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Ten (NCT/WayV) Profile, Bio, & Facts

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Ten (텐) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group NCT, NCT U, WayV, SuperM, WayV TEN &YANGYANG under SM Entertainment.

Ten (NCT/WayV) Profile

Stage NameTen (텐)
Birth NameChittaphon Leechaiyapornkul (ชิตพล ลี้ชัยพรกุล)
OccupationDancer, Singer, Rapper
BirthdayFebruary 27, 1996
Active Years2011–present
Age28 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height172 cm (5 ft 8 in)
Weight58 kg (128 lb)
Blood TypeA

Ten (NCT/WayV) Facts:

Early Life

– He is from Bangkok, Thailand.
– He went to Shrewsbury International School but later dropped out.

Personal Life

– Ten’s MBTI type is INFJ.
– He has a 3 year younger sister named Tern, a proficient designer in her own right.
– During school, he won trophies and medals in gymnastics.
– He is fluent in Thai, English, Korean, and Mandarin.
– He proudly shares a rich heritage, with great-grandparents hailing from both Thai and Chinese roots.
– His journey into the world of entertainment commenced in 2013, securing a place in SM Entertainment through their global audition.
– He transitioned to basketball after quitting gymnastics.
– B-Boying marked his initiation into the world of dance, laying the foundation for his stellar performances.
– His shoe size measures 270 mm, providing a glimpse into his physical attributes.
– He starts his day with salads for breakfast.
– “Blue Lights” by Jorja Smith inspired him to become an artist.
– He has two cats named Louis and Leon.
– He has a tattoo on his arm.
– He can play the guitar and piano as well.
– He envisions an ideal relationship founded on understanding and mutual growth, prioritizing – genuine connections that stand the test of time.
– He also owns 6 dogs, namely Lily, Cherry, Bingo, Shiro, Dango, and T.K.
– He is skilled in basketball, dance, rap, Taekwondo, and surfing.
– In 2011, he won the “Teen Pop Star” talent show in Thailand.
– His wardrobe choices reflect his interest in fashion and styling.
– Acknowledged as the shortest member in NCT, he maintains his distinct stature within the group.
– His Korean name is Lee Young Heum (이영흠).
– If introducing a member to his sister, he would opt for the introduction of Mark, emphasizing trust and familiarity.
– Sweets are his go-to when he’s sad.
– Expressing a desire for a mouse as a pet reflects Ten’s affinity for smaller companions.
– His Chinese name is 李永钦[훈음] (Lǐ Yǒngqīn, 리용친, 이영흠).
– At around 5 years old, showed talent as a singer, always holding a makeshift microphone and dancing.
– Discovered K-POP dance through SUPER JUNIOR’s “Sorry, Sorry” music video in 2009, sparking an interest in dancing.
– Started seriously pursuing dance after being inspired by the movie “Step Up 2: The Streets” at the age of 14.
– Initially faced resistance from family regarding pursuing a career in Korea, but was encouraged by his grandmother.
– Grandmother supported his interest in K-POP by watching music videos together and encouraging his musical aspirations.
– He possesses a high and pure vocal range, showcasing a clear and clean youthful voice.
– Passed an audition for YG Entertainment but did not join before auditioning for a Thai talent show.
– On July 18, 2015, he participated with Jaehyun in the charity basketball game “Hope Basketball All-Star 2015 with SMTOWN” organized by the Han Kibum Hope Foundation.
– In September 2013, just starting his life in Korea, was captured by BoA during the filming of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” Freedom Road K-Pop Special.
– He is the first and only Thai among SM Entertainment’s celebrities


– Ten is the Dancer, Rapper, and Vocalist of NCT.
– He serves Main Dancer, Main Vocalist, sub-rapper, and Center of WayV.
– He is a mentor in the show “Great Dance Crew” starting April 2022.
– On August 30, 2013, and later on December 24, 2013, introduced as part of SMROOKIES.
– In 2015, he briefly appeared on an ABC broadcast program that introduced SM Entertainments training system.
– Between August 15, 2015, and December 20, 2015, he engaged in performance activities with SMROOKIES members in the “SM ROOKIES SHOW.” discussions about his identity.


– His appearance in “Infinite Challenge” sparked curiosity and discussions about the unidentified youth, leading to online In 2014, he appeared on Mnet’s “EXO 902014.”
– He has appeared on Hit the Stage, Pops in Seoul, Life Real Class Elementary School Teacher, Beauty No. 9, Food Truck Battle, etc.
– He also appeared on Korean Foreigner, 这! 就是街舞4 (Jeochwisi dance season 4), Don’t Do Anything! 舞社 (Great Dance Crew) and Food Truck Battle Season 2.

Likes & Dislikes

– He enjoys sports, drawing, singing, and playing with animals.
– He likes nature, art, music, and fellow member Mark Lee.
– Summer is his favorite season.
– 10 is his favorite number.
– Black is his preferred color.
– On aeroplanes, he prefers entrance seats.
– He excelled in art during school but disliked math.
– He dislikes PC games and bugs.

Food Preferences

– His favorite foods include Chocolate cake, Sushi (especially tuna), Chocolate pudding, Pad Thai, Dark chocolate, Naan, Tteokbokki, green tea, and ice cream.
– He has a fear of fruits and avoids eating them.


– He has a lot of nicknames also including Tenten (텐텐) Teni (테니) Cheetahphone (치타폰) Ji Taebong (지 태봉) Gwasa rich man (과사 부자) Acorns Cheetahung Kuromi (쿠로미) Tenkaso (텐카소) Cute Ten (귀엽고 텐) Tennyang (텐냥) Jaksogum (작소금) Riga (리가) TENalice TNT (Ten) and Cute Devil.

Celebrity Friends

– He is in a Thai Line group chat with Sorn from CLC, Bambam from GOT7, and Lisa from BlackPink.

Major works

– Ten’s major works include Paint Me Naked, Birthday, Dream In A Dream, New Heroes, and Swipe.

Instagram: tenlee_1001

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

TEN Fancam:

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