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SuperEight Members and Group Profile

SuperEight Members

SuperEight or Super8 is an upcoming Kpop boy group from CTD ENM. They held auditions for the group from Novemebr 22nd, 2022. Their debut is expected in the second half of 2023.

SuperEight Profile

Debut: n/a
Active Years: n/a
SuperEight Members: n/a
Genre: K-pop
Status: Predebut
Label: CTD ENM
Oldest Member: n/a
Youngest Member: n/a
Fandom Name: n/a
Type: K-Pop Boy Group

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SuperEight Facts:

– On November 22, the CTD ENM agency unveiled a video teaser and poster for the boy group project SUPEREIGHT on their official channel and social media platforms.
– In the video, a prominent dot emerged, accompanied by the narration “We are a dot.” Subsequently, numerous points were connected by lines, gradually forming a complete circle.
– Furthermore, the video conveyed the message, “Just as dots meet and become lines, we come together to forge a new story”.
– Notably, towards the end of the video, the comment “Waiting for your amazing story” appeared alongside six dots, forming the number “8”.
– SuperEight is specifically designed to facilitate interactive communication between fans and artists. The objective is to establish a system where fans can actively engage in album production and have a say in shaping future activities of the group.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: supereight_official
TikTok: supereight_official

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