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Jisoo (BLACKPINK) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Jisoo (지수) is a South Korean singer and a member of the girl group BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment. She debuted solo on March 31st 2023, with the EP “ME”.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) Profile

Stage NameJISOO (지수)
Birth NameKim Ji Soo (김지수)
OccupationSinger, Lyricist, Actress
BirthdayJanuary 3, 1995
Active Years2016–present
Age28 years old (in Jan 2023)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height162 cm (5 ft 3¾ in)
Weight44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) Facts:

Early Life:

– Jisoo was born in Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– She went to Taeeul Elementary School.
– She attended Yongho Middle School but later transferred.
– She went and graduated from Gwacheon Middle School.
– She attended Gwacheon Jungang High School but dropped out later to become a trainee.

Personal Life:

– Jisoo’s MBTI type is ISTP.
– Her English name is Veronica Kim.
– Her Chinese zodiac sign is Dog
– Her tone is slightly husky and cloudy, but the tone is light and sky-high.
– Her representative emoji is Bunny.
– Her shoe size is 235mm
– She has an older brother, Kim Jeong-hoon (1989) and an older sister (1990).
– She was in a theatre department in her high school.
– She has a training period of 5 years.
– She can speak Korean, English and basic Chinese.
– She can play drums, piano and basic guitar.
– She said that when she will be reborn she wants to become dust.
– She is often called a sub-rapper of BLACKPINK.
– She was a popular student in her high school.
– She was selected as the #1 female idol who wants to give roses as a gift.
– She said that she would date Rose if she was a guy.
– Her ideal type is someone who is really into her.
– She recommends Me Before You, The Great Gatsby, Keigo Higashino’s and many more
– She has a dog named Dalgom.
– She is the mood maker of the group according to Jennie.
– She was third in the line to be revealed as a member of BLACKPINK.
– Jisoo has a white belt in Taekwondo
– Hobbies: watching movies and dramas, reading, and reading comic books.
– She is the best at basketball on the team


– She serves as the Visual and Lead Vocalist of BLACKPINK.
– She made her debut as an actress in ”Snowdrop” on December 18, 2021.
– She has attended shows like Adecube New Launching Event, London Fashion Week Burberry runway show, Jimmy Choo, The Highlighted Capsule Collection Launching Event, Cartier jewellery event, Cartier pop-up store ‘Panthère de Cartier and a lot more.
– She has also appeared in HI SUHYUN’s ‘I’m Different, spoiler of EPIK HIGH – ‘스포일러(Spoiler) + 헤픈엔딩(Happen Ending)’ mv.
– She is an ambassador for DIOR, NEXON, CARTIER and LF.
– She’s also appeared in KBS’s “The Producer” as a cameo, and in different CFs like Angel Stone CF (2015), Nikon 1 J5 CF (2015), Smart Uniform CF with iKON (2015, 2016), G Stylus2 CF (2016) And many more
– She also had a cameo appearance in Arthdal Chronicles.
– On February 7, 2018, she attended Prada’s Prada Comics Cocktail Party with Jennie.
– She ranked 78th and then 26th on TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2021”

Magazines And Advertisements:

– Jisoo has appeared in various magazines like Marie Claire, GQ Korea, Vogue, ELLE Korea, Harpers’ Bazaar, Dazed, Allure etc.
– She also advertised for LVMH, LF, Richemont Group, CELEBe, Nexon Korea, Kartrider Rush Plus, Christian Dior, angel stone and many more.

Likes And Dislikes:

– She likes the number 4.
– Her favourite colours are purple and blue.
– Jisoo hates wearing round polka dot.
– She really loves Pikachu and she buys its merchandise a lot.
– She enjoys telling dad jokes.
– She hated art the most in her school days.
– She hates heights.
– She dislikes shopping.
– She likes trees more than cherry blossoms.
– Her favourite movie is Harry Potter.
– Her favourite band is TVXQ.
– She likes the novel genre that contains the drama of a character.
– She often enjoys playing games like Cookie Run and Overwatch.

Food Preferences:

– She eats everything but dislikes organs
– She doesn’t like eating seafood.
– She hates seaweed soup, dumplings, Sushi other than white fish, green vegetables, Mango, and Cuttlefish.
– She loves ice americano and triangle coffee milk.
– Her favourite fruit is Strawberry.
– Starbucks pick: iced chocolate.
– She dislikes bean sprouts soup.
– She doesn’t eat Budae Jjigae.
– She loves eating peaches.
– She occasionally joins spicy foods.

Personality And Habits:

– Jisoo is the only BLACKPINK member who has never shed a tear on a broadcast since her debut.
– She has a 4D personality.
– She is usually cute and eccentric, but sometimes she leads the members seriously and calmly as BLACKPINK’s eldest sister.
– She looks playful and funny on the outside, but behind the scenes, she works hard, manages herself diligently.
– Her ability to laugh at herself adds to her down-to-earth and relatable image.
– She often expresses affection and support for other group members.

Celebrity Friends:

– She is close friends with Nayeon from Twice, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, and Bona of WJSN.
– She’s also close with Hyeri from Girl’s Day and GFriend’s Sowon.

Major Works:

– Her most popular songs include, “Flower” and “All Eyes On Me”.


– Jisoo has won The 2nd DDU Awards’ Best New Actress, SEC Awards’ Best Feature in Asian Series, The 17th Seoul Drama Awards’ Hallyu Drama Female Actress Award, Kmmunity K’tizens’ Choice Awards’ Actress of the Year and many more.
– Her solo, “Flower” has received 9 crowns in total from Show Champion, CountDown, KBS, Show! Music Core, Inkigayo, etc.

Social Media Handles
Instagram: sooyaaa__
Youtube: sooyaaa__

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify1 | Spotify2 | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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