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MIN (Hi-Fi Un!corn) Profile, Bio, and Facts

MIN Hi-Fi Un!corn

MIN is a South Korean K-pop musician and a member of the boy group Hi-Fi Un!corn under FNC Entertainment.

MIN Profile

Stage Name: MIN (민 / ミン)
Birth Name: Heo Min (허민 / ホ ミン)
Occupation: Musician
Birthday: September 8th, 2005
Active Years: 2023–present
Age 18 (in Apr 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: n/a

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MIN Facts:

– MIN is the maknae (youngest) and a drummer in Hi-Fi Un!corn.
– He sang “Boy” by Charlie Puth during the producer audition.
– He enjoyed playing Pocky with Takato-kun in P.O.PPY.(kstyle interview)
– His father is also a drummer.
– He described himself as an 18-year-old “born-to-be drummer” at his producer audition. Although he began imitating his father’s drumming when he was 5 years old, he didn’t begin playing the drums professionally until his second year of middle school.
– His favoorite Japanese food is sushi.
– He was in a rock band called P.O.P (Pieces of Puzzle) with SHUTO AND KIYOON.
– He was exposed to music because of his father’s influence even while his mother was still carrying him in the womb.
– He also chose the drumsticks during his first birthday celebration, In accordance with a Korean custom, indicating his prospective future career choice.
– He doesn’t like to watch anime.(topicool interview)
– Heo Min, according to CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, reminds him of Kang Minhyuk, a fellow member, during their early breakthrough years he and Minhyuk both had drum tutors for fathers growing up, and they both learned from them.
– He loves skiing.
– His role model is his father.
– His MBTI is ENFP.
– He explained that his father owns a drum academy and has been playing the drums since high school when questioned why he presented himself that way.
– He wants to improve his facial expressions while performing on stage.
– He enjoys the facial expressions and vigour of N.Flying drummer Kim Jaehyun, as well as the catchy voice of singer Yoo Hweseung.
– He wants to visit Universal Studios Japan.
– During the producer audition, MIN was selected by CNBLUE, KEYTALK, and N. Flying, but he decided to join the CNBLUE team. Despite claiming to appreciate N.Flying, he chose CNBLUE since the first promotion performance he gave at his father’s academy was to one of their songs.
– His Hi-Fi Un!corn color is Yellow.
– He likes soccer and enjoys playing it as a hobby.
– He hates cucumbers.



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Instagram: heogroov_

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