens to urban and trap genres. (Naver)
– He has a confident personality.
– He loves to eat meat.
– He feels Germany has the best vibe among all the countries and is a fan of their beer and sausages.  (Anan Web)
– Dongwoo learned a lot about rap from Epik High’s Mithra.
– His mother runs a jjukkumi restaurant.
– If he weren’t an idol, he would have pursued a career as a Chinese herbal medicine doctor.
– He often carries seemingly useless items, believing they might become useful later.
– His hometown is in Gyeonggi, South Korea.
– He performed his first musical in 2015.
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Instagram: @ddong_gg0
Twitter: @ddww1122
TikTok: @dongwooj

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3. Woohyun

Woohyun (INFINITE)
Stage NameWoohyun (우현)
Birth NameNam Woo Hyun (남우현)
PositionMain Vocalist, Lead Dancer
BirthdayFebruary 8, 1991
Active Years2010–present
Age33 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height173 cm (5’8”)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Woohyun Facts:

– Woohyun considers himself a pacifist.  (우현이의 MBTI)
– His most memorable moment is their first concert.
– He would choose Sungkyu if he were to form a new subunit with INFINITE and would call it ‘INFINITE V’ because it’ll be a vocalist group.
– He likes playing soccer in his spare time.
– He describes himself in the word ‘beautiful tree’.
– He has a love-hate relationship with former TVXQ member Jaejoong.
– He believes he is more sexy than cute.
– The longest time he went without washing his hair is two days. (Viu)
– He hates getting replys with short texts.
– He prefers washing the members than being washed by them.
– He really likes to eat ramen.
– He would not buy a cigrattes for a delinquent student if he asks him. (인피니트)
– He is known for having the best imitation skills in INFINITE.
– He is a light sleeper and can be awakened by someone snoring.
– He loves to take walks and often gets lost in thoughts while walking.
– He loves wearing dresscodes.
– Woohyun prefers hearing objective feedback if he made a mistake over consolation. (인피니트)
– He chose having his privacy exposed than having his body exposed.
– He hates cockroaches.
– He is known for being a good cook and is the official chef in the dorm.
– He feels Las Vagas has the best vibe and feels it suits his personality more.  (Anan Web)
– He has a driver’s license and a motorcycle license.
– He would rather go back to being a trainee than to enlist in the military.
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Instagram: @nwh91
Youtube: 남우현 NAM WOOHYUN
Twitter: @wowwh | @NWH_officialtwt 

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4. Sungyeol

Sungyeol (INFINITE)
Stage NameSungyeol (성열)
Birth NameLee Seong Yeol (이성열)
PositionVocalist, Lead Rapper
BirthdayAugust 27th, 1991
Active Years2010–present
Age32 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height183 cm (6’0″)
Weight70 kg (154 lbs
Blood TypeB

Sungyeol Facts:

– Sungyeol is the tallest member of INFINITE.
– He regrets not working hard and being as passionate in his 20s.
– He is passionate about weight training and working out.
– He wants the power to teleport.
– He often spends time thinking about unrealistic scenarios.
– He likes contemplating the reasons for human existence and where they’ll go after death.  (성열이의 MBTI)
– He feels it is more important to adjust well than to be organized.
– He hardly plans trips and usually goes on trips spontaneously.
– He did a ketogenic diet before appearing on the first cover of Men’s Health magazine.
– He started loving summer more after he began working out.
– He has visited several water skiing places in Korea and knows a lot of people.
– He workouts on his Assualt airbike first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and finds it the toughest exercise.
– He thinks winning an argument is more important than not hurting someone’s feelings. (성열이의 MBTI)
– He at one time used to sleep only three hours everyday because of his schedules because he wanted to work hard to prove himself but now he tries to focus on himself. (OSEN)
– His strength in body is his shoulders and his weakness is his lower body.
– Both he and his brother have dyslexia, which runs in their family.
– He always carries cologne in his bag.
– He is also the mediatior in the the group when members have an argument.
– He often buys wasabi, konjac jelly in Japan.  (Anan Web)
– L said if Sungyeol was his lover, he’d want to go on a journey because even if they would have less money, he would work things out and can survive anywhere with his positive nature. (Hanryu Pia)
– He enjoys drinking wine alot.
– He is close with Apink’s Jung Eunji.
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Instagram: @sungyeol_827
Twitter: @Seongyeol1991 | @LSY_official_

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5. L

Stage NameL (엘)/ Myungsoo (명수)
Birth NameKim Myung Soo (김명수)
PositionVocalist, Visual, Face of the Group
BirthdayMarch 13, 1992
Active Years2010–present
Age32 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height180 cm (5’11”)
Blood TypeO

L Facts:

