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LE SSERAFIM Members Profile & Facts

Le Sserafim Members

LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) is a five-member South Korean girl group that debuted on May 2, 2022, with the mini album “FEARLESS” under HYBE and Source Music. The current group members consist of Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha, and Eunchae.


DebutMay 2, 2022
Active Years2022–Present
LE SSERAFIM MembersChaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha, Eunchae
GenreFunk Pop, Dance, Ballad, R&B
LabelSource Music
Oldest MemberSakura
Youngest MemberEunchae
Former MemberGaram
Fandom NameFEARNOT (피어나)
Official ColorFearless Blue (Pantone 7453C)


– The group’s name is the anagram of ‘I’m Fearless’.
– The group name, LE SSERAFIM, comes from the being “Seraphim”, which is a six winged celestial being from Heaven.
– The group debuted with six members, and Garam left the group 18 days after her contract was terminated with Source Music.
– All LE SSERAFIM members use their real names as their stage names.
– Their official lightstick is called “FIMBONG”.
– The group was known as Team S, and the name LE SSERAFIM was decided by HYBE’s chairman Bang Sik-hyuk.
– Their fandom name, FEARNOT, means “blooming” in Korean, and it represents the fearlessness of the group and their fans who come together to support and bloom in every new moment.
– The group’s nicknames are “Pimdoongdeul”, “Geunseraphim”, and “Leserazim”, “Chan Seraphim”.
– The group’s executive producer is Bang Si-huyk, and their main production team includes the popular producers SCORE(13) and Megatone(13).
– They won their first music show on SBS MTV’s “The Show” eight days after their debut on May 10, 2022.
– HYBE announced the release of the webtoon “Crimson Heart”, which is inspired by LE SSERAFIM’s slogan “advance without fear”.
– The group sold over 175,000 copies on the same day of its debut.
– On March 18, 2023, the group held their first fan meeting, “LE SSERAFIM FAN MEETING ‘FEARNADA’ 2023 S/S”, at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea.
Jimin (BTS) performed the challenge of their song “UNFORGIVEN” with Eunchae and Kazuha.
– Except Yunjin, all LE SSERAFIM members have an introverted type I in the MBTI.
– The group debuted seven years after Source Music’s previous girl group, “GFriend”.
– The group is nicknamed “absserafim” by fans as all members are fit and have abs.
– The age difference between the oldest member and maknae is seven years.
– LE SSERAFIM debuted in Japan with the release of the Japanese version of their album “Fearless” on January 25, 2023.
– The group released their first studio album, “Unforgiven”, on May 1, 2023.
– The American producer, Nile Rogers, participated in producing their first studio album’s title track, “UNFORGIVEN”.
– Chaewon is the leader and Eunchae is the maknae of the group.

Pre-debut & Promotional Activities

– In March 2022, they announced their pre- debut project, “The First Moment of LE SSERAFIM”, on Weverse, revealing the group members individually from April 4 to April 9. As part of the project, exclusive content like voice messages, signatures, and photos were released, along with teasers for their debut song.
– The project was a success, with 120,000 digital souvenirs sold out.
– LE SSERAFIM’s members revealed that they received 12 hours of intense training before their debut, which included a workout session of 100 jumping jacks, core workouts, 25 burpees and other exercises, along with dance practice and other activities. The whole process repeated twice a day.
– Pre-debut, their work schedule started at 10 a.m., and the members used to leave at around 2 a.m.

Kim Garam’s Departure from LE SSERAFIM

– LE SSERAFIM’s former member, Kim Garam, was accused of bullying, smoking, drinking and drawing obscene pictures in school before her debut in the group.
– HYBE agency denied the allegations and said that she was the victim, and she took a hiatus while investigations were being carried out due to psychological distress.
– Eventually, her contract was terminated, and LE SSERAFIM continued to promote as a five-member group.


– The group members appeared in the pre-debut documentary show “Le Sserafim – The World Is My Oyster, ” featuring each member’s pre-debut activities and introduction.
– The group appeared on many popular programs, including “Weekly Idol”, “Knowing Bros”, “K-Pop Generation”, and “After School Club”.
– LE SSERAFIM is popular in Japan and appeared on many Japanese programs, including “CDTV Live! Live!”, “Mezamashi”, “ZIP!” “FNS MUSIC FESTIVAL” and “THE TIME”.
– They also appeared on the Japanese radio program “All Night Nippon X (Cross)” on February 10, 2023.
– They also had a reality show, “Day Off “(2022) and “Day Off In Jeju (2023).

