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TRADE L Profile, Bio, and Facts

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TRADE L is a South Korean K-pop rapper under H1GHR MUSIC Entertainment. He made his debut on April 12, 2019 with the song “Homework” (Feat. Ice).

TRADE L Profile

Stage NameTRADE L (트레이드 엘)
Birth NameLee Seunghoon (이승훈)
BirthdayJuly 21, 2004
Active Years2020–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height5’9” (176 cm)
Weight60 kg (148 lbs)
Blood TypeN/A

TRADE L Facts:

Early Life:

– TRADE L was born in Seoul, Korea.
– He studied at Maeyeoul ES, Kwon Sun High School.
– He started liking Hip-hop and started writing his own lyrics when he was in 3rd year of middle school.

Personal Life:

– He came up with his stage name during lunchtime with his friends.
– His stage name means “to change negative things into positive” and the “L” is the short form of his surname “Lee”.
– He used to be the youngest artist in H1GHR MUSIC.
Jay Park wanted him to join H1GHR MUSIC after being impressed by his SoundCloud.
– He is a rapper as well as a singer, that’s why he wants to be portrayed as an artist.
– He said he would go to school and make two songs at night.
– He had around 300 songs on his laptop before he released his second EP “Love Maze”.
– He has never been in a relationship.
– He once went live on Instagram whilst taking exams.
– He is a fan of Wonyoung from IVE.
– He is also a fan of Justin Bieber and Tory Lanez.
– He looks up to Sik-K and wants to be like him.
– In his opinion, being somebody’s idol is his definition of a superstar.
– He wants to drink Won Soju when he turns 20 (Korean age).
– He wants to visit Paris, France to shoot a video for his music.
– He is a good listener, his friends tend to tell him their secrets.
– He wants to perform in Atlanta, USA due to the good energy there.
– He has a habit of biting his nails and touching his hair, since he was a kid.
– He found his passion for music when he was facing depression and music gave him the strength to overcome his depression.


– He won High School Rapper Season 4.
– He signed with H1GHR MUSIC in 2020.
– He is a member of a South Korean hip-hop crew Livrside.
– Before his official debut, he used to upload his demos on SoundCloud and gained fans’ attention there.
– He released his first Extended Play “Time Table–The Trip” in 2021.
– He was featured on “Peace Out” in March of 2022 along with various other artists.
– He has been featured in albums of Levitate and JAEHA.
– In 2021, he was a part of the “Feel the Rhythm of Korea campaign” by Korea Tourism Organization, where he spotlighted the town of Suncheon in a hip-hop reinterpretation of the Korean folk song, “Sae Taryeong.”

Major works:

– His most popular songs are “The Purge” (with Jay Park, pH-1, HAON, BIG Naughty, and Woodie Gochild), “Teléfono remix”, and “How We Rock”.

Instagram: whereistrade
Twitter: tradelishere

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Sound Cloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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