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Bang Yongguk Profile, Bio, and Facts

Bang Yongguk

BANG YONGGUK (방용국) is a South Korean rapper under YY Entertainment. He made his solo debut on August 12th, 2011 with the single digital “I Remember”. He is a former member and leader of the boy group B.A.P.


Stage Name: BANG YONGGUK (방용국)
Birth Name: Bang Yongguk (방용국)
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Record producer
Birthday: March 31st, 1990
Active Years: 2008–present
Age 34 (in Apr 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 182 cm (6’0’’)
Weight: 60 kg (132lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O

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Early Life:

– Bang Yongguk was born in Incheon, South Korea.
– He completed his middle school from Gae Woong Middle School.
– He completed his High School from Yuhan High School.
– He graduated from Kyunghee Cyber University.
– He won a lot of awards in math competitions.
– He was 5 years old when he started talking.
– He played baseball and football during his school years.

Personal Life:

– His family includes his parents, an older sister, and an identical twin brother.
– Bang Yongguk used to be Jepp Blackman in a hip-hop underground group called ‘Soul Connection”.
– He respects his grandfather the most in the world.
– Bang Yongguk can speak several languages including Korean, English, Japanese, and a little bit of Spanish.
– He moved to the Ijak islands in the coastal region of Incheon for a short period of time.
– He is the youngest family member.
– Bang Yongguk has wanted to learn Tennis since he was young.
– His twin brothers also have been rock artists underground.
– He currently has 6 tattoos.
– He used to ignore genres of music other than hip-hop.
– The quote ‘Do what you like and love what you do’ is his motivation in life.
– His sister is a tattoo artist.
– Bang Yongguk is sometimes also called Andrew Baag.
– He shared his dorm room with his group mate Himchan when he was in B.A.P.
– He was called a ‘dad’ when he was in B.A.P.
– His wardrobe is filled with black and white clothes.
– His hobbies consist of playing alone, music composition, and lyrics writing.
– He is quiet and shy and likes to work in a quiet environment.
– Bang Yonguuk once claimed that he is a person with a lot of ego (RollingStone India).
– His influencers in music include Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team, 50 Cent, Pharrell, and Diddy.
– Yongguk served in the military as a public service worker from August 1st, 2019 to May 2021.
– His MBTI is INTJ.
– Bang Yongguk released ‘RACE’ as his comeback single for which he got inspiration from watching F1 documentaries.


– He got discovered when he posted his self composed song on a forum during middle school.
– He was the leader and main rapper in B.A.P from 2012 to 2018.
– Before debuting with B.A.P, he was in a rap duo with Zelo.
– Bang Yongguk trained for 6 years before his debut.
– During the promotion of B.A.P’s album ‘Noir’ in 2016, he was not present during the promotions due to anxiety issues.
– Bang Yongguk left TS Entertainment on August 23, 2018.
– When he was in B.A.P, he produced several songs including one of the debut tracks ‘Warrior’.
– On March 15, 2019, he released his self-titled album ‘BANGYONGGUK’.
– He made a short film about himself called ‘Journey’ (여행) February 25th, 2019.
– He established his own agency ‘CONSENT’ on September 15th, 2021.
– He also came up with a short film about himself ‘Something To Talk About’ on April 19th, 2019.
– He signed a contract with YY Entertainment on March 30, 2023.
– Bang Yongguk gained fame after rapping for Song Jieun’s song ‘Going Crazy’.

Likes & Dislikes

– He enjoys listening to James Black when he is working.
– His favorite driver for F1 is Lando Norris.
– He enjoys playing soccer video games.
– His favorite wine is by Farr named “Pinot Noir”.
– Bang Yongguk enjoys tiredness and stress from work.
– His most favorite foods include Steak and Sushi.
– He loves the movie Midnight in Paris.
– He prefers rough music with rock factors.
– He does not like to work with people who he does not know.
– His most favorite colors are red and black.


– Bang Yongguk found himself in controversy along with his group member Youngjae when they talked about their time in Detroit. Bang claimed that he met some gangster people who taught him the phrase “Whut’s Poppin’. Netizens claimed it was racist.
– He found himself in another controversy due to his pet cat ‘Lucy’. Some netizens spotted photos of Lucy outside an animal shelter. Some fans contacted the agency of Bang Yongguk and the cat was retrieved. Netizens demanded an apology from Bang but it never occurred.
– In 2015, Bang Yongguk was scrutinized for his dating rumor with Ringo Jay due to their similar posts on instagram. Ringo Jay also shared photos with Bang Yongguk and an acquaintance at her birthday party. However, Bang Yongguk silenced the rumors of them dating by tweeting “Silence is better than bullsh*t”.

Major Collaborations:

– In 2011, he collaborated with Song Ji-eun for the single “Going Crazy” which was a major hit.
– In the same year, he collaborated with Beast’s Yoseob for the digital single “I Remember”.
– In 2018, Bang Yongguk collaborated with Yoo Youngjae for the solo title track “Drunkenness”.


– Bang has won the Idol of the Year award in 2015 at KMC Radio Awards.



Social Media Handles

Instagram: bangstergram
Twitter: bap_bangyongguk

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Spotify | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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