Scandal & Controversies

Music Bank Fairness Controversy

– On May 13, Lim Young-woong, a famous singer, faced off LE SSERAFIM on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’, and both were nominated for first place on Music Bank, and LE SSERAFIM won.
– However, Lim Young-woong had the upper hand in all areas, such as the Initial Chodong album sales volume and music site ranking, but the ‘broadcast score’ awarded 0 points to Lim Young-woong and 5348 points to LE SSERAFIM, raising suspicions of fairness.

Criticism Over Exposed Outfits

– HYBE and Source Music were the subject of criticism over the unnecessarily exposed outfits used on the members in their promotional videos and teasers.
– Many fans expressed their displeasure as some members were minors at the time of their debut.
– In response, the company reduced the sensational concept after the debut album.


– Their album “UNFORGIVEN” sold over 1 million copies, and LE SSERAFIM broke the record for the highest first-day sales by a Korean girl group in Hanteo history. The previous highest first-day sales record was held by BLACKPINK‘s ‘BORN PINK’, with 1,011,266 units sold.
– Their second album, “Antifragile”, ranked 14 on the Billboard 200, and the group became the fastest South Korean girl group to get featured on the chart.
– After the announcement of LE SSERAFIM’s debut EP “Fearless”, fans pre-ordered 270,000 copies in a week and 380,000 copies in 16 days.

Major Works

– Their popular songs include “ANTIFRAGILE”, “FEARLESS”, “Sour Grapes”, and “Blue Flame”.



– LE SSERAFIM has won numerous awards in 2022 including the “Best Musician Award” and “Rookie of the Year – Music” at the Asia Artist Awards, “Rookie Artist of the Year” at the Genie Music Awards, “K-Global Best Music Video Award” and “K-Global Super Rookie Award” at the K-Global Heart Dream Awards, “Favorite New Artist” at the MAMA awards, “Best Performance – Female” and “Hot Trend Award” at the Melon Music Awards and “Next Leader Award” at the The Fact Music Awards.


– Their songs “Fearless” and “Antifragile” won the “Song of the Year – May” and “Song of the Year – October” at the Circle Chart Music Awards.
– The group won the “Best Rookie Idol (Female)” at the Korea First Brand Awards and “Rookie of the Year” award at the Seoul Music Awards in 2023.

Official Website: | (Japan)

Social Media Handles

Instagram: le_sserafim
Twitter: IM_LESSERAFIM | le_sserafim_jp (Japan)
TikTok: le_sserafim
Facebook: official.lesserafim
Weverse: lesserafim

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LE SSERAFIM Members Profile

1. Chaewon

Stage NameChaewon (채원)
Birth NameKim Chaewon (김채원)
PositionLeader, Vocalist, Dancer
BirthdayAugust 1, 2000
Active Years2018–present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height163 cm (5’4″)
Weight42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative Emoji🐅

Chaewon Facts:

– Chaewon prefers crop-tops over corset-tops. (Cosmopolitan)
– The most surprising event in her life was when Eunchae mentioned watching IZ*ONE when she was in elementary school despite the age difference. (Numero Tokyo Interview)
– She is the most spontaneous one in the group.
– She tried hot pot for the first time and got hooked on it.
– When she is worried, she talks to her sister or a close friend to figure things out. (Sweet Magazine Interview)
– She loves Yunjin’s makeup skills. (Anan Interview)
– Her favorite LE SSERAFIM song is “Sour Grapes.”
– She liked the drama “Wednesday.”
– Her way to refresh herself is by listening to music.
– She said trying new challenges makes her feel antifragile. (tmrw magazine Interview)
– Her favorite foods are tteokbokki and meat.
– She tends to forget lyrics mid-performance. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– She would like to try sushi and tataki in Japan.
– She said she is not good at makeup.
– For a private outing, she’d like to go to Disneyland and hot springs with the members.
– Her lucky number is any number from 1 to 10, and she considers them all lucky for her. (Numero Tokyo Interview)
– Chaewon wants to establish a friendship-like bond between all the members so they may openly share their thoughts. (Ray)
– Her motto is, “When you think it’s late, it’s really late. So let’s start now.”
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Social Media Handles
Instagram: _chaechae_1

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2. Sakura

Stage NameSakura (사쿠라)
Birth NameMiyawaki Sakura (宮脇 咲良)
PositionVocalist, Rapper, Dancer
BirthdayMarch 19, 1998
Active Years2011–Present
Age26 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height163 cm (5’4”)
Weight42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood TypeA
Representative Emoji🐱

