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BLITZERS Members and Group Profile


BLITZERS (블리처스) is a South Korean seven-member K-pop boy group that debuted on May 12th, 2021, with the EP “CHECK-IN” under WUZO Entertainment. The group members consist of Go_U, Juhan, Jinhwa, Sya, Chris, Lutan, and Wooju.


Debut: May 12, 2021
Active Years: 2021–present
BLITZERS Members: Juhan, Jinhwa, Sya, Chris, Lutan, Wooju
Genre: Dance/ Pop
Status: Active
Label: WUZO Entertainment
Oldest Member: Go_U
Youngest Member: Wooju
Fandom Name: BLEE
Type: Kpop Boy Group


– BLITZERS was formerly known as WUZO CIRCLE pre-debut.
– The group’s name, “BLITZERS” represents “To rush towards the world with our music and dance”
– They started introducing its members on January 29, 2021, and the last member was revealed on February 19, 2021.
– BLITZERS also participated in PEPSI SUMMER FESTA 2023.
– They announced their first U.S. and European tour on December 14, 2021.
– BLITZERS members were introduced in the following way, Wooju, Sya, Jinhwa, Lutan, Juhan, GO_U and lastly Chris.
– The fans have given the group nicknames “bloggers” and “jjangrichers”.
– BLITZERS fandom’s name, BLEE, was officially revealed on October 19, 2021.
– They represent Saucony (a famous racing shoe producer company).
– Jinhwa is the leader and Wooju is the maknae of the group.

Major Works:

– BLITZERS most popular songs are “MACARENA”, “Breathe Again”, and “Hit The Bass”.
– They recorded the OST “Beautiful Days” for the popular BL drama “Cherry Blossoms After Winter”.


– BLITZERS won the Asia Artist Awards 2021’s “Focus Award” category.
– The group also won the 2022 K-Global Heart Dream Awards “Rising Star Award” category.



Social Media Handles

Instagram: official_blitzers
Twitter: wuzo_blitzers | BLITZERS_JP
WeVerse: blitzers
Fancafe: Blitzers

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BLITZERS Members Profile

1. Jinhwa Member Profile

Jinhwa (BLITZERS Members)

Stage Name: Jinhwa (진화)
Birth Name: Choi Jinhwa (최진화)
Position: Leader, Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: January 15, 2002
Active Years: 2019–present
Age 22 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 180 cm (5’10ft)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: AB

Jinhwa Facts:

– Jinhwa has an IQ of 128 and displays exceptional skills in brain games.
– His motto, which he lives by, is “You can grow faster than anyone else.”
– Within BLITZERS, Jinhwa is often acknowledged as the group’s visual.
– His nickname among the members is “I’m in a bad mood.”
– He decided to audition for Kpop due to finding physical education (P.E.) too challenging.
– When watching K-Dramas, both him and Wooju pay great attention to the actors’ performances rather than the sound.
– During BLITZERS’ European tour, a local approached Jinhwa and asked if he was an idol, but due to his shyness, he denied it.
– He exhibits proficiency in various dance styles.
– If he had a girlfriend, he would enjoy taking her to a cafe.
– He devotes more time to practicing his dance skills than singing.
– In his message to fans, he expresses his dedication, saying, “I’m putting in a lot of practice and working hard to showcase more charms and appearances. If you wait a little longer, I’ll come back in an even better condition.”
– When introduced as a contestant on Produce 101, Jinhwa had underwent a practice period of 7 months.
– During his breaks, he dedicates a significant amount of time to practicing and also enjoys watching K-dramas.
– His aspiration is to become a talented idol.
– Jinhwa’s ultimate goal is to gain recognition in every aspect of being an idol, including singing, rapping, and dancing.
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2. GO_U Member Profile


Stage Name: Go_U (고유)
Birth Name: Jang Junho (장준호)
Position: Dancer, Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
Birthday: June 15, 2001
Active Years: 2020–present
Age 22 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 174cm (5’9ft)
Weight: NA
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: AB

GO_U Facts:

