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BE’O Profile, Biography, and Facts

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BE’O is a rapper from South Korea under FameUs and is co-managed by BPM Entertainment. BE’O made his debut with the single ‘Monster’ in September 2020.

Stage Name: BE’O / 비오
Birth Name: Yoo Chanwook / 유찬욱
Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter
Birthday: 27th of April, 2000
Age 54 (in Jun 2024)
Active Years: 3
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 178 cm / 5’10”
Weight: na
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: AB

BE’O Facts:

Early Life

– BE’O was born in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– BE’O said that when he wanted to pursue a career in music since he was in his third year of middle school.
– He became interested in hip-hop after watching the underground rapper’s show “Show Me The Money 3.”
– He studied rap and is a former student of School of Performing Arts Seoul, located in Seoul, South Korea.

Personal Life

– He belongs to a Catholic family.
– BE’O is an only child and doesn’t have any siblings.
– His lock screen has a quote that says, “Stay true to myself.”
– BE’O’s favorite colors are black and white.
– He has a pet Birman cat.
– He wants to create songs that give people strength.
– His Chinese zodiac is Dragon.
– He plays with cats in his spare time.
– He doesn’t want something that anyone can have.
– BE’O intends to collaborate with Justin Bieber someday. He loves Justin Bieber and listens to “Boyfriend” frequently.
– BE’O’s biggest fear is being unable to find inspiration for his music.
– His motivators in life include curiosity, envy, and impatience.
– Be’o uses black heart emojis because they feel more sincere to him.
– His favorite time of the day is 2 am.
– He listens to the Chinese group “Higher Brothers”.
– Anandelight and Mudd the Student are both naive and kind-hearted people who are easy to fool, according to BE’O.
– BE’O doesn’t seem to cry when he’s feeling lonely or sad.
– He doesn’t like mint chocolate flavored icecream but like the Baskin Robin’s version.
– He did his last piercing in 2018.
– Be’O chose five Mudds over a 15-year-old Mudd when a fan asked him to choose between the two.
– BE’O’s ideal type is a woman with white skin, pretty hands, and lots of aegyo (cuteness).
– He doesn’t plan to make Q&As regular on his Instagram stories.
– He said he has no plans to release the songs he has deleted on SoundCloud.
– He wants to grow out his hair so he can tie it.
– Mino was initially hard for BE’O to become friends with.
– His favorite beanie is the one a fan recently gave him.
– He loves both cats and dogs.
– Zero is his favorite number.
– He loves pasta and western foods.
– BE’O said that he knew from a young age that he didn’t want an everyday life.
– His favorite ice cream flavors are Rainbow Sherbet and Puss in Boots.
– Be’O goes to bed late at 5 am and wakes up early, before 10 am.
– He wears contact lenses and glasses.
– He prefers rock and hip-hop but also likes trap music.
– He has two shoe sizes: 270 mm and 280 mm, which are approximately 43 and 44.5 in EU sizing.
– BE’O doesn’t like being apart from his friends and can’t get used to it.
– He and Mino exchanged rings with each other.
– He said that he learned to have patience this year.
– Despite what OUREALGOAT said during the rap battle, BE’O hasn’t got a nose job.


– He debuted in April 2020. BE’O is widely known for his SMTM10 audition song ‘Counting Stars.’ He made this song to remember his grandfather, who passed away due to Covid-19.
– He appeared as a contestant in ‘High School Rapper 3’ in 2019 and ‘Show Me The Money 10’ in 2021.
– BE’O got his nickname from his Christian name, Auxibius, which sounds like ‘beo’ in Korean. He confirmed this in an episode of Look Me Up, where he talked about searching for his name online and finding it on Namuwiki. BE’O’s name also comes from ‘rain’ in Korean.
– During the SMTM10 finals, BE’O performed ‘The Night Without You’ featuring ASH ISLAND. BE’O and ASH ISLAND have been acquainted for approximately three years.
– He joined SMTM10 in 2021 and ended up in 3rd place, showing great potential throughout the show. Despite gaining 154 points, he was sadly eliminated.
– He found the atmosphere on SMTM9 quite intense and exhausting. He lost 6kg / 13.3 lbs during the recording of SMTM10.
– BE’O grew close to Gray during SMTM10 as they spent many hours together. And everyone in GRAYNOMA got along very well with each other. Also, BE’O said many pranks were pulled behind the scenes of SMTM10.
– He signed to FameUs Entertainment in early 2020 and released the compilation albums “God FameUs” and “Famous FameUs” with labelmates. He debuted with the single “Monster” in September 2020.
– His song “Counting Stars” gained immense popularity when performed during his second round in SMTM10. Many people, including celebrities, created parodies and appreciated the song.
– He also joined Big Planet Made in March of 2022. BE’O is still under FameUS and is also co-managed with BPM.
– In December, BE’O collaborated with several artists, including GAEKO, CHANGMO, Don Mills, Los, DeVita, SOLE, and SINCE.
– On September 29th, 2022, BE’O released his first Mini Album.
– BE’O has made appearances on various channels, including Stone Music Entertainment, 1theK (원더케이), San E, and BPM Entertainment.
– His fandom’s name is Umbrella.
– Be’O aims to create music that allows people who do not know him to envision him.
– In an interview with The Single, he revealed that he draws inspiration from Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroi’s live performance of “Stay.”

Piercings and Tattoos

– BE’O has several tattoos and piercings.
– He has an XXXX tattoo, which represents his negative feelings toward many things.
– He also has tattoos of lightning and rainfalls, symbolizing the ups and downs of life.
– BE’O also has a king’s crown tattoo that reads “Let’s meet again at the top.”
– Another tattoo he has is a cloud, representing a difficult time in his life.
– He has a customized tattoo on his right inner arm.
– BE’O also has a wrist tattoo of a daisy that symbolizes peace.
– He has a tattoo of RENDEƵVOUS on his arm, which means “meeting at an agreed time and place” in English.
– A smiling balloon is also tattooed on him.
– In addition, he has two earlobe piercings.
– He also has an anti-eyebrow micro dermal piercing on his right side.
– BE’O recently revealed a new tattoo on his shoulder.

Major Works

– His popular songs include Counting Stars, Love Me, That’s Wolf and Love Me.
– He released his audition song ‘Counting Stars’ (feat. Beenzino) in December 2021, which topped and gained the number one spot on Gaon Digital Chart.


– Be’O won the ‘Discovery of the Year award’ at the 12th Circle Chart Music Awards and as well as the ‘R&B Hip Hop Award’ at the Seoul Music Awards in 2023.
– In 2022, he won three awards including the ‘Hip Hop Special Award’ at the Hanteo Music Awards, the ‘Best Hip Hop Artist award’ at the Genie Music Awards, and the ‘K Global Hip Hop Award’ at the K Global Heart Dream Awards.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: auxi_beo
Youtube: BEO.official
Twitter: BPM_BEO

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Spotify | Sound Cloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer | Cafe Daum

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Latest Release:

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