Wakimoto Mihaya (Produce 101 Japan The Girls) Profile & Facts

Wakimoto Mihaya Produce 101 Japan The Girls

Wakimoto Mihaya (脇本 美颯) is a Japanese trainee of the survival show Produce 101 Japan The Girls.

Wakimoto Mihaya (Produce 101 Japan The Girls) Profile

Stage Name N/A
Birth Name Wakimoto Mihaya (脇本 美颯)
Occupation Trainee
Birthday September 1, 2006
Active Years 2023–Present
Age 17 (in 2024)
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Height 160 cm (5’3)
Weight N/A
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type B


– She was born in Okayama, Japan.
– She enjoys viewing films, particularly anime and horror films.
– Her specialty is imitating dances.
– She can now fall asleep as soon as she gets into bed.
– She can also sleep in any location.
– ‘Hello‘ by SHINee is her favorite song.
– She prefers cats to dogs.
– She prefers the inside to the outside.
– She is an optimist rather than a pessimist.
– Her favorite pastime is dancing.

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