– L purchased an apartment at Korea’s most expensive complex ‘Brighten N40’ among other celebrities like SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, Yoo Jae Suk and Han Hyo Joo.
– Sangkyu thinks L is the most handsome member in the group and his face looks like a sculpture. (성규특별시)
– He likes cleaning things himself since he has his own style and doesn’t prefer others cleaning for him. (Esquire Korea)
– He doesn’t cook much but likes to watch cooking videos.
– He tends to reply to his emails really fast. (매니지먼트이상)
– He is good at cooking ramen and kimchi fried rice.
– When he is tired, he likes listening to music with a speaker.
– He is part of the group’s maknae line.
– He prefers dance over hip-hop.
– The best compliment he likes to receive is ‘You are a comfortable person’. (Singles Korea)
– He likes spending his spare time online shopping, reading books and sleeping.
– He drinks cabbage juice for his upset stomach. (What’s In My Bag)
– His favorite pastimes include drinking coffee, and eating delicious cakes. (Kstyle)
– L tends to use the same things for a long time and still uses items he bought 7-8 years ago. (What’s In My Bag)
– The only thing that changed after getting discharged from the military is he can eat Jjajangmyeon (he couldn’t eat it for a long time due to trauma during filming a drama).  (Esquire Korea)
– He eat the most among all INFINITE members.
– He prefers going back to his trainee days over getting enlisted in the military again.
– If he wasn’t a singer, he would pursue a career as a photographer because he loves taking pictures.
– He likes a large portion of pork ribs in pork backbone stew.
– He usually orders delivery food over cooking at home.  (매니지먼트이상)
– He likes to keep things organized.
– His hobbies include reading comics, cleaning and photography.
– He loves cool places like Hokkaido, Japan and feels it has the best vibe.  (Anan Web)
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Instagram: kim_msl
Youtube: @MYUNGSOOZIP | 묭묭튜브
Twitter: @KIMMYUNGSOO_1 / @LKMS_official / @LKMS_officialJP
Weverse:  KIM MYUNGSOO (L)

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6. Sungjong

Sungjong (INFINITE)
Stage NameSungjong (성종)
Birth NameLee Sung Jong (이성종)
Position Vocalist, Maknae
BirthdaySeptember 3, 1993
Active Years2010–present
Age30 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height179 cm (5’10.5″)
Blood TypeA

Sungjong Facts:

– Fans think he resembles actress Song Hye-kyo.
– He relieves his stress by putting on music and dancing at home as well as eating delicious food. (Xports News)
– Sungjong said he has never been treated by other members despite being the maknae.  (The Star)
– He said he used to eat to survive but now enjoys food.
– He loves to ride bicycles and can ride for 2 hours to relieve his stress. (Xports News)
– He doesn’t like going out much.
– He chose ‘love’ as something he is obsessed and concerned with since it’s been a long time since he has been in a relationship. (The Star)
– He gets inspiration for songwriting when he listens to emotional music and imagines himself in the situation. (View of the Arts)
– Something he wouldn’t be able to do even if someone gave him 10 billion won is raise a spider.
– He cares a lot about cleaning.
– He said one of the difficulties of being the youngest is walking on eggshells around the members.
– Sungjong considers his presence and crisis management as his capabilities.
– He likes staring at the fire and water. (리얼리티 EP.1)
– He is the best at dancing to girl group songs in the group.
– He said adults around him often said ‘you’re a kid that comes around once in 100 years’ because of his energy and talent. (Xports News)
– If he could have a superpower, it would be teleportation.
– He likes to take half body baths in his hotel room when on tours.  (Anan Web)
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Instagram: @ssongjjong.ifnt | @leeseongjongofficialspk
Youtube: E성종
Twitter: @infiniteyounges
TikTok: @lee_seongjong

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Former Members:

7. Hoya

Hoya (ex. INFINITE)
Stage NameHoya (호야)
Birth NameLee Ho-dong (이호동) | Legally changed to Lee Ho-won (이호원)
PositionMain Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
BirthdayMarch 28, 1991
Active Years2010–present
Age33 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height176 cm (5’9″)
Blood Type AB

Hoya Facts:

– According to the other members, Hoya was the CEO’s favorite member.
– He thinks her mom’s dishes taste very bland so he doesn’t miss home made food much. (GET REAL S3 Ep. #23)
– He lives alone and always orders delivery food.
– He would rather eat fried rice after bbq than cold noodles after bbq.
– He used to workout but doesn’t anymore because he dances a lot.
– He admires Wheesung.
– He loves the laid back atmosphere of Poland and feels it suits him.  (Anan Web)
– His acting role models are Leonardo Dicaprio and Ha Jungwoo.
– He likes a lot of salt in his food and also loves to eat oily food.
– His longest record of playing a video game was ten hours.
– He participated in many dance battles in Busan.
– He used to take ten different supplements but now only takes multivitamins.
– A weird food combination he loves is eating Together’s vanilla ice cream with Yakgwa.
– The members chose him as the most popular member in Japan.
– He used to be a hip hop and street dancer.
– He can eat mint chocolate but wouldn’t buy it himself.
– Hoya doesn’t play video games at all and the last time he played was in high school.
– He can eat an entire large pizza by himself. (GET REAL S3 Ep. #23)
– He liked the Netflix show ‘Wednesday’.
– He left the group on August 30, 2017 after his contract expired.
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Instagram: @isayhousayya
Twitter: @hoya1991 | HoWon_official | HoWon_Japan

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