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Hongjoong (ATEEZ) Profile, Bio, and Facts

Hongjoong (홍중) is a South Korean K-pop singer and a member of the boy group ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment.

Hongjoong (ATEEZ) Profile

Stage Name: Hongjoong (홍중)
Birth Name: Kim Hong Joong (김홍중)
Occupation: Singer, Song-Writer, MC
Birthday: November 7th, 1998
Active Years: 2018–present
Age: 25 years old (in Nov 2023)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 172 cm (5’8ft)
Weight: 64 kg (141lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: B

Hongjoong (ATEEZ) Facts

Early Life:

– Hongjoong was born in Pyeongchon-dong , Dongan-gu, Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– He went to Leonardo’s Kindergarten and Gwiin Elementary School.
– His middle school graduation was from Daehan Middle School
– He went to Dongan High School where he later graduated.
– He attended Global Cyber ​​University (Broadcasting and Entertainment)

Personal Life:

– Hongjoong MBTI type is INFP
– His both eyes size is 1.5/1.5
– He has an older sibling (born in 1995)
– His older sibling is an actor and a dancer currently.
– He said that the biggest deviation he made when he was young was to miss the academy for one day because he hated going to the academy
– If ATEEZ members accidentally call him leader instead of captain they have to pay him 50,000 wons.
– He is known as the dad of the group.
– He is one of the characters called ‘the red-haired guy’ in Mixnine.
– Since he was the first trainee in KQ, he trained alone for about six months.
– He was the first ever trainee to join KQ Entertainment.
– The “Captain” name was given to him by CEO himself
– Specialities: reforming clothes, Rap, songwriting, facial expressions on stage, participation in various social campaigns
– Role models: Zico and G-Dragon
– Hongjoong has 92 KOMCA credits.
– He leads and takes good care of his teammates.
– His common words are “Stop”, “Please”, and “No”.
– His hands are very tiny
– He is fluent in English and can very well speak basic Spanish and Japanese
– He speaks well and is often in charge of answering questions in interviews
– His fans ae called “hongsami”
– His motto is “Don’t waste your calories with food that isn’t delicious.”
– He has charisma that contradicts his pretty appearance and small physique, and his leadership is excellent, so the members of ATEEZ tend to follow him well.
– He is one of the most attention-grabbing members along with Seonghwa and San
– Hobbies: listening to music, composing music, exercising, and changing clothes.
– Hongjoong has two tattoos that are on his ankle and inner right arm.
– His ankle tattoo means faith’ with wings and his inner right arm tattoo says NO 1 LIKE ME’.
– Hongjoong has been participating in the “Polish Man” campaign since his debut, wearing a yellow bracelet with “Remember 20140416” on the back of his sneakers, and participating in the Ferry Seuol memory relay,
– His microphone colour is white since he has the idea that it goes very well with ATEEZ members’ mic colours
– He went to SIMS Academy
– He sometimes fails to take care of himself
– His name has a meaning of, “to be the centre of the broad world”
– He was mostly absent from his school since he used to work a lot in his studio with fewer breaks
– Among the ATEEZ members, he dyes his hair the most.
– He has a goal of making music with ATINY and naming an album after them.
– He is the only one of the ATEEZ members, who has no interest in computer games.
– According to Choi Youngjun, Hong has a very good facial expression
– He wants to travel with ATEEZ members and make memories
– He continues to engage in social campaigns to wear small signs or meaningful jewellery.
– He has composed a total of 40 songs for ATEEZ
– Hongjoong says he already knew that the ATEEZ mindset was international before they even debuted
– He helps the members record cover songs
– Once he recorded a song 1395 times
– He adores minions and wears minion slippers.
– He usually works in the studio while working on songs, so he doesn’t go to the dorm often.
– He always wanted to become an idol so that he can influence others with good energy.

– The one who inspired him to become a singer is his older brother, Bumjoong. (Vanity Fair)
– Seonghwa would describe him in one word as “fashionista”.
– Something he has never done with the members but wants to try is travelling.
– He would describe Ateez to someone who hasn’t heard them as a “New Experience”
– He takes VItamins before shows and tours. (OFFICIAL CHARTS)
– He wears hats with flaps a lot. (Cosmopolitan)
– He researched a lot of new rap styles for their BOUNCY comeback. ( MTV )
– He is the most active member of the group chat.
– His inspiration to write music comes from group members and fan letters that he receives from ATINY. (Koreaboo)
– The advice that he would give to his younger self is “Don’t be afraid, ATINY will protect you”. (BuzzFeed Celeb)


