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Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Yunjin Le Sserafim
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Huh Yunjin (허윤진) is a Korean-American singer, songwriter, producer and member of the girl group LE SSERAFIM under HYBE and Source Music.

Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM) Profile

Stage NameYunjin (윤진)
Birth NameHuh Yunjin (허윤진)
OccupationSinger, Songwriter, Lyricist
BirthdayOctober 8, 2001
Active Years2017–Present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height172 cm (5’8”)
Weight53 kg (116 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM) Facts:

Early Life

– Yunjin was born in Irwon-dong, Gangnam- gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– She went to the USA when she was eight months old and became a naturalized citizen.
– She was raised in New York, USA.
– She briefly went to Niskayuna High School before transferring to Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School, where she dropped out.
– She passed her GED and gained her certificate.
– She trained in opera and started taking opera lessons in middle school.
– She learned vocal music until the first semester of my first year of high school.
– She used to take part in the opera competitions in her high school.
– She also used to participate in drama clubs and did musicals and plays.
– Yunjin is a former captain of her school’s field hockey team.

Personal Life

– She revealed that she is too shy to perform aegyo.
– Yunjin’s family includes her parents and a younger sister named Yejin Huh (born in 2004).
– It is said that she was raised by parents who were strict enough to hit the calf, but they did not oppose her becoming an idol.
– She said that her most prized possession is her snake charm necklace that she received from her grandmother.
– She is particularly influenced by Vivienne Westwood’s rebellious spirit and asymmetrical designs. (wmagazine)
– She likes to watch dramas, read books, and compose music in her free time.
– Before participating in Produce 48, she ran a Twitter fan account for B9TS in 2017.
– Her solo fandom is named “Burned Passports”.
– She is considered to have the best sense of style. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– She is the tallest member of LE SSERAFIM.
– Her fans think her Korean handwriting is cute.
– She became interested in music after hearing about Taylor Swift at 10 through a friend.
– She studied French in school for five years and is relearning it now.
– Her sister, Rachel Yuh, has a tiktok account “rxyejin”.
– Her symbol color is emerald green.
– She has a hidden talent for making the jumping mario sound with her nose.  (102.7KIISFM)
– She has always avoided testing her liver as she is scared. (Anan Interview)
– Yunjin wanted to become an opera singer because her grandmother was a former vocalist and often used to take her to choir.
Kazuha sometimes gets scared of her loud speaking voice.
– She has the longest training period among her members (4 years).
– From a young age, she has listened to rock music from other countries.
– On October 19, 2022, she suffered minor muscle pain and bruises due to a car accident in which she was riding with Kim Chae-won.
– When she is worried, she writes and calls people who understand her, especially her mom. (Sweet Magazine Interview)
– She wanted to become an idol in Korea after she watched BTS win an Award at the American Music Awards.
– She used to train with NewJeans members before debuting.
– She dreamed of becoming a singer when she was in seventh grade.
– His hobbies are sports, painting, food, singing, guitar, and ukulele.
– She said that the biggest fear she overcame was not choosing the idol career but rechoosing it after she had let it go once knowing how difficult it was. (tmrw magazine Interview)
– Her fashion role model is Bella Hadid.
– Yunjin believes that everything happens for a reason.
– Her English name is Jennifer Huh.
– She is a fan of the city pop genre. (billboard)
– She had been interested in baseball in the United States, and she enjoyed playing games on Wii Sports.
– Her representative emoticon is 🐍.
– She tattooed a garden on her skin for her debut solo performance. (wmagazine)

Training At Pledis Entertainment & Return To The US

– Yunjin passed the Pledis New York global audition in August 2017 and came to Korea at the beginning of 2018 to live as a trainee.
– She auditioned with Adele’s “All I Ask”.
– She was eliminated from the end-of-month evaluations at Pledis Entertainment and returned to the US.
– After she returned to the US following her elimination, she was contacted by many entertainment companies, but she rejected all of them because she felt stressed in her trainee life.
– She agreed to join source music after hearing LE SSERAFIM’s concept of “I tell my honest story and my greed” because she had the intuition to join.
– She studied and stayed in the US for a year and a half before she returned to Korea after she was offered to join Source Music.


