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Changbin (Stray Kids) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Changbin Stray Kids

Changbin (창빈) is a South Korean rapper, producer, singer-songwriter, and a member of the boy group Stray Kids under JYP Entertainment. He was a member of the subunit 3RACHA.

Changbin (Stray Kids) Profile

Stage Name Changbin (창빈)
Birth NameSeo Chang Bin (서창빈)
OccupationRapper, Singer-songwriter, Producer
BirthdayAugust 11, 1999
Active Years2017–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height167 cm (5’6″)
Blood TypeO

Changbin (Stray Kids) Facts:

Early Life

– Changbin was born in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– He went to Gongse Elementary School and Bora Middle School.
– He graduated from Bora High School.

Personal Life

– He has an older sister.
– He attends International Cyber ​​University (Entertainment Studies).
– He has various nicknames including Mogi (mosquito), Jingjingie (whiny), Pizza, Binsual, Teokjaengie (chin), and Binnie.
– His representative emoji is a Pabbit (Pig + Rabbit).
– Changbin recalled a memory from when he was 5 that when he woke up and found his mom wasn’t there, he cried with his sister until she returned from taking out the trash. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– If he had a month free, he’d choose to travel overseas.
– To refresh during busy or tough times, he likes to exercise.
– If he can’t sleep at night, he plays sleep-inducing music. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– The moment when he first stepped on stage and saw “STAY” appear in front of them during the world tour was unforgettable for him. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– He has a Munchlax plush toy named Gyu that he can’t sleep without.
– The first celebrity that left him starstruck was Taeyang from BIGBANG. (Seventeen Interview)
– He was inspired to pursue a singing career after receiving an unforgettable reaction from the audience during a dance and rap performance at his school’s festival.
– His name is derived from “Chang,” meaning bright, and “bin,” meaning shine. His name was given to him by his father. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– He often uses his stress ball before he works out. (GQ Interview)
– He is the most skilled in bowling among all the members.
– He relies the most on his younger members. (25ans Magazine Interview).
– He considers his cheerful and positive nature as his unique charm point.
– He prefers to keep his desktop and smartphone apps organized.
– He was called “Seo Changban” and “Jinjinnie” during his childhood.
– He said the most important thing for continuing exercise is not to injure yourself and to enjoy the gradual changes that come with consistent exercise.
– Previously, in the old dorm, he, Woojin, and Felix shared a room.
– His motto in life is to “Let’s live with a positive mind, enjoy life.”
– Changbin’s ideal type is a girl who shares laughter and joy when they are together.
– He was titled “meme king” in Korea after his Jutdae and his “uri eomma eomma god” memes went viral.
– When asked what fashion he prefer to see on his girlfriend, he said anything that she feels comfortable wearing. (Koreaboo)
– His previous MBTI results were ENFP and ESTP.
– He listens to Ariana Grande when he feels down.


– He is the rapper in Stray Kids.
– He was a part of the pre-debut group/sub-unit 3RACHA with Bang Chan and Han, using the stage name SPEARB.
– He made a brief appearance on SMTM 5.
– He had a feature in former Wanna One member Yoon Jisung‘s solo debut album for the song ‘You… Like The Wind’.
– He has a training period of 2 years.
– He actively writes and composes songs for the group’s albums.

Likes & Dislikes

– Changbin enjoys listening to Kendrick Lamar.
– His preferred convenience store food is chicken breasts.
– He likes eating french fries.
– His favorite number is 8. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– He enjoys ice Americano over hot Americano.
– He is a fan of IKON‘s Jinhwan/Jay.
– He drinks chicken breast shake mixed with sweet potato shake when he needs a boost. (Nylon Japan 2023).


– He is skilled in ball sports and loves engaging in them.
– He is a black belt in Taekwondo.
– He can write rap lyrics very fast. (Weekly Idol Self Profile 2022)
– He is skilled at playing badminton and ball sports.
– He excelled in math but struggled with science during his school days. (Nylon Japan 2023)

Personality & Habits

– He has a habit of biting his fingernails and frequently washing his hands. (Weekly Idol Self Profile 2022)
– He gets awkward when meeting people for the first time.
– According to I.N, Changbin is a member who shows the most difference between his on-stage charismatic persona and his off-stage playful and cute personality. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– He tends to get lonely easily when he’s alone.
– His personality is described as noisy, playful, and positive. (Weekly Idol)

Instagram: jutdwae

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