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LUN8 Members and Group Profile

LUN8 Members

LUN8 is a South Korean 8-member K-pop boy group that debuted on June 15, 2023, with the mini album, “CONTINUE?” under Fantagio Entertainment. The group members consist of Junwoo, Jieunho, Jinsu, Ian, Takuma, Dohyeon, Eunseop, and Chael.

LUN8 Profile

Debut: 15 June 2023
Active Years: 2023–present
Lun8 Members: Junwoo, Jieunho, Jinsu, Ian, Takuma, Dohyeon, Eunseop, Chael
Genre: Hip-hop/Kpop
Status: Active
Label: Fantagio Entertainment
Oldest Member: Chael
Youngest Member: Eunseop
Fandom Name: N/A
Type: Kpop Boy Group

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Lun8 Facts:

– LUN8 is the first and only boy group under Fantagio Entertainment to debut with a foreign member.
– LUN8 is the second group to debut after ASTRO.
– JINSU is the group’s leader and main vocalist.
– The group’s name, LUN8 means “eight boys that brighten the dark world with their moonlight”.
– IAN, the group’s member, participated in I-LAND, the same reality show from which ENHYPEN was formed.
– LUN8 is launching seven long years after ASTRO debuted in 2016.
– They released their first music video for the song “Wild Heart” on June 15, 2023.

Social Media Handles

Twitter: LUN8_members (members) | LUN8_official | LUN8_JP (Japan)
YouTube: LUN8_Official
TikTok: lun8_official
Kakao Channel: _SMxoxcxj
Facebook: LUN8Official
Instagram: lun8_official

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

LUN8 Members Profile

1. JINSU Member Profile

JINSU (LUN8 Members)

Stage Name: JINSU (진수)
Birth Name: Park Jinsu (박진수)
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: February 5, 2003
Active Years: 2023–present
Age 21 (in Apr 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 185cm (6.08ft)
Weight: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: B

JINSU Facts:

– There’s always a medicine kit for emergencies in JINSU’s bag.
– JINSU often gets headaches if he doesn’t eat anything sweet.
– His MBTI switches between ESFJ and ISFJ.
– His primary objective has been to become a singer ever since he can remember.
– He wants his fans to chant sentences like “I miss you” and “You sing very well.”
– His most charming quality is his kindness.
– He was introduced as “Pick&Roll” in his Identity film.
– Since he has a sweet tooth, he enjoys packing a lot of treats.
– The rolling papers he got for his birthday are something he treasures.
– His favorite candy is chocolate.
– He enjoys singing, playing the piano, and other hobbies related to music.
– He practices “Bambi” by BAEKHYUN in his private singing voice lesson.
– His motto is “To me, everyone is precious”.
– JINSU was the fourth LUN8 member to be announced on April 6, 2023, following Takuma.
– His weird habit is carrying chopsticks and wet tissues “just in case”.
– He has weak stamina so he has to carry medicines.
– JINSU’s goal as a member of LUN8 is to show the world everything he has to offer and to be proud of himself because he has spent the last three and a half years preparing for his debut.
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2. CHAEL Member Profile

CHAEL (LUN8 Members)

Stage Name: CHAEL (카엘)
Birth Name: Im Junyeop (임준엽)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: December 7, 2001
Active Years: 2023–present
Age 22 (in Apr 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 186cm (6’1 ft)
Weight: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: B

CHAEL Facts:

– CHAEL doesn’t like plain water, so he commonly doesn’t drink water.
– He likes the 1MILLION youtube channel, and he likes the choreographer VATA.
– His family consists of his parents and younger siblings.
– He was presented as Lay-up Shoot in his identity film.
– He is a fan of Kai (EXO).
– He wanted to pursue a career in singing since elementary school.
– CHAEL colour test revealed that he has warm and cool tones.
– He is the oldest among Lun8 members.
– He is an ENFP.
– He was the sixth Lun8 member to be announced on April 10, 2023, following Kim Eunseop.
– He loves cats; they are his favourite animal, and he likes to play with them.
– “Don’t be ill”, “I’m glad to have you”, “let’s be together forever”, and I love you” are some of the messages he hopes to hear from his followers.
– Working out and having an active imagination are his specialities.
– He enjoys sweets just like JINSU does.
– CHAEL’s motto is “Let’s have a beautiful and magnificent life, always choose happiness.”
– His preferred accessories are pearls, especially pearl necklaces.
– Cat-related animals, accessories, apparel, jewellery, headwear, beanies, jelly, and photography are among his favourite things.
– He and his best friend are in his laptop’s background image.
– Beanies are one of his favourite clothing items, and he owns many of them.
– CHAEL enjoys the notes TAKUMA and his younger brothers have sent him.
– His most priceless possessions are a necklace made by his younger sibling and a shirt he received from his grandmother.
– He likes the most recent fashions.
– He enjoys iced tea.
– He likes painting, running, playing video games, and window shopping in his spare time.
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3. TAKUMA Member Profile