– GO_U is considered as the BLITZERS’ unofficial cutie.
– His life motto is “Life is not bad…”
– He goes by the nickname “proper noun.”
– He loves dancing and passionately dances.
– Despite his actual height, he gives off the impression of being tall.
– Lately, he has been dedicating a lot of time to studying English.
– People often describe him as cool and mention that he is not very timid.
– GO_U may not excel at expressing his feelings through words, but his actions demonstrate kindness and affection.
– He has a shy and nerdy look
– Long hair tends to suit him well.
– Fans thinks he looks like asimilar to a character from a romance manga.
– GO_U’s goal as an idol is to be like a friend, a comforting brother, and an older brother to his fans.
– GO_U is considered as the Blitzers’ Silent Observer.
– If he were to choose three essential items for an inhabitable island, he would prioritize having a knife, Dongju , and fire.
– When asked about his fellow members, he shared with fans, “Once we finish our practice sessions and head back home, the members gather in our room to play cell phone games together. It’s a fun way for us to unwind. Although, I must say, Chris isn’t particularly skilled at games, which sometimes makes the gaming experience less enjoyable for all of us.”
– His role model is INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu.
– A fun fact (TMI) about GO_U is that he dyed his hair purple to create a dreamy ambiance.
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3. Juhan Member Profile

Juhan (BLITZERS Members)

Stage Name: Juhan (주한)
Birth Name: Hong Seunghyun (홍승현)
Positon: Vocalist
Birthday: June 21, 2001
Active Years: 2020-present
Age 22 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 177cm (5’9ft)
Weight: 60kg (132lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O

Juhan Facts:

– After watching BTS perform, his aspiration to become an idol became more serious.
– His motto is to progress step by step, steadily but quickly.
– Juhan has a desire to travel to Canada.
– The dish he would like to cook for the members is fried egg over fried rice.
– He is such a big fan of MONSTA X that he considers himself a MONBEBE.
– If he had a girlfriend, he would take her on a date to an amusement park.
– He has visited the exhibition only once.
– He loves walking in parks.
– His preferred midnight snack is drinking and eating shaved ice.
– Juhan and Chris went start-shooting together on one occasion.
– His practice routine includes practising on “Painkiller” by Ruel.
– Among all BLITZERS members, Juhan was the first to reveal his abs and wore a crop top.
– Lately, Juhan has been longing to meet his fans.
– Juhan is known for his captivating honey-like voice in BLITZERS.
– He wants to visit America to discover the source of CHRIS’ positive energy, as CHRIS is from America.
– Sometimes, he listens to the same songs before going to sleep.
– His charming point is laughing without control of when it happens.
– A fun fact (TMI) about Juhan is that despite having wavy hair, it is genetically straight.
– His interest in fashion and MIDI has been growing.
– After happening to hear Beast’s “On Rainy Days,” he practiced it every day, as that song sparked his desire to become a singer.
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4. SYA Member Profile


Stage Name: Sya (샤)
Birth Name: Lee Junyoung (이준영)
Position: Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: September 9th, 2002
Active Years: 2020–present
Age 21 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 169.4 cm (5’5ft)
Weight: NA
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: na

SYA Facts:

– Sya doesn’t know what his ideal type is yet.
– He doesn’t have any sibling.
– While acknowledging his academic shortcomings, he excelled in Korean and English studies when he dedicated his focus to them.
– One of his notable personality traits is his preference to never eat alone.
– He became about passionate about dancing during high school after he joined the dance club alongside his friends.
– Attending an iKon concert and witnessing their stage performance sparked a newfound dream in him and he desired to perform on stage himself.
– Sya aspires to become the future owner of Lotte.
– During his sixth-grade year, he encountered a collarbone fracture while engaging in soccer, but he managed to recover and resume playing.
– He can handle spicy food well.
– On February 2, 2021, he underwent reintroduction with his current stage name SYA.
– He hates jump scares so he doesn’t like watching horror movies.
– Sya’s cuteness is considered his charming point in Blitzers.
– He likes watching movies and writing lyrics in his free time. He penned a song titled “I Fell Into a Lake Called You.”
– He named his dog ‘Zeze.’
– He nurtured a deep affection for Pokémon during his younger years and has made multiple visits to Japan, including a memorable trip to the Pokémon Center.
– At the age of 6, he suffered a left elbow fracture from a bicycle accident, leading to a surgical procedure involving the insertion of a metal core. Consequently, he has been unable to ride a bike due to the lasting trauma.
– Sya once expressed, “I’m shy, but I don’t care.”
– In his youth, he often experienced injuries, potentially attributed to his spirited nature.
– His dream is sharing the same space, perspiring and breathing, with the fans who attend his concerts.
– He was discovered through Instagram, where a dance video and a selfie ultimately led to his casting.
– Sya enjoys various sports, with football being his favorite.
– His physical appearance is often likened to that of an Arctic fox.
– According to him, his distinctive charm point lies in the jelly-like, macaron-like aegyo (cute behavior) that emerges when he smiles, particularly with his cheeks.
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5. Chris Member Profile

Chris (BLITZERS Members)

