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Junghoon (OMEGA X) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Junghoon (OMEGA X)

Junghoon (정훈) is a South Korean singer, lyricist and a member of the Kpop boy group OMEGA X under IPQ Entertainment. He is a former member of the boy group ENOi.

Junghoon (OMEGA X) Profile

Stage NameJunghoon (정훈)
Birth NameHan Jeong Hoon (한정훈)
OccupationSinger, Lyricist
BirthdayFebruary 14, 2000
Active Years2019–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height177 cm (5’10″)
Blood TypeAB

Junghoon (OMEGA X) Facts:

Early Life

– He was born in Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– He used to live abroad until he turned six because of his father’s business.
– He went to Seoul Shinyongsan Elementary School and Yonggang Middle School.
– He graduated from Yongsan High School.

Personal Life

– His family consists of his parents and older sister.
– The best advice he has ever received is ‘Be sincere. God knows what’s in the heart. Remember to have fun.’ (Naluda Magazine)
– His hobbies include watching movies, reading, and shopping.
– All the members think he’d be the first to die in a horror movie. 
– He considers BTS‘s Jimin as his role model.
– He describes himself as an ‘all-rounder’ and‘Mischief Maker’. 
– Junghoon wanted to become a singer in elementary school because used to listen to a lot of pop songs and once was writing English songs in Korean and practicing when he realized he loved singing.  (Kstyle)
– He relieves his stress by contacting his friends and family.
– He has two dogs named Sol-i and Ssong-i.
– He often gets inspiration from NCT’s music and performances. (y!entertainment)
– Putting on a face mask is the last thing he does before going to bed.
– He and Jaeyun have the best hair in the group according to the members.
– He is terrified of ghosts.
– He thinks he would be a dancer if he wasn’t an idol.  (Celeb Confirmed EP.2)
– He gets songwriting inspiration from members.
– He is always on Tiktok according to XEN. (Seventeen)


– Junghoon became the first member of OMEGA X to join Spire Entertainment and was the second member revealed.
– He was a member of ENOi along with Kevin and Hyuk under Kithewhale Entertainment.
– He debuted in ENOi as the main dancer in 2019 under the stage name J-Kid. He was also the group’s main choreographer. The group disbanded in 2021.
– He and Hangyeom often create choreographies OMEGA X. 

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite snack is iced americano. (btsceleb)
– He loves the scent of baby powder.
– His favorite movie is ‘Titanic’.
– He dislikes pineapple on pizza.
– His favorite time of the day is when he is eating breakfast and dinner. (ITTABOOK)
– He enjoys eating Wolnam Soup and Rice Noodles.
– His favorite house in Hogwarts is Slytherin.


– Junghoon is nicknamed the ‘Fragrant One’ because he loved pleasant scents and cared a lot about using fabric softeners and perfumes. (Kpopmap)
– He is nicknamed include “Ham,” “Kkabulyi,” and “Bubbly” due to his energetic nature.
Sebin saved his name as ‘the dude with a good scent’ in his phone.  (Celeb Confirmed EP.1)
– He was once nicknamed “real storming hottie” on Idol Radio season 2.


– He can learn choreographies after seeing it once. (Seventeen)
– He is not good at soccer and gets hit the most.
– He can speak English and Korean.

Personality & Habits

Jehyun said he is incharge of creating buzzwords in the group. (Kstyle)
– He has a habit of biting his nails
– Members said Junghoon is really fun when he is among the members, especially when they are playing soccer. (Seventeen)
– He is obsessed with meal times unlike Taedong who is passionate about food in general.

Instagram: junghoon_214
TikTok: @gyeomhoon_ (With Hangyeom)

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon | SoundCloud

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