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JUNGBIN (POW) Profile, Bio, & Facts 


JUNGBIN (정빈) is a South Korean singer and a member of the upcoming K-pop boy group POW under GRID Entertainment. 


Stage Name JUNGBIN (정빈)
Birth Name Lim Jungbin (임정빈)
Occupation Singer
Birthday July 22nd, 2003
Active Years 2023–present
Age 20 (in Jul 2023)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A


– JUNGBIN’s position in POW is of Leader and Vocalist.
– If he could go anywhere, he’d choose Han River.
– He has one sister.
– He has a dog named Jjajang (짜장).
– He enjoys playing board games and ball sports.
– His preferred foods are Bread and glazed Donuts.
– He recommends going to a cafe to enjoy coffee during a holiday.
– He’s represented as a baby bear.
– He appreciates nature and prefers winter seasons.
– He suggests going to a cafe to enjoy coffee during a holiday.
– To HONG, he is like a dad.
– His first impressions of POW members: YORCH & HYUNBIN – Handsome, DONGYEON – Shy, HONG – Like a baby.
– He’s a very talkative person and would stay up all night talking if he could.
– He enjoys singing as well as music.
– His favorite color is Light Sky Blue.
– A Korean sentence he wants to teach his foreign fans is “보고 싶어 (I miss you).”
– He loves singing and music.
– He is described as having a positive energy.
– He has a liking for shoes and his favorite item is his beanie.
– If he had to choose a member to go to an island with, he’d pick HYUNBIN.
– He works out daily, doing push-ups and chin-ups.
– He recommends the song ‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caesar (ft. H.E.R.).
– His favorite animal is dogs.
– He prefers talking on the phone over texting.
– He, HYUNBIN, and HONG are the loudest members in the dorm.
– He cries the most of all the members (according to DONGYEON).
– He finds relaxation in taking a hot shower after a long day.
– JUNGBIN’s MBTI type is ENFJ.

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon


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