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Yujin (Kep1er) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

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Yujin (유진) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop girl group “Kep1er” under WAKEONE Entertainment and SWING Entertainment. She is also a member of Kep1er sub-unit “Tropical Light Unit”. 

Yujin (Kep1er) Profile

Stage NameYujin (유진)
Birth NameChoi Yu Jin (최유진)
BirthdayAugust 12, 1996
Active Years2015–present
Age27 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height162.1 cm (5’3″)
Weight42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Yujin (Kep1er) Facts:

Early Life

– She was born in Jeonju, North Jeolla province, South Korea.
– She went to Jeonju Seomun Elementary School and Shinsa Middle School.
– She graduated from Cheongdam High School.

Personal Life

— Her family includes her mother, father, and younger brother.
– Yujin started getting interested in K-pop in 2004. (Spotify Kpop ON Interview)
– Her key charming point is her eye smile.
– If she was a Kep1ian, she would fangirl over Mashiro. (POPKORN POPTIME)
– She has very low stamina according to the members.
– According to Yujin, the secret to synchronised group dance is constant monitoring. (The Star Magazine)
– Her mother and aunt run a restaurant called ‘Duimo’, which is famous for ‘bibimbap waffles’ in Jeonju, her hometown.
– People call her Yu-Mouse, Rabbit, and Jinni.
– Something she most often says is “Should I try it, everyone?”. (Kep1er Debut Show)
– She would describe herself as a leader as “Leader bunny who is leading the rabbit corps”.
– She attended Hanlim Multi Art School and is skilled in speaking Japanese.
– One song she always sings at the karaoke is “Password 486”. (JAYKEEOUT)
– Her role models are her parents.
– The animal she resembles is a rabbit.
– The word she would choose to describe herself is “diamond” because she has firmness inside. (Cosmo Korea)
– To relieve stress, she takes walks, exercises, and listens to music.
– According to Hikaru, she and Bahiyyih put the most effort in decorating their dorm rooms. (Harper’s BAZAAR Korea)
– She wishes to engage with fans through fan signs, meetings, and conversations but dislikes bugs.
– She is roommates with Bahiyyih. (Showterview with Sunmi)
– She is fluent in Japanese, having taken a JLPT exam, and can play the harmonica.
Chaehyun said that Yujin loves seeing herself on video. (POPKORN PICKTOK)
– She excels in various dances like belly dancing, popping, and locking, and her hobbies include pilates and watching movies.
– The thing she is most confident about is her small face.
– The members said that she has bad selfie-taking skills. (Kep1er Debut Show)
– Her happiest moment was when they won first place for the first time.
– The emoji she uses most often is 😘.
– Notably flexible, she can do splits.
– She thinks the most important thing as a leader is knowing how to communicate. (Cosmo Korea)
– She prefers long showers.
– She got her driver’s license in 2021.
– Her ideal type is Nam Joohyuk.
– If she could have one thing from a member, she would like to have Mashiro’s dimples. (POPKORN PICKTOK)
– She used to be part of CLC.
– Her interests include pilates and watching movies.
– She is good at bungee jumping.
– Watching Running Man has been a long-time habit, and she hopes to appear on the show.
– She is close friends with Bona of WJSN. (Billboard)
– She desires to engage with fans through fan signs, meetings, and conversations.
– Her eyesight is not very good.
– According to her, the secret to their popularity is that people like the difference between their on-stage personas and off-stage personalities. (The Star Magazine)
– On Girls Planet 999, her motto was “Unexpected ‘No-Exit’ charms! A master of aegyo more refreshing than lemon.”
– Her goal for Kep1er is to win the rookie award. (POPKORN POPTIME)
– She is close with Gugudan’s Jang Sojin and KARA’s Nicole.
– She wants to be a singer who always develops. (2022 AAA)
– The program she wants to go on from her home country (Korea) is “Running Man”.
– A question she always receives when she tells people that she is a K-pop idol is asking if another idol is pretty in real life.
– Bahiyyih said that Yujin needs to be told to clean up. (Harper’s BAZAAR Korea)
– Her three treasured items are “ring”, “headphone”, “Kep1er and Kep1ian”.
– Actress Jenna Ortega, known for “Wednesday”, said that Yujin is her favourite Korean celebrity. (Source)
– Kep1er is like a family-like existence to her.
– Being with the members makes her stronger and gives her strength.


– Before CLC, she used to be a backup dancer for G.NA
– She debuted as a member of CLC on March 19, 2015 with first mini album “First Love”
– Her contestant profile was released on July 17 for Girls Planet 999.
– She was ranked 3rd on GP999.
– On March 29, 2016, she made her acting debut as Cheon Yu-na in the web drama “Nightmare Teacher”.
– Her acting roles include Yoo Jin in Green Fever, Chun Yoo Na in Nightmare Teacher as a guest, and a guest appearance as Han Hyun Ah (Hyun Min’s sister) in So Not Worth It.
– She scored 915,722 points in the GP999 finals.
– She left Cube Entertainment in 2022.
– She appeared in BTOB’s “Beep Beep” MV.
– She debuted as a leader of Kep1er on January 3rd, 2020, with mini album “First Impact”.

Likes & Dislikes

– She enjoys mint chocolate, her phone, summer, cool weather, dipping sauce, phone calls, the sea, and fried chicken.
– Her favourite things include Kep1er, fans, family, friends, eating, and puppies.
– She adores the colours purple and white.
– Puppies and rabbits are her favourite animals.
– Yujin likes to walk.
– Her favourite Jpop song is “SAKURA” by ikimono-gakari.
– Her favourite Cpop song is “Little Apple” by Chopsticks Brothers. (JAYKEEOUT)

Food Preferences

– Her top three favourite foods are chicken feet, ramen, and cake.
– Her favourite food at highway rest stops is “Sotteok Sotteok”.
– When it comes to food, she favours pizza over hamburgers.
– Her favourite drink is strawberry ade.
– She really likes chicken feet.
– Her favourite bubble tea is brown sugar.

Instagram: utokki
TikTok: utokki0

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