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Megan (KATSEYE) Profile, Bio, & Facts


Megan Meiyok Skiendiel is an American trainee in the K-pop survival show, The Debut: Dream Academy.

Megan (KATSEYE) Profile

Stage Name Megan
Birth Name Megan Meiyok Skiendiel
Occupation Trainee
Birthday February 10th, 2006
Active Years 2023–present
Age 17  (in Feb 2023)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Height n/a
Weight n/a
Nationality American
Blood Type n/a

Megan (KATSEYE) Facts:

– She has a heritage of Chinese and Caucasian origins.
– Her middle name, Meiyok, also doubles as her nickname and Chinese name.
– She is from Honolulu, Hawaii.
– She is recognized as a runway and fashion model, and she has participated in prestigious high-fashion couture events during Paris and LA’s fashion weeks.
– Her acting repertoire includes roles in series like Ripple Effect and Bosch: Legacy.
– She is described in three words as captivating, enjoyable, and compassionate.

Instagram: meganskiendiel
TikTok: meganskiendiel

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