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YooA (OH MY GIRL) Profile, Bio, & Facts


YooA (유아) is a South Korean singer and a member of the Kpop girl group OH MY GIRL under WM Entertainment. She debuted solo on September 7, 2020 with the mini album “Bon Voyage”.

YooA (OH MY GIRL) Profile

Stage NameYooA (유아)
Birth NameYoo Yeon Joo (유연주) | Changed to Yoo Shi Ah (유시아)
BirthdaySeptember 17, 1995
Active Years2015–present
Age28 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height160 cm (5’3″)
Weight44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood TypeA

YooA (OH MY GIRL) Facts:

Early Life

– She was born in Shinchang-dong, South Korea.
– She went to Jangpyeong Middle School.
– She graduated from Haesung International Convention High School (Department of Convention Management).

Personal Life

– Her family consists of her parents and her older brother named Junsun.
– Before her debut, she attended the Hongyoungjoo Dance Academy.
– She got her Bachelor’s from Sejong University Future Education Center (Dance Major Practical Dance Course).
– Her most used emoticons are the ompangi emoticons.  (FANVATAR Qply ep.05)
– She used to have a role model but doesn’t anymore. 
– Her must-have winter items are UGG slippers and lip balm. (ESQUIRE Korea) 
– Her older brother Junsun is a renowned choreographer working at 1Million Dance Studio.
Mimi thinks she is the loudest member in the group.
– She has three pet cats Rorang, Woong, and Tung.
– Her religion is Protestantism.
– Her favorite spot in her house is the sofa when she is lying down with her blanket and watching tv.  (W KOREA)
Yubin thinks YooA looks cute when she talks because of her mouth shape. (COSMOPOLITAN Korea)
– She is close with Chunga, Jeon Somi, Sunmi and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul.
– She is the ‘goddess’ of wind’ according to Mimi because of her long straight hair. (teenvogue)
– She often wears tracksuits and likes to sport an ‘effortless fashion’ look.
– In ten years, she sees herself as a mother.
– She feels more comfortable on the filming set than at home. (Allure Korea)
– If not an idol, she would have pursued a career as a choreographer.
– She would describe herself in one word as ‘cherry’. (M+ Trivial Interview)
– Her hobbies include spending time alone and listening to music.
– She likes drawing and writing.
– YooA is incharge of the visuals in the group along with Yubin and Arin.
– She is not good at playing horror games.
– She is often perceived as taller due to her long limbs.
– She is a member of the groupchat “Sunny Girls” with Eunha from GFriend, Cheng Xiao from WJSN, Nayoung from Gugudan, and Nancy from MOMOLAND.
– She often thinks of Seunghee when she is having  a hard time. (ESQUIRE Korea)
– She used to share a room with Yubin.
– YooA’s ideal type is someone around 175 cm, honest, and among celebrities, she likes actor Jung WooSung.


– YooA is the main dancer, lead vocalist, and face of the group in OH MY GIRL.
– She was the first member to film a commercial by herself, alongside B1A4’s Baro.
– She, along with six other female idols, participated in the TV program “Idol Drama Operation Team,” creating the 7-member girl group Girls Next Door, which debuted on July 14, 2017.
– She secured the 23rd position on TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018” and the 20th position in 2021.
– She took part in “Idol Drama Operation Team.”

Likes & Dislikes

– Her favorite color is red.
– She is a fan of MAMAMOO.
– She loved watching the Netflix drama ‘Queen’s Gambit’. (W KOREA)

– She loves to watch movies and read poems.
– Her favorite season is autumn because her birthday comes in the same season.
– She likes listening to ‘IDOL’ by BTS. (M+ Trivial Interview)
– YooA likes the scent of a certain soap because it reminds her of her childhood. (VanityTeen)
– She enjoys watching teen movies and dramas.

Food Preferences

– She likes to eat fruits.
– She doesn’t like kimbap. (M+ Trivial Interview)
– She likes to eat soy sauce marinated crab and Jjpapaghetti.
– She loves to snack late at night.
– She regularly drinks olive oil in the morning to take care of her body and skin. (Allure)
– She likes pineapple pizza. (Good Housekeeping)


– Hyojung calls her a ‘sparrow’ or ‘little bird’ because YooA tends to get really excited when telling a story.
– She has a lot of lifestyle agyeo and calls herself ‘Jja Jja’ (3 cm 3cm) and members think it’s cute. (Superlatives)
– She got nicknamed ‘Cherry Maru’ because of her resemblance to the signature character ‘cherry maru’ of an ice cream brand. (Showterview EP.91)

Personality & Habits

– YooA said she tends to censor herself a lot and is a perfectionist.
– She loves being around people and she fantasizes a lot. (Allure Korea)
– She has a habit of picking on her lips. (ESQUIRE Korea)

Instagram: @yoo__sha

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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