TAKUMA (LUN8 Members)

Stage Name: Takuma (タクマ / 타쿠마)
Birth Name: Sato Takuma (佐藤タクマ / 사토 타쿠마)
Position: Dancer, Visual
Birthday: August 5, 2003
Active Years: 2023–present
Age 54 (in Apr 2024)20 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Nationality: Japanese
Blood Type: B


– TAKUMA is an ISFP.
– He was introduced as “Run&Gun” in his identity film.
– He speaks Korean and Japanese fluently.
– He discovered his love of music during his first year in middle school.
– Ramen, pig belly, and Budae-jjigae, a type of Korean stew, are some of his favorite foods.
– He is a gamer and loves playing games.
– His hobbies include shopping, listening to soothing tunes, going to the movies, and taking walks by the Han River.
– On April 5, 2023, he was introduced as the third member of Lun8.
– His favourite colour is purple.
– He loves to eat ramen a lot so his manager gave him a ramen recipe book.
– TAKUMA likes to eat ramen and his parents run a ramen restaurant.
– He likes going to the beach.
– He has a 4D personality.
– He uses his Nintendo Switch to play games when he’s having a hard time or is feeling down.
– His happiest memory is of the time he first arrived in South Korea and began his trainee days.
– He believes LUN8 will win a Billboard award, take on a Dome tour, win the Rookie award, and mature into a group that can carry out any concept.
– He enjoys developing his skills.
– He saw BTS perform “Not Today” during a concert he went to with his mother, and this gave him the idea to pursue singing as a profession.
– His motto is “The direction, not the speed, is what counts most.”
– He enjoys playing video games based on “The Legend of Zelda”.
– He cherishes a picture that was taken of him and ASTRO’S CHA EUNWOO.
– TAKUMA would love to hear comments from his fans such as “Marry me,” “He’s so cool,” “Cute,” and “He’s so charming.”
– As a member of LUN8, he hopes to display a range of charms in the future and believes that the artists will develop.
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4. JUNWOO Member Profile

JUNWOO (LUN8 Members)

Stage Name: JUNWOO (준우)
Birth Name: Shim Junwoo (심준우)
Position: Lead Dancer
Birthday: September 21, 2003
Active Years: 2023–present
Age 54 (in Apr 2024)20 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 184 cm (6’0ft)
Weight: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A


– JUNWOO has a habit of carry throat medicine in his bag.
– He has an ESTJ MBTI type.
– His mottos are “Let’s never give up” and “Let’s stay healthy!”
– He was introduced as “Big Shoot” in his IDENTITY film.
– He desires to hear “I love you” and “Junwoo, you tore up the stage” from his fans.
– He was the second member of Lun8 to be officially known on April 4, 2023.
– As a member of LUN8, he wants to give it everything he’s got and make sure the audience is ready for anything the group has in store.
– He loves sweets and always carries a lot of snacks and sweets.
– JUNWOO wanted to be a singer himself and would spend countless hours watching his superiors perform on music show broadcasts.
– His endearing quality is his bright, happy approach.
– He has a habit of eating Korean medicine MULBERRY everyday.
– He started dancing as a consequence of his mother’s support.
– His hobbies include dancing, working out, and playing video games.
– He also keeps food and sweets with him because he enjoys them.
– JUNWOO would take his hot packs, cell phone, and snacks if he were to get stranded on an island.
– His specialities involve making belly waves and blowing smoke out of his mouth.
– He likes eating beef and spending time with his family.
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5. DOHYUN Member Profile

DOHYUN (LUN8 Members)

Stage Name: DOHYUN (도현)
Birth Name: Park Dohyun (박도현)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: October 23, 2003
Active Years: 2023–present
Age 54 (in Apr 2024)20 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 180 cm (5’11ft)
Weight: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A/B


– DOHYUN began his career as a trainee after being discovered on the streets.
– Multivitamins, a navy blue scarf, and lip balm are the only three items he says he would bring with him if he were stranded on an island.
– He has a habit of frequently licking his lips, so he always carries lip balm.
– He wants his fans to scream and use phrases like “Wow….(AMAZING)”.
– For the past two years, DOHYUN has read “The Grace of Communication” daily. He loves reading this book.
– His favorite color is beige.
– He has loved KPOP since he was a little child, which is why he has always listened to music and watched music shows nearly every day.
– He is skilled in speaking English and gathering information.
– When his parents are pleased and proud of him, he feels great and proud of himself.
– On his first day at the workplace, as he was practising, he dropped his IPAD and broke it.
– DOHYUN is chosen as the member who frequently misplaces important objects.
– His list of favorite things includes milk tea, clothing, and desserts.
– He loves and cherishes his Airpods.
– One of his hobbies is looking up information online.
– He was the eighth and final LUN8 member unveiled on April 12, 2023.
– He carries IAN and JI EUN HO, a priceless photograph of himself, in his bag.
– He wants those who support him to look forward to the LUN8 group’s appearance.
– His MBTI type is INTJ.
– “Don’t rush and never stop” is his motto.
– In his identifying film, he made his debut as “Free Throw”.
– DOHYUN and IAN like making their room look nice.
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6. IAN Member Profile

