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KIYOON (Hi-Fi Un!corn) Profile, Bio, and Facts

KIYOON Hi-Fi Un!corn

KIYOON is a South Korean K-pop musician and a member of the boy group Hi-Fi Un!corn under FNC Entertainment.

KIYOON Profile

Stage Name: KIYOON (기윤 / ギユン)
Birth Name: Son Kiyoon (손기윤 / ソン ギユン)
Occupation: Musician
Birthday: March 24th, 2000
Active Years: 2023–present
Age: 23 (in Mar 2023)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: B

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– He sang Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” during the producer audition.
– KIYOON’s official color in Hi-Fi Un!corn is Green.
– He wants to succeed Lee Jungshin, identified himself as such during his producer audition.
– His favorite Japanese food is Tempura and Yakitori. (topicool interview)
– He claimed that after viewing “I’m a Loner” by CNBLUE and becoming intrigued by Jungshin’s slap bass performance, he began playing the bass. He initially bought the same bass as him, a Fender bass in 3-tone sunburst colour, without understanding how to play; however, he soon began learning and taking an interest in it, which launched his musical career.
– He is a leader and the bassist in Hi-Fi Un!corn.
– He attended the same school as CNBLUE’s Lee Jungshin.
– He collects CNBLUE records and is a true fan of the band.
– He would like to go Sapporo in the winter.
– He was chosen by CNBLUE during the producer audition.
– He used a Sire Marcus Miller P5 bass guitar in Dakota Red at his producer audition.
– He played bass for Charlie Puth’s song ‘Attention’ during his audition.
– During the first round and semifinals, he played CNBLUE Jungshin’s Fodera Emperor 5 Standard Classic bass guitar.
KIYOON was enrolled in a music school in elementary and the first instrument he learned was the guitar. (junon interview)
– In performances of Radio + Between Us and DoReMiFaSal at the finals, he used Jungshin’s Fender ’60s Jazz Bass in sunburst and Moollon J Classic bass guitar in gold sparkle, respectively.
– He is doing Volunteering club activities.
– KIYOON was in a rock band called P.O.P (Pieces of Puzzle) with SHUTO AND MIN.
– His interests include learning Japanese, playing the contrabass, and making floral arrangements.
– Prior to the tournament, KIYOON finished his military service and joined the military band unit. He was a part of the group when Ricky from Teen Top and Yook Sungjae from BTOB were also in it.
– He has the most affection for the song ‘Shout Out’.(kstyle interview)
– He enjoys the springtime, his dog Leo, and flowers.
– His MBTI type is ESFP/ISFP.
– He detests alcohol, smoking, coffee, and spicy food.
– He enjoys japanese bands such as Yorushika and Mrs. GREEN APPLE.
– His catchphrase is “Here to steal everyone’s heart. First place is mine!”
– His hobbies are ikebana and contrabass.



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