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Han (Stray Kids) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Han Stray Kids

Han (한) is a South Korean rapper, producer, and a member of the boy group Stray Kids under JYP Entertainment. He was a member of the subunit 3RACHA.

Han (Stray Kids) Profile

Stage NameHan (한)
Birth NameHan Ji Sung (한지성)
BirthdaySeptember 14, 2000
Active Years2017–present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height169 cm (5’7″)
Blood TypeB

Han (Stray Kids) Facts:

Early Life

– Han was born in Incheon, South Korea.
– His family later moved to Malaysia and he spent most of his childhood there.
– He transferred from Incheon Seochang Elementary School to Mokpo Okam Elementary School.
– He transferred again to Fairview International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but dropped out and passed his Elementary School Graduation Qualification Examination.
– He later took and passed his GED for middle school and high school.

Personal Life

– He has an older brother.
– The biggest lesson he has learned in 2023 is that life is not easy but we should keep going. (Seventeen Interview)
– His family calls him “Jisung.”
– The artist he would love to work with is Post Malone. (Seventeen Interview)
– Han believes his unique charm point is in the difference between his on-stage and off-stage personas. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– His motto is “This too, shall pass.”
– The first celebrity that left him starstruck was Zico. (Seventeen Interview)
– He didn’t attend a conventional school, so he’s unsure about his best and worst subjects.
– If given a magic power, he would choose the ability to stop time.
– Stray Kids members call him “Squirrel.”
– To refresh during busy work times, he likes to lay down and rest.
– If he can’t sleep at night, he often stays up late writing lyrics or watching videos.
– He said he is most afraid of time. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– He claims he’s better than anyone else in the group at lying down for a long time.
– He writes at least one line of lyrics every day.
– Han thinks that Felix has a stark difference in demeanor on stage compared to off-stage, being cool on stage and warm and cute off-stage.
– He said the aspect that has changed the most about him since 5 years ago is his frame of mind. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– He loves to listen to music and so considers his headphones his most essential item. (GQ Interview)
– He shared a secret that Bang Chan doesn’t like to drink coffee. (25ans Magazine Interview)
– He has a tendency to fall asleep easily whenever he lays down, and he spends a significant amount of time in his bed at the dorm.
– His representative animal is a quokka.
– He reads his lyrics again before going on stage
– He said his songwriting is inspired by the songs of artists like ZICO (Balloon), Twice (Feel Special), and Yuuri. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– Fans have noticed from old pictures that he wore braces during his younger years.
– In the previous dorm arrangement, Han, Hyunjin, and Seungmin shared a room.
– According to Han, an unforgettable moment from the world tour was when Bang Chan cried and expressed his determination to protect all of them. He initially felt a little sad, but now he finds it cute and unforgettable. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– He has a puppy named Bbama.
– If he had a day free, he’d like to spend it sleeping deeply.
– He believes Felix might be the fastest in the group to reply to messages.
– If he could travel to the world of any story, he would choose Harry Potter.


– Han is the rapper, vocalist, and producer of Stray Kids.
– He made an appearance on “King of Masked Singer” as “Imgeokjjeong” and was eliminated in the first round.
– He actively contributes to song production for the group.
– He trained at D.E.F Academy.
– In the pre-debut group and sub-unit 3RACHA, he performed under the stage name J.ONE.
– He underwent three years of training before debuting with Stray Kids.
– He went to South Korea from Malaysia for the JYP auditions. He promised to return to Malaysia if he didn’t secure a spot in an agency within a year.

Likes & Dislikes

– He likes eating cheesecake and chocolate cake.
– His favorite number is 8.
– He liked watching “Wednesday”.
– He enjoys horror movies.
– His favorite color is red.
– He likes to stretch before going on stage. (Seventeen Interview)
– Han prefers keeping everything within easy reach in his room to reduce inconvenience. (Nylon Japan 2023)
– His favorite season is winter.
– He likes to eat chocolate bread.


– Han is proficient in English.
– He is good at voice impressions and can mimic the voice of Doraemon.
– He is skilled at playing the guitar.
– He is good at drawing characters. (Pops in Seoul)

Instagram: wltjd914 (inactive)

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify Playlist | Bugs | Melon

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‘락 (樂) (LALALALA)’ Fancam – Han:

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