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Chris (BLITZERS) Profile, Bio and Facts


Chris (크리스) is a South Korean K-pop singer and a member of the boy group BLITZERS under WUZO Entertainment.

Chris Profile

Stage Name: Chris (크리스)
Birth Name: Han Chris (한 크리스) | Jong Myung Han (한종명)
Occupation: Rapper, Lyricist
Birthday: November 19, 2002
Active Years: 2020–present
Age 21 (in Apr 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 180cm (6’0ft)
Weight: 56kg (123 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A

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CHRIS Facts:

Early Life:

– Chris was born in Southern California, United States.
– His family moved to the United States when he was younger, and they currently reside in Las Vegas.

Personal Life:

– His MBTI type is INFP.
– He has a brother.
– His dog’s name is EL.
– Chris used to be an ice hockey player and is confident in limbo. He succeeded in reaching 65 cm in Heungha-ri and failed at 75 cm in Weekly – Idol in a couple of limbo with Korea.
– As an idol, he aspires to be a source of positive energy, like a vitamin, to his fans.
– Representative Animal: Puppy.
– In 10 years, he envisions himself owning a building.
– He was an ice hockey player.
– “I hope we all wear masks well and come back to normal. Everyone is healthy and you can do it!” is what he says to his fans.
– His Chinese zodiac sign is Horse.
– He has good core strength.
– He is fluent in English due to his time living in the United States.
– He has a pet dog.
– He is nicknamed “English listening test”.
– His motto is. “let’s live without tomorrow”
– If given the opportunity, Chris would choose to appear in a car advertisement.
– Chris is considered the mood-maker of the group. (View Box Interview)
– Foot size: 265 mm.
– He found it strange to pay for a bathroom when he went on a European tour with his group.
– As an idol, he aspires to be a source of positive energy, like a vitamin, to his fans.
– Chris is the cleanest member of the group.
– His airpods are named Husky.
– Chris learned to play ice hockey during his time in the United States.
– If stranded on an uninhabited island, he would bring Kim Byungman (a comedian known for survival skills), a cook, and his fans.
– He is a dog person.
– He knows how to play the trumpet.
– He is nicknamed “Chrich” on Discord.
– In the practice room, some members felt as though they were being watched, possibly by a ghost, but Chris does not believe in ghosts.
– He recently got into accessories.
– His charm point is reaching into his pocket and pulling out a finger heart.


– Chris was officially revealed as a member of Blitzers on March 31, 2020.
– He serves as the Lead Rapper of his group Blitzers.
– He has appeared in TV-Shows like “Peak Time”, “DDS (dancing idol stage) S1” and “Weekly Idol” including many more.

Likes & Dislikes:

ATEEZ is his favourite boy group.
– Chris enjoys a variety of foods, but sushi is his favourite.
– He enjoys ice cream as his favourite snack.
– His favourite fruit is Starfruit.
– His favourite English words are “Love” and “Chris”.
– Chris likes the spring and summer seasons.
– His favourite superpower is to have the ability to stop time.
– He likes both Hip Hop and Pop music genres.
– Chris’s favourite way to relieve stress, is taking walks alone after practice and finds it refreshing to be able to walk without thinking.
– He likes cream puff taiyaki more than red bean taiyaki.

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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