Stage Name: Chris (크리스)
Birth Name: Han Chris (한 크리스) | Jong Myung Han (한종명)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: November 19, 2002
Active Years: 2020–present
Age 21 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 180cm (6’0ft)
Weight: 56kg (123 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A

Chris Facts:

– Chris aspires to be a source of positive energy, like a vitamin, for his fans.
– His representative animal is a puppy.
– Before becoming an idol, Chris was an ice hockey player.
– He possesses good core strength.
– His motto is “let’s live without tomorrow.”
– He would love to appear in a car advertisement if give the option.
– Within Blitzers, Chris is considered the mood-maker (View Box Interview).
– When Chris went on a European tour with his group, he found it strange to pay for a bathroom.
– Chris is known to be the cleanest member of Blitzers.
– During his time in the United States, Chris learned to play ice hockey.
– He is fond of dogs and considers himself a dog person.
– On Discord, he is nicknamed “Chrich.”
– To his fans, he conveys the message: “I hope we all wear masks well and return to normal. I wish everyone good health and success!”
– He became fluent in English during his stay in the United States.
– He named his Airpods “Husky”.
– He would bring Kim Byungman (a comedian known for survival skills), a cook, and his fans if he were stranded on a deserted island.
– He can play the trumpet.
– Some members felt a sense of being watched, possibly by a ghost, in the practice room, but he does not believe that ghosts exists.
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6. Lutan Member Profile

Lutan (BLITZERS Members)

Stage Name: Lutan (루탄)
Birth Name: Choi Gyeongseok (최경석)
Position: Dancer
Birthday: December 6th, 2003
Active Years: 2020–present
Age 20 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 178 cm (5’10ft)
Weight: 57 kg (126 lb)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: na

Lutan Facts:

– Hyunjin from Stray Kids serves as his role model.
– Lutan excels at playing the imposter in the game Among Us.
– His goal as an idol singer is to bring joy and happiness to people.
– While practicing, he often wears a hairband to manage sweat.
– He finds enjoyment in activities such as eating, exercising, painting, and watching movies.
– Prior to Jaemin (trainee) joining, Lutan felt bored and lonely, but now he feels happier having a friend. They are the same age, and Jaemin helps wake him up when he oversleeps.
– His motto is “slow but steady.”
– He believes he possesses various charms, similar to the Korean dish bibimbap.
– If he had to choose only one food to eat, it would be Baekban.
– He believes he is the most attractive member in Blitzers.
– He has a desire to experience skydiving.
– He is currently raising a turtle named ‘Bboogi’.
– Lutan has talent in art, specifically digital drawing.
– He aims to prioritize practice time and increase his personal practice to enhance the group’s dancing skills.
– He struggled in deciding between only eating meat or only eating rice for his entire life, he chose meat in the end.
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7. Wooju Member Profile

Wooju (BLITZERS Members)

Stage Name: Wooju (우주)
Birth Name: Cho Wooju (조우주)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: January 21, 2004
Active Years: 2020–present
Age 20 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 174 cm (5’9 ft)
Weight: NA
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O

Wooju Facts:

– Wooju has a hand with a significant size difference between the palm and fingers. The total length of his hand measures 19 cm, while the length of his fingers is 7.5 cm.
– He has brothers.
– He underwent an audition at an academy as part of his preparation for the entrance examination to an art high school. Subsequently, he joined Ujo Entertainment in 2019.
– He named his cat Leo (레오).
– When feeling down, Wooju likes listening to sad songs.
– He wishes to convey to his fans, “I will demonstrate my skills and charms. If you wait a little longer, I will showcase my best!”
– Doyoung from NCT serves as Wooju’s role model, inspiring him to aspire to sing like him.
– If given the opportunity, he would be keen on acting in a drama similar to “Reply 1988.”
– Wooju shared an amusing anecdote about Jinhwa Hyung watching the drama “BoBo-gyeong-sim-Ryeo” while engaged in everyday activities like brushing his teeth and eating.
– If he were not an idol, Wooju would opt to pursue a career as an actor. (View Box Interview)
– Wooju’s innocence and cuteness are considered his charming points in Blitzers.
– He loves wearing vibrant and colorful pyjamas.
– When preparing ramen, Wooju follows the sequence of adding the soup first.
– Lately, he has been allocating more focus to singing than dancing and actively working on enhancing his pronunciation skills.
– Wooju does not have a specific music genre preference; he listens to a wide variety of genres.
– He enjoys watching both action-packed and melodramatic movies.
– He likes turning off the lights and practicing as way to relieve stress.
– Wooju possesses the ability to make himself cry within a timeframe of fewer than 10 seconds.
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