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Bada Lee

Bada Lee (이바다) is a South Korean dancer and choreographer. She, along with her dance crew ‘BEBE‘ won the competition Street Woman Fighter 2 in 2023.

Bada Lee Profile

Stage NameBada Lee (이바다)
Birth NameLee Bada (이바다)
OccupationDancer, Choreographer
Birthday22 September 1995
Active Years2015–present
Age29 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height175 cm (5’9”)
Blood TypeN/A

Bada Lee Facts:

Early Life

– Bada Lee was born in Anyang-si , Gyeonggi- do, South Korea.
– She went to Shinhyeon Girls’ Middle School and later graduated from Incheon Choeun High School.
– She trained as a wrestler during her middle school years. In her third year, she achieved the top ranking in the youth women’s division but had to quit due to an injury.

Personal Life

– During her high school days, she attended the same school as actress Nam Ji Hyun.
– She prefers wearing cargo pants and a hat to avoid drawing attention to herself.
– She uses lip tint as part of her makeup routine.
– Bada Lee is friends with the hip-hop dancer GOF along with V (BTS) as they all share the same age and love for dance. (Pinkvilla)
– She is very famous among SM Entertainment artists.
Taeyong from NCT revealed that it took 6 days for Bada Lee to come up with the choreography for their song “Zoo”.
– Her most memorable choreography is “Zoo” by NCT X aespa.
– She came up with the choreography for ‘Smoke’ in the bathroom.  (Inssadong Sulzzi ep. 4)
– The choreography she liked better than she thought was “Next Level” by aespa.
– If she could change soul with someone for one day it would be with her bed.
– She dances in the shower.
– She is good at retouching photos.
– She has worked with Taeyong (NCT) the most among all artists and calls him and herself an “Idea Bank”.
– She can speak Korean and English.

– She wants to be known as a dancer and a person that doesn’t stay still.
– She is not good at applying lipstick so she uses matte lip gloss that doesn’t erase easily.
– Before going on stage, she revealed that sweats a lot due to nervousness and excitement.
– Her driving force is the words “You are good” and she would hate to hear “You’re not good at it”.
– Her bag items include a camera, rings, and glasses.
– She takes care of her health by sleeping well and taking vitamins.
– Her team member Tatter often takes her Instagram photos.
– She used to get a lot of inspiration when she used to take the subway.
– She uses ‘MEDICUBE’ deep cleansing balm and Hyper Real Fresh Canvas cleansing oil and Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Bubble Foam to remove her makeup.
– Bada Lee uses Cica products a lot because her skin is sensitive. (Harper’s BAZAAR Korea)
– She considers her cargo pants as her essential items.
– While dancing, she likes clothes that hold on tightly.
– Her favorite phrase is “Today is the youngest day of my life”. (dee’tz)


– Bada Lee is the crew leader and founder of her dance team BEBE.
– Currently, she serves as an instructor at both the Just Jerk Academy Hapjeong branch and the URBANPLAY Dance Academy.
– From 2015 to 2016, she was a member of the dance team CUPCAKES, which was formed by Girin Jang, the founder of Seoul Dance Studio. She also worked as a dance instructor.
– She was a student of “Street Man Fighter” Just Jerk’s J HO.
– She participated in the show “Street Woman Fighter 2” and “Street Dance Girls Fighter  2”.
– She has trained many artists including Lee Hyori, TEN (NCT), Kai (EXO), GOT7, and WAYV.
– Bada Lee has created choreographies for various artists, including WAYV (Action Figure), NCT (90s Love/DejaVu/ZOO), TRI.BE (Mire Prologue Film), Shownu X TEN (Special Collab Stage), “Paint Me Naked” by Ten (NCT), VeriVery (Undercover), and more.
– She is the main dancer for Lisa (BLACKPINK).
– She has worked as a backup dancer for many artists.

Likes & Dislikes

– Her favorite bag is ‘FOLNUA Oval bag Black. (Harper’s BAZAAR Korea)
– She liked Doraemon since she was very young because she wanted to have an all-round pocket like him.

– Her favorite app for using and retouching photos is Dazz Cam.
– She doesn’t like horror or thriller movies.
– Her favorite choreography after ‘Next Level’ is ‘Rover’. (Inssadong Sulzzi ep. 4)
– Her favorite movies include ‘La La Land’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick.’
– She likes watching melodrama and romantic comedy movies.

Food Preferences

– She can tolerate two bottles of soju and her favorite alcohol is beer.(Inssadong Sulzzi ep. 4)
– She cant eat lotus root, coconut and cilantro.
– She loves to eat malatang.
– Her favorite colors include blue, pink, beige, black and white.
– Among hamburgers, she likes to eat Lotteria Rice burger.
– She likes to drink non-alcoholic beer after showering.

Personality & Habits

– Bada Lee often misses the subway and is late for so many things because she tends to think deeply and often forgets to get off.
– She is the type to shower after removing makeup. (Harper’s BAZAAR Korea)
– She can’t drink or eat slowly for a long time.
– Her MBTI is ENFP.

Major Works

– Her most popular choreographic works include “Rover” & “Peaches” (EXO’s Kai), “Next Level” (aespa), “LILI’s FILM The Movie” (BLACKPINK’s Lisa), and “MAVERICK” (THE BOYZ).

Instagram: badalee__
Youtube: Bada Lee
Fancafe: LEEBADA

Bada Lee Photos:

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  1. Hola, estaba viendo los datos y me he dado cuenta de algo que podría ser un fallo. Pone que bada es libra, pero ella es virgo, ya que el cambio de los horóscopos se hace el 23. Espero no estar equivocada🩷

  2. Hola, estaba viendo los datos y me he dado cuenta de algo que podría ser un fallo. Pone que bada es libra, pero ella es virgo, ya que el cambio de los horóscopos se hace el 23. Espero no estar equivocada🩷

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