Sakura Facts:

– Among all the members, Sakura is known to give out the best advice. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– She dislikes the taste of mint chocolate, especially in ice cream, but she adores matcha-flavored ice cream that has been mixed with chocolate. (Ray)
– She and Eunchae belong to the rice team when ordering meals as Eunchae is really good at picking good restaurants. (엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA)
– She is considered the group’s spiritual leader because she is the oldest and has the most life experience.
– She believes that doing nice deeds will result in tiny amounts of luck since what you give will be returned to you.
– She values establishing personal connections and makes time to reply to fans, therefore she prefers one-on-one encounters over those with a large group.
– Her favorite dish is oyakodon, and she’s in charge of cooking it for the members. (Numero Tokyo Interview)
– When she is worried, she talks to her mom and enjoys her hobbies to relieve stress.
– She prefers crop-tops over corset tops. (Cosmopolitan)
– She describes “LE SSERAFIM” in one word as “sisters.”
– She describes her personality as “the warmest robot in the world.
– Her favorite LE SSERAFIM song is “ANTIFRAGILE” because it gives her a rush of adrenaline when she dances to it. (Sweet Magazine Interview)
– She refreshes herself by eating popcorn in her room.
-She likes mouton boots.
– She is a big fan of Ado.
– She likes to eat mabo tofu from a convenience store in Japan.
– For a private outing, she wants to go to a Japanese inn with the members.
– Her lucky number, based on “NUMERO,” is ‘3’ because she was born in March, and she chooses it when she’s worried.
– Sakura’s motto is “Time is on your side.”
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Social Media Handles
Instagram: 39saku_chan
Youtube: Sakura Miyawaki | ちゃんねる宮脇咲良
Twitter: 39saku_chan
7Gogo: miyawaki-sakura

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3. Yunjin

Stage NameYunjin (윤진)
Birth NameHuh Yunjin (허윤진)
PositionVocalist, Rapper
BirthdayOctober 8, 2001
Active Years2017–Present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height172 cm (5’8”)
Weight53 kg (116 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative Emoji🐍

Yunjin Facts:

– Yunjin is always sending memes and TikTok in the group chat. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– Bella Hadid is her favorite fashion icon. 
– Her mom sends care packages that usually contain cough drops and clothes. (102.7KIISFM)
– She always carries Bluetooth earphones with her. 
– She considers 8 as her lucky number because her birthday in on 8th October and it’s also a symbol for infinity if turned sideways.
– She would love to visit New York with all the members for a private outing.

– She prefers corset-tops over crop tops. (Cosmopolitan)
– Her personal instability is portrayed in the song “blessing in disguise.”
– The first song she wrote was about a magic carpet when she was 8 years old. (wmagazine)
– She considers her music to be her diary.
– Her favorite LE SSERAFIM song is “Impurities.”
– She loves makeup a lot and after her debut, she tried different makeup styles and finally found her own style. (Anan Interview)
– She got inspired by Taylor Swift and started writing songs as a child with her little sister. They even used to shoot their own MVs. (wmagazine)
– She believes she has improved her ability to express herself since the band’s debut. (billboard)
– She describes her personality as an onion.
– She refreshes herself by listening to music.
– She likes a fashion item called “balaclava” which is a neck warmer with a attached hood.
– She is good at griling meat.
– On stage, facial acting and emotional expression are the most important. (Sweet Magazine Interview)
– She would love to try Sukiyaki in Japan.
– She takes a lot less time to get ready as compared to members.
– She has believed in “Everything happens for a reason” ever since she was a child. (wmagazine)
– Her motto is “I’m stronger than I think I am” during tough times. (Numero Tokyo Interview)
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Social Media Handles
Instagram: jenaissante

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4. Kazuha

Stage NameKazuha (카즈하)
Birth NameNakamura Kazuha (中村 一葉)
PositionSub-Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer
BirthdayAugust 9, 2003
Active Years2022–Present
Age20 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height170 cm (5’7”)
Blood TypeN/A
Representative Emoji🦢

Kazuha Facts:

