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Gong Jiho (ex. OH MY GIRL) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Gong Jiho (ex. OH MY GIRL)

Gong Jiho (지호) is a South Korean singer and actress under P&Studio. She is a former member of OH MY GIRL.

Gong Jiho (ex. OH MY GIRL) Profile

Stage NameJiho (지호)
Birth NameKim Ji Ho (김지호)
BirthdayApril 4, 1997
Active Years2021–present
Age27 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height165 cm (5’5″)
Weight48 kg (106 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Gong Jiho (ex. OH MY GIRL) Facts:

Early Life

– She was born in a gynecologist’s office in Daejeon, South Korea. (FANVATAR Qply ep.05)
– She grew up in Okcheon and moved to Seoul at the age of 16.
– She went to Okcheon Girls’ Middle School.

Personal Life

– Her family consists of her parents, three older sisters and one younger brother born in 2005.
– She graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School (Department of Practical Dance).
– She was obsessed with scrunchies at one point. (Y magazine)
– In the future, she hopes to pass on her carefree personality to her children.
– Her name means “call good fortune.”
– She usually buys clothes online. (SINGLES KOREA)
– She is a big fan of Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation.
– She considers her tiger eyes as her charming point.
Arin thinks Jiho has the best agyeo in the group.
– Her interests include cameras, season, clothes and herself. (Y magazine)
– If she were an animal, she would choose to be a koala.
– She used to share a room with Hyojung and Mimi.
– She often listens to music in the car.
– She would rather get teased by Sunghee all day than get finger flicked by Yubin.
– She considers her honesty as her strength.
– She uses moisturzing facial masks at least once a week. (Allure)
– She likes British style of fashion. (SINGLES KOREA)
– She is close with Lovelyz’s Mijoo and Ryu Sujeong.
– One of her elder sisters was born in 1988.
– Gong Jiho’s ideal type is someone from whom she can learn a lot. Among celebrities, she admires actor Hyun Bin.


– Gong Jiho was the lead vocalist, lead dancer, and visual in OH MY GIRL.
– She made an appearance in B1A4’s BABA 2012 Concert video and B1A4’s Sweet Girl MV.
– On May 9, 2022, she departed from the group and WM Entertainment after the expiration of her contract.
– It was announced that she signed with P&Studio as an actress and changed her name to Gong Jiho in August 2022.
– She trained for about four years.

Likes & Dislikes

– Her favorite season is winter.
– She likes the drama ‘My Mister’. (W KOREA)
– Her favorite spot in her house is the sofa.
– She likes to watch movies in her free time.
– She loves indie music.  (Zoomterview)
– Sky blue is her favorite color.
– She likes to buy stick-on nails and shoes. (Y magazine)
– She prefers romance and action movies over horror movies.

Food Preferences

– Her favorite food is home cooked meals and Kimchi. (Zoomterview)
– She dislikes cucumbers.
– She enjoys eating fruits a lot.
– Her favorite delivery food is suyuk (boiled beef or pork). (W KOREA)
– She eats at least two eggs every day.
– She loves to eat meat and chicken.
– She likes to drink Coke Zero.
– She likes pineapple pizza. (Good Housekeeping)
– She can’t tolerate alcohol.


– Her nicknames include ‘Hygiene-dol’, ‘Kingjiho’, ‘Jyoreangi’, ‘Arin’s mom’, ‘Jiho-kitty’, ‘Jyorangi’, ‘Endolphine’, ‘Kimjyo’ and ‘Jyocomong’. (Y magazine)
– Her favorite nickname is ‘Jorangyi’ which combines the words ‘Jyo’ and ‘Horangi’ (tiger). (Showterview EP.91)
– She got the nickname, ‘Nyang,’ because of her cat-like appearance.


– She is good at taking selfies according to YooA. (Superlatives)
– She is skilled at playing the guitar.
– She is fluent in Korean and Japanese.
– She is good at imitating Pikachu.

Personality & Habits

– Jiho has an active personality and likes to prank a lot.
– She acts charming for those who she likes. (THE STAR)
– She is a homebody and likes to stay at home.

Instagram: @jihoa_f

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Genie | Bugs | Melon

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