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Yunho (ATEEZ) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Yunho (윤호) is a South Korean K-pop singer and a member of the boy group ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment.

Yunho (ATEEZ) Profile

Stage NameYunho (윤호)
Birth NameJeong Yun Ho (정윤호)
OccupationSinger, actor, MC
BirthdayMarch 23rd, 1999
Active Years2018–present
Age25 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height186 cm (6’1ft)
Weight149.9 lbs (68 kg)
Blood TypeA

Yunho (ATEEZ) Facts:

Early Life:

– Yunho was born in Seosan-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju.
– He lived in Osan City when he was young
– He went to Daejin Kindergarden.
– He attended Seoil Elementary School.
– He graduated his middle school from Gwangju Ilshin Middle School.
– He earned his Department of Applied Music degree from Seoul Performing Arts High School.
– He attends Global Cyber University (Broadcasting Entertainment)

Personal Life:

– Yunho said he had cracked his left collarbone when he was young and broke his right collarbone
– He wanted his mic colour to be white in the first place but got blue instead.
– When he was born, he weighed 3.45 kg.
– He wishes to go to Universal Studios and the Los Angeles Zoo.
– His dad wanted him to be a dentist.
– One of his habits is to chew his drinks.
– He has a type 1 driver’s licence
– His dominant hand is his right hand.
– During his trainee days, he was under a lot of stress because of his diet.
– His hidden secret is juggling
– Moon sign: Gemini
– Joy Dance and Plug In Music Academy accepted Yunho and Mingi, but not in the same place as Mingi.
– Rising sign: Scorpio
– He was appraised by Kwon Jaesung when Kwon watched ATEEZ’s pre-debut performance video.
– Chinese Zodiac: Earth Rabbit
– Yunho and Mingi have been best friends for 5+ years.
– He also owns three more separate wands and Voldemort’s wand.
– He looks out for other people so that no one is left behind.
– He has really broad shoulders
Seonghwa was picked over Hongjoong as Yunho’s favourite hyung.
– He is a roommate with San.
– Seonghwa, is the dorkiest member of ATEEZ cause Yunho makes funny jokes in order to lighten the mood.
– The one thing he always orders at a restaurant is beef. (Vanity Fair)
– If he weren’t a Kpop idol, he would be a pro gamer.
– If he were a professional gamer, he would play in the DRX team.
– The group chat is named “Ateez room” on his phone. (Besties on Besties)
– He, along with Yeosang, is the member who is most on his phone playing Brawl Stars with each other.
– Hongjoong said that Yunho would never lose his smile.
– The members’ nickname for him is “Gomdol Retriever” where “Gomdol” means bear and “Retriever” is for golden retriever.
– The hardest music video to shoot for him was “Pirate King” because it was very hot filming in the Sahara desert.
– His favourite memory with the members is their first stage win on “Kingdom” when they performed “WONDERLAND”.
– He enjoys wearing cardigans more than turtlenecks. (Cosmopolitan)
– He would rather wear ultra-baggy pants than straight-leg jeans.
– He often wears T-shirts rather than tank tops.
– He wants to put “Treasure” as a time capsule for future fans to hear. (BuzzFeed Celeb)


– Yunho serves as the Main Dancer and vocalist of the group ATEEZ.
– He joined KQ Entertainment in 2017.
– He was also a member of KQ Fellas, a pre-debut group under the agency.
– He debuted as an actor starring in “Imitations” (2021) alongside with few of ATEEZ’s members Seonghwa, San and Jongho.
– He also hosted “Idol Radio Season 3” along with Hongjoong.
– He was a special MC for the 277th and 306th episodes of The Show.
– He attended Super Concert in Daegu as an MC.


– He appeared in Min Kyung Hoon and Kim Heechuls’ “Hanryang” (2020).
– He recently appeared in a Pepsi Commercial.
– He played the role of Yujin, a member of SPARKLING in “Imitations”.
– He wrote “From” of ATEEZ’s album “Treasure EP.2: Zero To One”.
– He also made an appearance on “Trust Me and Follow Me, Fishermen and the City”
– He also appeared in a video he filmed at a dance studio while filming a training program in the U.S

Likes & Dislikes:

– His favourite movie is MARVEL’S Spider-Man “No Way Home”.
– His favourite seasons are spring and autumn
– He enjoys listening to, “Every Day, Every Moment” by Paul Kim.
– He dislikes reading.
– He likes soft scents like the scent of the blanket.
– He adores Harry Potter so much that he bought a wand when we went to Japan.
– His favourite song is Shin Sungwoo’s poem
– Spider-Man is his favourite Avengers character.
– His favourite entertainment program is infinite
– Yunho’s favourite artists are Busker Busker, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and Ed Sheeran.
– He likes to play the game Valorant.
– He likes earthy tones in fashion.
– He likes leather jackets over any other jackets.
– He likes baseball caps.
– He loves black-tie outfits more than casual ones.

Food Preferences:

– His favourite Baskin Robbins pick is Cookies and Cream
– Potato chips are his favourite snacks.
– He likes the Bavarian from Dunkin’ Donuts.
– His favourite ramen is Samyang Ramen.


– He has many nicknames including Golden Retriever, Yuno, Milk Rice Cake, Milk Puppy, and Yun Ho-Jizer / 6th Dimension
– Yun Doong-i was given by his fans for his loveable personality.
– Kwakyuchu is another nickname for his sincerity every time he reveals his cute side.
– Yuyu is given by his international fans.
– Happiness is said to be Yunho’s favourite nickname.
– Fu De Deng was created because of his cute cheeks.

Personality & Habits:

– He is known for his energetic and charismatic stage presence.
– He has a playful and mischievous personality
– He is dedicated to honing his skills as a performer and consistently gives his all during ATEEZ’s performances.
– He is known to be a diligent and disciplined individual.
– He is committed to his physical fitness and often shares his workout routines and healthy lifestyle choices with fans.

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Genie | Bugs | Melon

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