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Wonpil (DAY6) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Wonpil (DAY6)
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Wonpil (원필) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group ‘DAY6’ under JYP Entertainment. – He made his solo debut with album “Pilmography” on February 7, 2022. He is also a part of the subunit “Even of Day”.

Wonpil (DAY6) Profile

Stage Name Wonpil (원필)
Birth NameKim Won Pil (김원필)
BirthdayApril 28, 1994
Active Years2015–present
Age30 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height176 cm (5’9″)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Wonpil (DAY6) Facts:

Early Life

– He is originally from Incheon, South Korea.
– He went to Jinsan Elementary and Middle School, and Incheon Jinsan High School.
– He graduated from Daekyung University.
– His nickname in middle school was ‘Pencil’ due to his name’s resemblance to the Korean word for pencil.

Personal Life

– He has an older sister.
– He is easy to wake up. (Koreastardaily)
– He ate pill bugs as a child. (BuzzFeed)
– He was part of 5LIVE, Day6’s original lineup, which had a soft debut in 2014.
– His hobby includes collecting action figures.
– He is an optimist. (Teen Vogue)
– He’s one of Day6’s secondary vocalists alongside Young K.
– He is known for his 4-dimensional personality.
– He wants to have Thanos’s gauntlet. (hello82)
– He once thought airplane windows could open before ever flying.
– Grey and Dark navy were once his signature colors. (Bling)
– Despite attempting to cook, he admits he’s not very skilled in the kitchen.
– He’s quite fond of aegyo (cute behavior) and is naturally inclined towards it, often using it with his bandmates.
– He saw Jae for the first time on TV and really likes his voice. (Glamour)
– He speaks basic English and used to be the maknae (youngest member) of Day6 before Dowoon joined.
– For him, a 5-year-old Dowoon is better than 5 Dowoon.
– He enjoys dancing to girl group songs, even without knowing the choreography, and tinkers with MIDI.
– He has a habit of randomly kissing on cheeks of his members. (HallyuSG)
– He has been likened to former Infinite member Hoya.
– His role model is his mother.
– He would have pursued engineering if not in Day6.
– Known for his forgetfulness, he once confessed to eating unusual items like pill bugs, soap, and crayons as a child.
– If he can born again, he will want to be Jae. (Dingo)
– He aspires to visit and perform in Iceland, inspired by Jae’s beautiful photographs of the country.
– His speciality is his singing. (Singles)
– He’s naturally affectionate.
– He sometimes forgets lyrics during performances.
– Once he cried because of lonliness when his parents went to work. (JYP)
– He has esotropia, causing slight cross-eyedness.
– His relationship with Jae is likened to Tom and Jerry, and he’s known as a main target for teasing.
– When he was young, he could type 500 words per minute. (Allure)
– Sporting a heart tattoo on his left ring finger, he sees it as a reminder of his existence.
– He wants to visit the UK. (KMusic)
– He often compliments people’s eyes, especially Sungjin’s.
– He used to love bike riding when was young. (ELLE)
– He has a notorious pink ugly sweater known among fans.
– He treasures his tattoo as a reminder of life and its meaning.
– For him, a 5-year-old Sungjin is better than 5 Sungjin. (VLive)
– He’s particularly close to Dowoon, longing for a younger brother.
– His parents owned a piano academy.
– He contributes significantly to Day6’s songwriting and feels melancholic seeing Young K balance school and idol duties.
– If he is at the concert, he would prefer standing instead of sitting. (MBC Radio)
– Before Day6, Wonpil and Young K nearly debuted in a dance group during their trainee days.
– He is known for his distinct, higher-pitched singing voice.
– He is the shortest member at 176 cm (5’9″).
– He was a very quiet kid. (Studio FLO)
– After Junhyeok’s departure, he took on keyboard duties alongside his original role as a synthesizer player.
– He likes middle-parted hair on Dowoon.
– He and Sungjin were once roommates.
– He likes short hair on Young K.
– His parents used to sing for him on weekends.
– He is proficient in guitar alongside keyboard and synthesizer.
– His ideal type prefers assertive, cute or sexy, and tall girls.
– He likes short hair on Sungjin.
– If he is at the concert, he would prefer standing instead of sitting.


– In Day6, he holds the positions of Lead Vocalist, Keyboardist, Synthesizer, and Visual.
– He made his solo debut with “Pilmography” on February 7, 2022.
– He appeared in the web drama “Best Mistake 3”.
– He sang the OST for “Midnight Summer OST Part.2”.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite fashion item is his New Balance 992 shoes. (MUSINSA TV)
– He likes beaches. (Melon Magazine)
– He likes the band “Thieves”. (Dazed)
– His favourite Disney movie is Pinocchio. (MTVAsian)
– He likes hot fried chicken.
– He likes black and white color.

Instagram: @kimwon.pil

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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