– Hongjoong is the Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Composer, and Center in ATEEZ.
– He was chosen as a leader due to him being the first-ever trainee.
– Along with Yunho, he is currently the MC of Idol Radio season 3.
– He was a contestant on MIXNINE by YG Entertainment.
– He was eliminated in episode 10th ranking 42nd.
– In MIXNINE’s showcase Just Dance, he was ranked 7th.
– He made the theme song for Wooyoung‘s content, OSOS


– Hongjoong has appeared as a Special MC on the MBC show! Music Core on February 1, 2020
– He later appeared as a guest on “I Have To Stick Together” on JTBC on September 6, 2020.
– He has also made his appearance in Seezn’s “Singstay: Calling is worth it” season 3, “The Show” on SBS and “Live On Unplugged”.
– His radio broadcast appearances include MBC FM, “Idol Radio”, Jukjae’s night workroom on NOW and KBS FM BTOB’s Kiss the Radio.
– He attended the ‘Balmain F/W menswear collection’ presentation. He became the only domestic artist to be invited to the brand.

Likes And Dislikes:

– He likes the colours Red and Yellow.
– His favourite movies are those of adolescence.
– He enjoys listening to many UK artists like Harry Styles, One Direction and David Bowie.
– He seems to like the romance genre these days
– His favourite flower is plum blossoms
– His favourite colour is beige.
– He likes delicate flowers or fruity scents.

– He likes bold colours in fashion. (Cosmopolitan)
– He likes loafers over sneakers.
– His favourite fashion icon is the designer of Balmain, Rousteing.
– He likes leather jackets.
– He likes wearing turtlenecks.
– He loves black-tie outfits.


– Hongjoong has been actively supporting campaigns such as Polished Man, Dear Heart and Happy Hippie Ring.
– He held his first film photo exhibition known as ‘From November 7, 1998’ in Mapo-gu, at GALLERY99, Seoul. The money earned from the event was then donated to charity.
– He also supports young homeless people and LGBT youth by wearing red “Dear Heart” thread bracelets and wearing “Happy Hippie Rings.” – Recent photos also show him wearing a UNICEF promise ring.

Food Preferences:

– He dislikes the mint chocolate flavour
– His favourite food is meat
– He dislikes vegetables.
– He does not eat paprika and bell pepper.
– His Baskin Robbins One pick: Rainbow sherbet, yoghurt flavoured.
– He cannot eat fish sauce due to his allergy
– He doesn’t like chocolate but likes chocolate-flavoured desserts.


– He has many nicknames including, Hong-leader, Mini-Hong, Korea Big Minion, Pokjoong, minihongz, jjoong, seaweed, Toben Hong, Anyang Grape Fist, Genius Composer, Kkungkkang, and Kimmulgeon.
– “Designer Hong”, a nickname written in the ATEEZ Holdings application, given for usual reform or various fashion senses
– Pokjungi was given to him by Wooyoung
– Hong Sparrow because he wrote it in Idol ie when they were promoting “Pirate King”
– Legend Idol is a nickname given to him because of his friendly and cool mind
– Bamtoll because of his very short haircut

Personality And Habits:

– HONGJOONG has a habit of using a high-pitched, sharp rap that is distinctly different from his fellow rapper, Mingi
– Before rapping, he puts his own laughter as his signature sound.
– He says, “There is a clear sense of purpose, good sensibility and influence can only be expressed at my age”
– He is considerate of the people around him.
– He has a habit of falling asleep at any time and place
– He often loses his AirPods habitually.

Celebrity Friends:

– Hongjoong is friends with Bangchan, Stray Kids’ leader.
– He’s also close with former UNIQ and X1 member WOODZ, Along with soloist MADDOX as well as EDEN.
– He is close with actor Yoo In-soo, who is the same age as him.

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  1. Hola, puedes agregar por favor:
    -HONGJOONG es visual, pertenece a la línea de visuales junto a Yeosang y Yunho por tener el porcentaje más alto de los estándares de belleza coreanos del grupo.
    -Es embajador global de Balmain y Olivier Rousteing, diseñador y director creativo de la marca le nombró “Príncipe Balmain”.
    -Es católico y su nombre bautismal es Edward (Eduardo).
    -Es No. 1 en “The Most 50 Handsome Face 2022 Kpop Icons”.
    -Es el integrante de ATEEZ con mayor salario, Mingi lo confirmó al decir que ni él que es compositor está a su nivel.
    -Fue el más popular en su escuela por ser guapo.
    -Tiene un IQ de 140 el más inteligente del grupo y desde sus días de estudiante.
    -Asiste a eventos de Chanel, por ser parte de los visuales fashionistas.
    Fuente: Kpop Icons webdide/Tong Tong/Kstar Next Door.

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