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Jang Gyuri (fromis_9) Profile, Bio, and Facts

Jang Gyuri fromis_9

Jang Gyuri (규리) is a South Korean singer and a former member of the K-pop girl group fromis_9 under Pledis Entertainment.

Jang Gyuri (fromis_9) Profile

Stage NameGyuri (규리)
Birth NameJang Gyu Ri (장규리)
OccupationSinger, actress
BirthdayDecember 27, 1997
Active Years2017–present
Age25 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height168 cm (5’6″)
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood TypeB

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Jang Gyuri (fromis_9) Facts

Early Life:

– Jang Gyuri is from Susaek-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– Her middle school was Nakwon Middle School.
– She attended Naksaeng High School but later dropped out.
– She passed High School Graduation Qualification Examination.
– She goes to Seoul Institute of the Arts in the Department of Performance, Acting Major.
– She was a student in Richmond, Virginia, USA for a year.

Personal Life:

– Jang Gyuri has ISTP MBTI type.
– Her shoe size is 240mm.
– She has an older sibling.
– Julie is Gyuri’s English name.
– Her current family home is in Pagyo.
– She ranked 9th in Idol School with 51,230 votes.
– Jang Gyuri’s father is a soldier and her mother is a music teacher in high school.
– She is Baek Yerin fan.
– She’s more scared of her father than ghosts.
– She resembles Blackpink Jisoo.
– Jang Gyuri started playing piano at the age of 7.
– Jang Gyuri can’t whistle.
– She snores badly when she sleeps.
– She knows how to play drums, guitar and violin.
– She is a beginner level in playing the drums.
– Jang Gyuri wants to learn the flute.
– She is skilled in figure skating.
– She was the “father” of fromis_9.
– She is friends with Chuu from Loona.
– She’s scared of ghosts.
– Her way of speaking is influenced by her dad.
– Special talent: Playing Ajaeng.
– Jang Gyuri used to have braces.
– She said that she liked how loud Jisun was.
Saerom and her were the best English speakers in fromis_9.
– She has her birthday two days before Christmas.
– Jang Gyuri used to be in the Unnies line who cried most and easily.
– She has gone to Osaka and Kyoto in Japan.
– She is a rare female idol who can do a raised salute in a clean and proper manner.
– She wants to become Mukbang Youtuber if she ever retires from the entertainment industry.
– Guyri likes to wear light makeup when she’s not on stage.


– Jang Gyuri was the Lead Vocalist, Face of The Group of fromis_9.
– She left fromis_9 on July 31, 2022, after ending her exclusive contract with the group.
– She starred in the famous -Drama “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay”.
– She signed with Just Entertainment on August 18, 2022.
– Jang Gyuri made her acting debut in tvN D’s web drama Dating Class on May 10, 2019.
– She sang “Cheer Up OST Part.10”.
– Her training period is 11 months.
– She was a supporting role in “Psycho but It’s Okay”.
– She has done an advertisement for SJ W International Co., Ltd. and Naos Korea Co., Ltd.


– Jang Gyuri made her appearance in King of the masked singer and Spring Flower.
– She was a contestant on Produce 48 with 25th rank.
– She has appeared in Cheer Up drama.
– She also appeared in Produce 48’s “Nekkoya (Pick Me)”.
– She has appeared in Perfect Wife, Essential Love Education.
– She played a main role in War of the Trappers.
– Huri has made her appearances on comedy big league, I can see your voice season 5, walkman and many more.

Likes & Dislikes:

– She hates acting cute.
– Autumn is her favourite season.
– White and orange are her favourite colours.
– She enjoys ballads and hip-hop songs.
– She likes Paul Kim, Kim Kwang Seok, Kim Gunmo etc.
– She really loved it when she and her former group members would have little parties and hang out together.
– She enjoys travelling abroad.
– She loves listening to Wanna One.
– Music, physical education, and arts are her favourite subject.
– She disliked maths.
– She loves both cats and dogs.

Food Preferences:

– She loves every time of meat.
– She likes eating pork.
– She likes eating plums and peaches.
– She drinks Red Bean Tea because her face bloats in the morning.
– She loves pork soup.
– She occasionally enjoys Malatang, Kimchi dumplings and fried dumplings.
– She doesn’t like Hawaiian pizza because she hates warm pineapple.
– She can’t eat watermelons, coriander and cucumbers.


– Jang Gyuri has many nicknames including Puppy Eyes, Tone Gangster, Gaejook, Gaejugi, Yeongdeokdaedae, Tangerine Porridge, Kojuki, Princess Gyuri/Tangerine Gong, Gyuddy, Gyuri senior, Gyul’s dad, Julie, Cheong Gae Gyuri, Gyulli, shrimp cracker, tone gangster, Sexy egg rolls, Jang Geum-yi, and Jjangpyum.


– Jang Gyuri has won the Best New Actress Award and Best Teamwork Award from SBS Drama Awards.


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