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Yeo One (PENTAGON) Profile, Bio, & Facts


Yeo One (여원) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group ‘PENTAGON’ under Cube Entertainment. 

Yeo One (PENTAGON) Profile

Stage NameYeo One (여원)
Birth NameYeo Chang Gu (여창구)
BirthdayMarch 27, 1996
Active Years2016–present
Age28 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height179 cm (5’10.5″)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Yeo One (PENTAGON) Facts:

Early Life

– He was born in Daejeon Gwangyeoksi Central, South Korea.
– During high school, he was a member of a band.
– He went to Daeheung Elementary School, Daejeon Middle School, and Baekam High School.
– He graduated from Joongbu University.

Personal Life

– He has an older sister.
– Jinho thinks Yeo One is best looking.
– His musical taste includes enjoying the song “I Smile” by Day6.
– According to members, Jinho and him is the most different on and off stage. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– He has a strong work ethic.
– He is an avid fan of Jung Jun Il from MATE, boasting knowledge of every song the artist has sung.
– He thinks Shinwon suits the character of Loki from MCU.
– He regards Cho Inseong as his role model.
– He thinks he makes the best face while performing.
– He often uses hand gestures to express himself and frequently asks people if they have eaten.
– Photography is one of his hobbies.
– If he could trade his body with another member, he would choose Hui.
– According to Hui, Yeo One looks the coolest when he emerges from the shower wearing a headband.
– He is the best rapper among the members. (Seventeen Superlatives)
– He is known for his diligence.
– He thinks, he could be the best at throwing surprise party.
– During an episode of ‘The Immigration,’ he showcased his ability to mimic a wooden percussion sound.
– He wants to form a unit with Hongseok. (hello82)
– He is highly empathetic towards others.
– He frequently indulges in watching dramas.
– He is the master of Handstand. (Esquire Korea)
– If he were a song, he would be “Track 9” by Lee So Ra. (Panorama)
– He has a fondness for dogs.
– He is also adept at swimming.
– Hui loves his jokes. (DIVE)
– If limited to eating only one food for the rest of his life, he would choose bibimbap.
– If he were to be inside a video game, it would be First Avenger and he would be Captain America. (K4us)
– He made an appearance on one of Jinho‘s YouTube segments, where they performed “Uphill Road” by Yoon Jong-shin.
– He thinks Yuto suits the character of Hulk from MCU.
– His greatest motivation comes from interacting with and performing for fans.
– His essential include his backpack. (GQ Korea)
– He has a passion for ASMR and enjoys creating his own videos in that genre.
– He relieve stress by working out. (kpopconcerts)
– He has contributed to several Pentagon songs, including “Round 1,” “Let’s Go,” “Up,” “Young,” and “Round 2.”
– He thinks Yanan suits the character of Black Widow from MCU.
– Yeo One’s ideal type is someone who possesses a positive mindset.


– He appeared in the music video and promotional activities for G.NA’s song “Secret” and Dongwoon of BEAST’s “KIMISHIKA” MV.
– In 2015, he served as a model for Clride.n alongside HyunA.
– Within Pentagon, he holds the position of Lead Vocalist and is proficient in dancing.
– As a solo artist, he has released several self-produced songs, such as “Hope,” “To Do List,” “Todak Todak,” and “Her Voice.”
– In 2016, he played a supporting role in the web drama “Spark” alongside Yuto, Hui, E’Dawn, and Wooseok.
– He participated in the Rainbow Concert, which aimed to raise money for mentally disabled children.
– Him, along with several other Pentagon members, made a cameo in the drama “Age of Youth 2” as part of the fictional group Asgard.
– He participated as an actor in the KBS musical drama ‘Chosun Beauty Competition.’
– He was a lead actor in the drama “The Witch Store.”
– In 2020, he made a cameo appearance in the drama “Somehow Family.”
– He left Cube Entertainment on October 9, 2023.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite color is black.
– He likes daisy.
– He likes bittersweet stuff.
– He doesn’t like mint chocolate.
– His favorite song is “Etude of Memory” by Kim Dong Ryul.
– His favorite drama is “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” and his preferred movie is “About Time.

Instagram:  9oo_sebumps

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Deezer

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