– Kazuha always carries Bluetooth earphones and a massage roller with her. (Sweet Magazine Interview)
– Kazuha’s motto is “The Goddess of luck comes to those who are prepared.” (Numero Tokyo Interview)
– Among all the members, Kazuha is most likely to forget birthdays. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– She loves to wear puffer jackets.
– Her favorite color is green. (Marie Claire Korea)
– Her name translates to “leaf” in japanese.
– She firmly believes that “writing makes it come true.” (Ray)
– Teleportation is the superpower she wants the most.
– When she is worried, she tries to write everything down as she think.
– She likes eating her favorite caramel cookies.
– Her future dream is to perform overseas at different events where a lot of famous artists gather and be on the billboard list. (Anan Interview)
– “bout to faint” is a phrase she used a lot in the past. (Marie Claire Korea)
– To refresh herself, she enjoys soaking in the bath.
– She likes coats as a fashion item.
– The most surprising event in her life was becoming a member of LE SSERAFIM.
– She is the kind of girl who prefers wearing a rocker tee. (Cosmopolitan)
– She likes eating sukiyaki in Japan.
– Kazuha prefers wearing leather dresses on special occasions.
– For a private outing, she’d like to go to resorts like Hawaii and Bali with the members.
– She started doing ballet at the age of 3 and continued it for 15 years. (Mobidic)
– Her lucky number, based on “NUMERO,” is ‘8’ because her name KAZUHA has the numbers 1 and 8, and her birthday is in August, so she feels a connection to 8. (Numero Tokyo Interview)
– She describes “LE SSERAFIM” in one word as “New family.”
– She likes eating japchae.
– She is a BLACKPINK fan, and her bias is Jisoo.
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Social Media Handles
Instagram: k_a_z_u_h_a__

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5. Eunchae

Stage NameEunchae (홍은채)
Birth NameHong Eunchae (홍은채)
PositionVocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae
BirthdayNovember 10, 2006
Active Years2022–Present
Age17 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height170 cm (5’7”)
Blood TypeN/A
Representative Emoji🐈

Eunchae Facts:

– Eunchae learns the choreography the quickest. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– Her TMI is that she realized she can eat most sweets in one bite, thanks to her ability to open her mouth wide when she smiles. (Sweet Magazine Interview)
– She is called the “Happy virus” because of her ability to brighten everyone’s day. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– She is good at making new friends.
– She prefers crop-tops over corset-tops.
– She said that the new talent she developed after debuting with LE SSERAFIM is that she can learn various choreographies on the spot.  (Anan Interview)
– She likes it when older members appreciate her. (Ray)
– When she is worried, she asks her members for their opinions and talks to her friends from elementary school.
– Her favorite LE SSERAFIM song is “Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am)” because it feels like a self-encouragement.
– Her lucky number, based on “NUMERO,” is ‘1’ because she wants to be the best and be remembered as the first. (Numero Tokyo Interview)
– She said she became good at talking after working as an MC.
– She describes her personality in one word as “Happy!”
– To refresh herself, Eunchae enjoys sleeping and going shopping to buy herself a treat.
– She likes winter boots, especially ones with fur.
– She likes to make people laugh and sees herself as the “ultimate youngest among the youngest”. (Ray)
– The most surprising event in her life was being selected as a member of LE SSERAFIM. She had once imagined it but never seriously thought it would happen.
– Eunchae’s motto is “Time passes,” and she believes that thinking positively about the future is important.
– She is a fan of SEVENTEEN.
– She likes cooking cup ramen.
– Eunchae is a fan of floral printed dresses. (Cosmopolitan)
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Instagram: hhh.e_c.v

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Former Members

6. Garam

Stage NameGaram (가람)
Birth NameKim Ga-ram (김가람)
PositionVocalist, Rapper
BirthdayNovember 16, 2005
Active Years2021-2022
Age18 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height170 cm (5’7”)
Blood TypeN/A
Representative Emoji🐰

Garam Facts:

– She likes Lisa’s “Money” dance performance.
– Her favorite animated movie is ‘Frozen.’
– She considers eating as her specialty.
– She likes to sleep early rather than stay up all night.
– She prefers to stay home in pajamas when she doesn’t have to go out.
– She tried to join Source Music in 2018 and 2019 but failed both auditions.
– She joined Source Music in 2020 and joined LE SSERAFIM’s final lineup in the summer of 2021
– She is close to Chaewon.
– Garam has an older sister and a younger brother who was born in 2015.
– She is left-handed.
– She is not signed under any agency.
– She appeared in ENHYPEN‘s MV “Drunk Dazed.”
– Before her debut in April 2022, many bullying allegations appeared against her, and HYBE denied the accusations.
– Due to psychological distress, she took a hiatus from the group on May 20, 2022.
– Her contract was terminated with Source Music and HYBE on July 20, 2022, just 18 days after her debut.
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