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Jongho (ATEEZ) Profile, Bio, and Facts

Jongho ATEEZ

Jongho (종호) is a South Korean K-pop singer and a member of the boy group ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment.

Jongho (ATEEZ) Profile

Stage Name: Jongho (종호)
Birth Name: Choi Jong Ho (최종호)
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: October 12th, 2000
Active Years: 2018–present
Age: 23 years old (in Oct 2023)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 176 cm (5’9ft)
Weight: 63 kg (134 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A

Jongho (ATEEZ) Facts

Early Life:

– Jongho was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He went to Gifted Kindergarten.
– He also attended Seoul Noil Elementary School.
– He graduated his middle school from Noil Middle School and high school from Surak High School.
– He did track in middle school.
– He went to Global Cyber University.

Personal Life:

– Jongho has a younger sibling born in 2003.
– His MBTI type is ISFP-T.
– He does not wear lenses well unless it is for special shooting because he has dry eye syndrome.
– His mom is a former basketball player.
– He is said to be the most pretentious member.
– He was the second-last member to join KQ.
– He has a hard time expressing affection
– Specialities: Explosive singing ability, hard work, splitting apples with bare hands while singing
– Hobbies: Exercising, soccer, taking pictures, watching dramas, singing along to OSTs, watching billiards videos
– Role model: Jungkook from BTS
– Jongho’s motto is, “Do not be afraid if you have not even tried”.
– He is full of confidence and bold, but unexpectedly shows a shy side
– His younger brother is a former archery layer.
– His eye size is 0.5/1.2.
– His mic colour is purple because he thinks it’s pretty.
– He is a MONBEBE
– In the immortal classic Turbo × Kim Jong-kook, he showed a whopping 6-step high pitch
– His vocal coach was the same coach who taught EXO’s Baekhyun
– His fans are called, “jjongpo”
– In middle school, he was a band vocalist, and in high school, he was a member of the vocal & rap club.
– His past MBTI type was ESFJ
– He has been snowboarding since he was 7 years old
– He wanted to be an athlete but he became an idol.
– He is one of the few members who can control Wooyoung
– He enjoys telling Wooyouhng lies about aeroplanes.
– He is the only member of the group who debuted when he was a minor
– Jongho’s dominant hand is his left hand
– His training period is six years starting from middle school.
– His physic is really strong.
– He is smart and has good observation skills, so he pours out ruthless fact attacks!
– For ATEEZ’s 10th year anniversary, Jongho’s dream is to perform on the Jamsil stage
– A famous place in Osaka named Dotonbori is always on his mind wherever he travels to Japan
– He does not wear revealing clothes as it is his own choice not to.
San says that he can easily rely on Jongh when although he is the youngest
– He never loses in arm wrestling
– Jongho is not a fan of skin-ship
– Charm points: his voice and high notes
– He carries a lip balm with a mirror on it due to a jinx that says that you need to apply lip balm before singing to make your sound better.
– He gets cold easily
– He has deep sensibility to the extent that he is praised as having ‘the sensibility of a singer in the 90s’ with his rich skills and wide vocal range.

– Jongho is known to be always eating Haribo jellies. (Besties on Besties)
– The hardest music video to shoot for him is “Fireworks”.
– He is close friends with Jung Seunghwan. (PopBuzz Meets)
– He rather wears T-shirts than tank tops. (Cosmopolitan)


– Jungho serves as the Main Vocalist of ATEEZ and as Maknae of the group.
– He was a contestant on MIXNINE where he ranked 43rd and was eliminated in episode 10.
– He has appeared in several TV shows like Idol Star Athletics Championships, Burning Youth Gaiden – Call Out, You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook, – Enduring Classes and Mystery Music Show Mask Singer.
– He along with Yunho, San and Seonghwa debuted as an actor in the Korean drama ‘Imitation‘, he played Hyuk’s role as a member of SHAX
Jongho has sung three OSTs including, ‘A Fairy Tale of Youth’ (Young Actors’ Retreat OST), ‘Gravity’ (Reborn Rich OST Part.1) and ‘Wind’ (Our Blooming Youth OST Part.2).
– He was formerly a trainee at TOP Media.
– On October 22, 2019, through a notice, it was announced that he was diagnosed with minor ligament damage due to a bruise in the morning, and was inevitably seated to perform on the event schedule, including public broadcasts scheduled until recovery.

Likes And Dislikes:

– He likes the colours Red and Black.
– He enjoys listening to ballads.
– He enjoys listening to Bruno Mars.
– His favourite subject is pleasant life.
– He loves Monsta X
– His favourite flower is gypsophila
– He also likes chemistry and biology.

– His favourite thing to eat after a performance is fried chicken. (Vanity Fair)
– He likes “chimaek” (eating chicken with beer).
– He likes earthy tones in fashion. (Cosmopolitan)
– He loves black-tie outfits.
– He likes to wear leather jackets more than denim ones.
– He likes wearing turtlenecks.
– He prefers straight jeans over ultra baggy ones
– He would dye his hair colour white if he wanted to. ( MTV )

Food Preferences:

– He likes eating ramen
– His favourite drink: Iced Americano.
– He often enjoys pizza
– He likes eating Various fish dishes, from raw fish to raw fish cuts
– His favourite food is steak.
– His favourite season: Spring and autumn
– Couque D’asse green flavour is his favourite snack.
– His Basket Robins one pick is My mother is an alien


– His nickname include Apple, Power-Jongho, Little Bear, the youngest child, juicer, jjong, Choi, Haribo, Responsible Rice Balls, and Trout Gourami.
– He is nicknamed “human protractor” because he always takes the selfies from same angle.
– Baby Taepyeongso, a nickname given to him because he produces a high-pitched high note
– Seokgom, a nickname given by Max Changmin to mean a sexy teddy bear
– He is called “Jjongja Nim” meaning Prince Jongho.

Personality And Habits:

– Jongho is recognized for his exceptional vocal abilities. He possesses a powerful and resonant voice that allows him to hit high notes with great control and strength.
– He has a lively and energetic personality. He often brings high levels of enthusiasm and excitement to ATEEZ’s performances
– Jungho has a playful and mischievous side to his personality.
– One noticeable habit of Jongho is that he tends to clench his fists before and during performances, particularly when he is about to hit a powerful note.
– He is known for his expressive facial expressions, which add an extra layer of emotion to his performances.

Celebrity Friends

– Jongho is close with SF9’s Chani, Minhyuk from MONSTA X and UP10TION’S former member and X1 member Kim Wooseok.
– He is also friends with MIXNINE contestant Choi Jiseon.

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