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Jay (ENHYPEN) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Jay (제이) is a Korean-American singer and a member of the Kpop boy group ENHYPEN under BE:LIFT Lab.

Jay Profile

Stage NameJay (제이)
Birth NameJay Park
Korean NamePark Jong-Seong (박종성)
BirthdayApril 20, 2002
Active Years2020–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries/Taurus cusp
Height180 cm (5’11”)
Blood TypeB

Jay Facts

Early Life

– He was born in Seattle, Washington, USA. At the age of nine, he moved to South Korea.
– He transferred from Twin Lakes Elementary School and graduated from Gochon Elementary School.
– He then transferred from Gochon Middle School to Incheon Haewon Middle School.
– He then graduated from Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School after briefly attending and getting transferred from Incheon Haewon High School.

Personal Life

– His father holds the position of President at Sinar Tours.
– He is the only child in his family.
– He isn’t particularly fond of his RAS moments.
– The idol he admires the most is Rain and his dance role model is Jimin (BTS).
– He has two passports, so he has dual citizenship in Korea and the United States.
Heeseung would describe Jungwon as his “ride-or-die”. (Buzzfeed)
– He is roommates with Jake. (Weekly Idol)
– He likes sleeping and easily falls asleep.
– He and Sunghoon used to be called “black and white” when they were trainees.
– He loves to eat potatoes so Jake nicknamed him “Potato Man”. (Teen Vogue)
– During his childhood, he dreamed of becoming a chef.
– If he hadn’t pursued a career in music, he would have chosen to be an entrepreneur. (Vanity Fair)
– His recommended songs include “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, “Sweetchild O’ Mine” by Guns N Roses and R U Mine by Arctic Monkeys. (NME Interview)
– He only believes what he has seen with his own eyes or heard with his own ears.
– There is a connection between his father and Jay Park’s father, as they are close friends, live in the same neighborhood, and share the same name. (Season 2 of the Idol Dictation Contest)
– His dream collaboration would be John Mayer. (Entertainment Tonight)
– He has an allergy to cats and is cautious about cat fur coming into contact with his eyes, as it could potentially affect his eyesight.
– Due to Jay’s father owning a travel agency, he had many travel experiences with his family. They have taken Heeseung to Brunei for a vacation when they were trainees (TMI News).
– He doesn’t watch dramas often.
– He was voted by the members as most likely to cook a good meal. (Variety)
– His mottos include “Live the life the way you were born” and “Let’s just talk and live. I am human, too! Can’t I even talk? I’m really mad. Anyways you’ve done a great job.”
– He claims to be the “Encyclopedia of ENHYPEN.”
EXO‘s Kai is his role model. ( VLive)
Jungwon said he would be “Corn Jay” if he were an ingredient in a meal.
– Representative Emoticon: 🦅/ 🐈‍⬛
– He is into rock music a lot.
– He is interested in trying a ballad musical concept where the members can show their vocal abilities.
– Solo Fandom Name: Blue Jays
– His ideal type is someone who is patient, humble and has a funny personality.
– He said he doesn’t go to karaoke often.


– Alongside Heeseung, Sunghoon, and Jungwon, Jay was a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment.
– Prior to joining Big Hit, he attended LP Dance Academy.
– He had two years and eleven months of training before participating in I-LAND.
– In the final of I-LAND, he secured second place with a total of 1,182,889 votes.
– During the first episode of I-LAND, he and Sunghoon performed NCT U‘s “The 7th Sense” together.
– He was ranked #65 on TC Chandler’s The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2021.
– Prior to being recruited as a trainee by BigHit Entertainment in 2017, Jay received training at SM Entertainment.

Likes & Dislikes

– He finds enjoyment in activities such as blank staring, playing games, and shopping for clothes.
– Autumn is his favorite season.
– His most precious item is a watch gifted to him by his father.
– His likes include clothes, Heeseung, NI-KI, ENHYPEN and himself. (Self revised profile)
– He enjoys watching Japanese noir films. (Weverse Magazine)
– He likes leather items, particularly leather boots, which are essential for rock chic fashion.
– His favorite movie genre is action, and he specifically mentions enjoying life movies like “Avengers” and “Titanic.”
– He is a fan of “One Piece” and also likes the animated show “Pororo”.
– He hates it when the room is untidy and messy.
– The song he is most confident in is “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.
– His favourite Dr. Jart+ product is Dermask and he has been using it since childhood. (Dr. Jart+)
– He is a fan of the Kiwoom Heroes baseball team.
– Purple is his favorite color.

Food Preferences

– He enjoys curry, seafood, and shellfish. (the BOB studio)
– His favorite foods include curry, corn and pasta.
– When visiting coffee shops, Jay’s go-to orders typically include black tea or milk teas since he doesn’t consume a lot of coffee.
– His go-to ice cream flavor is pistachio.
– He has a dislike for sesame leaves, carrots, and bugs.
– His favorite drink is Dr Pepper.
– Curry is his favorite soul food.
– He really likes honey and collects and eats different types from various countries.
– He doesn’t like mint chocolate chip ice cream but doesn’t mind eating it occasionally.


– Jay has several nicknames including “Ambition Cat”, “Angry Bird”, “Kook J”, “Jangry Bird”, and “Cornsaram”.
– Among his friends, he is often referred to as J.J. Park, and his nickname is “Jay Jay”.
– He was nicknamed “rock star Jay” by Jake because of his love for rock music.
– He takes charge of waking up the other members in the morning, earning him the nickname ‘wake-up fairy’.


– He learned basic Japanese language skills by watching anime.
– He also learned massage techniques by watching video tutorials.
– He mentioned that he and Heeseung are the only ones in the group with poor eyesight.
– He excels in hip-hop bouncing and dancing.
Jungwon said that Jay is really good at sight-reading choreography. (Weverse Magazine)
– He has knowledge about various folk remedies.
– He is skilled in cooking except for Ramyun.
– He is confident in his badminton skills.
– He is skilled in playing both electric and acoustic guitars.

Personality & Habits

– If Jay had to choose a single word to describe himself, he would select “dalgona.”
– Three words that describe him are energy, performance, and fashion.
– According to Heeseung, he has a strong character and is confident. (Vogue).
– He said he is very passionate about what he likes.
– He gets the most happiness when people cheer for him while he’s dancing.
– When the other members first met him, they found him talkative and believed that “Jay is Jay.”
– He is considered the mood maker of the group.
– He is considered the only extroverted member according to other members but he thinks he is introverted these days.


– In January 2023, Jay and Sunghoon were hosting a Weverse live when they started talking about Korean history and Jay said that he enjoys reading the world’s history as Korean history is too short.
– He faced backlash for comparing Korean history to a “short novel” and belittling its significance.
– After making his initial apology, which was criticized for its insincerity, he issued a second apology on Jan. 18, acknowledging his limited knowledge and expressing remorse for his inaccurate comment.
– The controversy caused concern among Koreans, who worried about the potential misrepresentation of their country’s history to the global audience.

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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