– She participated in Produce 48 and was eliminated in the semi-finals after ranking 29th.
– Yunjin is the vocalist in the group “LE SSERAFIM.”
– She appeared on the KBS “Limousine Service” on October 18, 2022.
– She appeared in Olive Young’s “wakemake” commercial.
– She was appointed as the ambassador of “wakemake” as the muse.
– She was featured in COSMOPOLITAN’s magazine on November 22, 2022.
– She was revealed as the final member of LE SSERAFIM.
– She attended the 2019 S/S Hera Seoul Fashion Week BIG PARK fashion show on October 18, 2018.
– She is one of the visual members of LE SSERAFIM.
– She composed and released the song ‘Raise y_our glass’ on August 9, 2022.
– She released her self-composed song “Love You Twice.”

Likes & Dislikes

– She likes popera the most but also likes various music genres such as rock, hip hop, and metal.
– Her favorite colors are green and light green colors that give off a natural feeling.
– Yunjin likes taking pictures of landscapes and the sky.
– She is not scared of bugs.
– Her favorite member in BTS is V.
– She recommends anime series such as The Promised Neverland, Jujutsu Kaisen, Vinland Saga, and Mob Psycho 100.
– She is a fan of Harry Potter, and her favorite house is Slytherin.
– She likes both puffer jackets and faux fur coats. (Cosmopolitan)
– She dislikes clowns.
– She also likes to read and seems to read mostly essay books.
– Her favorite sports are baseball, MMA, and field hockey.
– She loves to read self-help books.
– She enjoys League of Legends like Sakura and Eunchae and often used to play with LE SSERAFIM members before her debut.
– She doesn’t like horror movies.
– Her favorite characters in Haikyu! include Tsukishima, Bokuto and Akaashi.
– She is a huge fan of BTS and Girls Generation.
– She likes striped t-shirts, and during her American lunch days, she said, she was often scolded by her mother because she only wore striped clothes to school. (VLive)
– Yunjin enjoys eating and painting.
– She loves sports and dreamed of becoming a hockey player as a child.

Food Preferences

– She likes taiyaki.
– She used to hate pineapple pizza before.
– She enjoys eating vegetables.
– Her preferred cold beverage is an iced Americano.
– Her favorite ice cream is Bibi big.
– She likes to drink coffee.
– She loves eating all kinds of meat. (Numero Tokyo Interview)
– She likes yakiimo/roasted sweet potato and loves to add cheese to kimchi fried rice.
– Yunjin never eats corn kernels.
– When eating cereal, she likes to put the cereal first before pouring the milk.
– She loves fruits and sandwiches and she often eats them instead of rice for meals.
– She likes mint chocolate.
– Her favorite foods are roasted sweet potatoes, yogurt, boiled sweet potato, seaweed, cheese, and pizza.

Nicknames & Resemblance

– Yunjin is nicknamed “Destruction King” due to her clumsiness.
– She is fond of her nickname “Kirin-chan,” which she earned due to her looking like a newborn giraffe when she dances.
– She is also called “bumble bee,” “Goldfish,” and “Language Genius” by her fans and members.
– She likes being called “Jen” instead of Jennifer.
– Fans think she resembles Ishihara Satomi, Kim Ji-won, Go Yun-Jung, and Ji-hyo.


– Yunjin is the best at arm wrestling on the team.
– She is the fastest at doing burpees.
– Her specialties are cooking and drawing.
– She is bad at jump ropes.
– She knows how to barbecue food.
– She is very bad at lying as her facial expressions, and gestures become unnatural.
– She is fluent in Korean and English and can also speak Japanese and French.
– She knows how to play the ukulele, piano, and guitar.

Celebrity Friends

– She is close with Kim Chaewon out of all members because she performed the song “Into the New World” (SNSD) with her on Produce 48.
– She is friends with CLASS:y’s Myung Hyungseo, and they went to the same high school.
– Yunjin is close friends with Lee Gaeun (former member of After School) and Somi.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: jenaissante
Sister’s tiktok: rxyejin

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Sound Cloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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