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Liv (IRRIS) Profile, Biography, and Facts


Liv (리브) is a singer and a member of the group “IRRIS” from South Korea JUSTICE RECORDS. She made her debut with the group on July 6th, 2022, with the EP “Wanna Know”. She is also a former member of the groups “Good Day” and “Redsquare”.

Stage Name: Liv (리브)
Birth Name: Kim Chae Young (김채영)
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: July 5, 1997
Age 26 (in Apr 2024)
Active Years: 7
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 168cm (5’5″)
Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: B

Liv Facts:

Early Life

– Liv was born in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea.
– She graduated from Taejang High School.

Personal Life

– Her family consists of her parents and brother.
– Her MBTI is ESFJ.
– She enjoys listening to DAY6 songs a lot.
– She dreams of being a radio DJ someday.
– Her group members like to call her “Youngchae”.
– Liv is nicknamed “Chaeng”, “Deer Chae”, and “Withered Chae”.
– She likes to watch television reruns and take pictures as a hobby.
– Liv touches her head a lot as a habit.
– She likes the summer season because she was born in it.
– Unlike her group members, Liv is not familiar with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
– She hopes to appear on the variety show Running Man.
– Liv is talented in impersonating people.
– Her Chinese Zodiac Sign is Ox.
– She is left-handed.
– She and Nina love to eat mangoes.
– She likes to eat crabs a lot, especially Soy Sauce Crab.
– Like I.L, she likes to drink taro milk tea.
– Liv wants to go on a road trip with her group to Jeju Island.
– Her former roommates in REDSQUARE were Bomin and Lina.
– She takes care of Nina a lot.
– Her role models are Lisa (BLACKPINK) and SNSD.
– Liv wants to buy a house or a car for her parents.
– She rarely drinks caffeinated drinks.
– Liv and the group enjoy singing in the car when coming home from work.
– Except for her, everyone in the group loves to play games.
– She shares a room with Yunseul.
– She likes eating and window shopping in her spare time.
– Dancing fast is her specialty.
– According to her members, she sleeps a lot and has trouble waking up.
– Her favorite carol is “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.
– Her favorite foods are Gopchang and steamed kimchi.
– Liv likes pink, black, green, purple, yellow, and beige colors.
– Liv is known for her bright personality.
– She is very talkative with her parents and group members.


– She is the main rapper and dancer of the group “IRRIS”.
– Her representative stone is Garnet, and her representative color is Orange.
– She is a former member of the groups “Good Day” under the name “Cherry” and “Redsquare” under the stage name “ChaeA”.
– Liv is co-hosting the variety show “Secret Dessert Hall” (싴후당) along with Yunseul.
– She was revealed as the fourth and final member of IRRIS.
– She collaborated with Yunseul and released the song “Dessert” for “Sikhudang Part.1” on November 30, 2022.
– She briefly appeared in the movie “The Court Lady” as a child.
– She said that her stage name almost became “Youngchae”.
– She participated in the show “Jumo REMIX”.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: livirris

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon

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