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ATTI Members Profile & Facts

ATTI Members

ATTI is a British 3-member Kpop girl group that debuted on October 6, 2023 with the single “Regeneration”. The group members consist of Coco, Nicole, and Chunseo.

ATTI Profile

DebutOctober 6, 2023
Active Years2023-present
ATTI MembersCoco, Nicole, Chunseo
Oldest MemberCoco
Youngest MemberN/A
Former MemberN/A
Fandom NameN/A

ATTI Facts:

– The members were a part of the first British K-pop girl group “KAACHI” under FrontRow Records.
– After Dani and Coco left KAACHI, on February 28,2022, it was announced that the contract of Nicole and Chunseo was terminated and the group KAACHI officially disbanded.
– The members, except for Dani, then formed the independent group ATTI.
– The group is based in London.
– On August 11, 2023, they released a pre-release single “Blue“.
– The official fandom color is sky blue.
– “ATTI” means “Friend” in native Korean and also means “to you” in Spanish. Communicating that they can be friends to you.

Instagram: attiofficial_
Twitter: attiofficial_
TikTok: attiofficial_

Streaming Platform Links
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ATTI Members Profile

1. Coco

Stage NameCoco (코코)
Birth NameDo Yeonsoo (도연수)
PositionLead Vocalist, Rapper
BirthdayJanuary 5, 1994
Active Years2020-present
Age30 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height5’4” (163 cm)
Blood TypeN/A

Coco Facts:

– Coco was born in South Korea but she moved to London, England in 2016.
– She is a multitasker.
– She is shy when she meets new people.
– She is currently leading a dance class at the V&A Museum in London. (Vam website)
– She is the only South Korean member in ATTI.
– She started learning Korean traditional dance when she was 10 years old. She also learned contemporary dance and ballet.
– Her favorite foods are Tteokbokki, sushi, fried chicken, chocolate, organic food, and macaroons.
– Her all time favorite movies are Joker (2019) and Big Fish (2003).
– She loves sleeping a lot. According to her, she can sleep for up to 24 hours.
– She likes eating ice cream and her favorite flavor is coconut. (Interview With Ethan)
– Her favorite music genre is indie music.
– She loves cooking, writing, drawing, designing, videography, photography, and watching mukbang videos.
– She majored in dance art at university and is still studying dance education.
– Before her debut as a member of KAACHI, she was a project manager at FrontRow Records. She was also an A&R at the KJOU magazine by FrontRow Records.
– Her favorite artists are Colde, Adoy, Giriboy, DPR Live, Code Kunst, IU, Taeyeon, and Youn Jiyoung.
– She appeared on “Mirror Mirror” by Oli London.

Instagram: coco.ysdo
Youtube: 하이욜 코코
TikTok: cocoysdo9415

2. Nicole

Nicole ATTI
Stage NameNicole (니콜)
Birth NameNicole Harddisson Hernandez
PositionLeader, Main Vocalist, Rapper
BirthdayAugust 25, 1999
Active Years2020-present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height5’2” (157 cm)
Blood TypeN/A

Nicole Facts:

– Nicole was born in Mérida, Venezuela but she was raised in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.
– She moved to London in 2011.
– She used to play sports and gymnastics in Spain when she was younger.
– She loves going to pet cafes. (Nicol’s Instagram)
– Her hobbies are gymnastics, drawing, and reading books.
– She loves watching different dance style videos.
– She is allergic to concentrated smells like perfumes with alcohol and bath bombs.
– She lived with Chunseo and Dani in South Korea for 3 months.
– She loves animals, especially rabbits.
– She loves playing video games. Her favorite game is Minecraft.
– Her favorite food is chimaek with soju.
– She and Chunseo played music in the street and other public places for voluntary donations a few times when she lived in Korea.
– She loves watching movies and TV shows like The Grudge (Ju-On), Harry Potter, The Little Mermaid, One Piece, and Pichi Pichi Pitch.
– She loves eating Canarian food, Pastas, steak, fried chicken, and sushi.
– She loves Cosplaying and learning new styles of dance.
– She trained in 1 Million Dance Studios for a month.
– She and Chunseo have been friends for 8 years before their debut, they became friends in school. Chunseo introduced her to K-pop in 2015.
– She has tattoos.
– Her biggest inspirations are Lia Kim and Zelo (Former B.A.P. member).
– She learned multiple dance styles like ballet, contemporary dance, jazz dance, hip hop, urban styles, tap dance, commercial, and heels dance.
– She was a member of UJJN, a London dance group.
– She has been a back-up dancer for MiSo (former GirlsGirls member) in her London concert.
– She participated in the Hip Hop International competition and was ranked 3rd place.
– Her favorite artists are B.A.P, ATEEZ, EXO, Hyuna, Taeyeon, A.C.E, AleXa, and Akdong Musician.

Instagram: nini._nicole
TikTok: kole_rin

3. Chunseo

Chunseo ATTI
Stage NameChunseo (준서)
Birth NameRuth Guillem Gomez
PositionLead Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
BirthdayMay 28, 2000
Active Years2020-present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Height5’3.5” (162 cm)
Blood TypeN/A


Chunseo Facts:

– Chunseo was born in Valencia, Spain but she moved to London in 2014.
– Her mother is from the Philippines and her father is Spanish.
– Her real name “Ruth” was difficult to pronounce due to differences in Korean and English alphabet so she decided to change her stage name.
– She is also known as “Energetic Maknae”.
– She is allergic to cats.
– Her biggest inspiration is Chunga
– Her hobbies are listening to music, dancing, cooking, baking, sleeping, eating (mukbang), and watching anime.
– She started dancing when she was 14 years old.
– Her mother is her role model.
– Her name “Chunseo” means “Angel” in Korean. Her name was inspired by her favorite kpop group Teen Top’s fandom name “Cheonsa”.
– She has an energetic, happy, and positive personality.
– Her favorite animals are dolphins.
– She loves eating Spanish food, choco pie, and tteokbokki.
– She was also trained at 1 Million Dance Studios.
– Her all time favorite movie is Spirited Away (2003) and her favorite tv shows are The Simpsons and One Piece.
– She and Chunseo played music in the street and other public places for voluntary donations a few times when she lived in Korea.
– She has a boyfriend named Luis Wang. (Chunseo’s Instagram)
– She and Nicole have been friends for 8 years before their debut, they became friends in school.
– She introduced Nicole to K-pop in 2015.
– She loves playing chess.
– She had a series called Chunseo’s Cafe on KAACHI’s official YouTube channel.
– She was a member of UJJN, a London dance group.
– She lived with Nicole and Dani in South Korea for 3 months.
– She became a Kpop fan when she was 8 years old.
– She kept her love for Kpop a secret because she thought that everyone would make fun of her until she met Nicole.
– Her favorite artists are BESTie, ATEEZ, TXT, C-Clown, Charlie Puth, and Bruno Mars.

Instagram: _chunseo
Youtube: Chunseo
TikTok: chunseo.o

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