IAN (LUN8 Members)

Stage Name: IAN (이안)
Birth Name: Noh Sungchul (노성철)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: December 11, 2003
Active Years: 2023–present
Age 54 (in Apr 2024)20 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 175cm (5’8 ft)
Weight: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: B

IAN’S Facts:

– His charming points are his soothing voice, uncommon looks, and moderate demeanour.
– Senior idols act as his source of improvement and inspiration.
– IAN wants people who love him to yell and shout, “You’re mine!” at him.
– His favourite activities are dancing, cooking Korean food, and wearing clothes.
– Every day, he walks around with six beanies and six caps.
– He is skilled in soccer and playing the hand flute.
– He participated in MNET’s survival show I-LAND.
– On April 3, 2023, he was revealed as the first member of Lun8.
– He is an ESFJ.
– He was born in Dongjak Seoul, South Korea.
– Since he enjoys peaceful pop music, LAUV is his favourite music artist to listen to while walking.
– Being anxious about filming the “What’s in my bag video” led to him staying up late and organizing his belongings.
– IAN was first presented as the Buzzer Beater in his IDENTITY FILM.
– DO HYUN and IAN both enjoy making their dorm rooms seem nice.
– His interests include walking and shopping.
– Sunglasses and perfume are his two favourite items to carry.
– His “What’s in – bag?” video was uploaded on their official YouTube channel on 24, May 2023.
– When he feels depressed and feels that he isn’t doing enough in the practice room, he puts on sunglasses. His confidence is boosted through his sunglasses.
– The concert featuring Astro’s Moonbin and Sanha was what inspired and motivated him to become an idol.
– He dreamed of becoming a football player from the age of eight to sixteen years old.
– His motto is “What matters most is the direction, not the speed”.
– IAN uses the most Band-Aids and medication.
– His goal as a LUN8 member is to give LUN8 his all and create outstanding work in the process.
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7. JI EUN-HO Member Profile

JI EUNHO (LUN8 Members)

Stage Name: JI EUNHO (지은호)
Birth Name: Lee Sangmin (이상민)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: May 21, 2005
Active Years: 2023–present
Age 54 (in Apr 2024)16 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 183 cm (6’0ft)
Weight: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O


– His MBTI type is ENTP.
– When he had the chance to audition on the street in middle school, he decided to pursue his dream of being famous by becoming a singer.
– JI EUNHO likes the smell of his bed.
– He was the eighth Lun8 member to be revealed on April 11, 2023.
– He likes backpacks since they have so many pockets.
– Hobbies include taking walks, watching YouTube videos, and playing video games.
– acting, and having a super charming demeanor.
– He wants to work very hard for his fans and Lun8 members.
– JI EUNHO enjoys wearing four perfumes, which include seductive, stylish, and refreshing scents.
– “Let’s have fun, Nothing in the world is eternal “is his motto.
– In the scenario, if he were to get lost on an island, he would carry his scarf and perfumes.
– His favorite item is his backpack.
– He was introduced as “Fast Break” in his identity film.
– His friendly nature is his charming point.
– Specialities: acting, ridiculously adorable persona.
– On Christmas, DOHYUN gave him a scarf, which was perfect because EUNHO needed one.
– JI EUNHO wants to hear “You’re so awesome,” “So cool,” and “I miss you,” from his fans.
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8. EUNSEOP Member Profile

EUNSEOP (LUN8 Members)

Stage Name: EUNSEOP (은섭)
Birth Name: Kim Eunseop (김은섭)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: June 18, 2006
Active Years: 2023–present
Age 54 (in Apr 2024)17 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 185 cm (6’1ft)
Weight: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O


– He has an ESFP MBTI type.
– EUNSEOP always travels with sunblock and moisturizer.
– In his everyday backpack, he carries three different hand creams.
– He carries a small hair iron for self-care in his luggage.
– His IDENTITY FILM introduced him as “Bank Shoot”.
– He was the fifth LUN8 member to be announced on April 7, 2023.
– One of his specialities is the ability to make anything he consumes appear appetizing.
– He likes to hear compliments from his fans which are “You’re so cool,” “You’re so adorable,” and “I love you.”
– EUNSEOP feels the coolest when he performs a song he’s practiced as well as he expected.
– His interests include playing video games, reading webcomics, watching YouTube videos, and listening to music.
– He is also called ‘Giant Baby’.
– One of his charms is his clean skin tone.
– He loves to sing, sleep, and eat blueberries.
– Ji Eunho gave him a keychain for Christmas.
– EUNSEOP enjoys snacking on food and desserts.
– If he were stranded on an island, he would bring chocolates, warm packs, and konjac jelly.
– He is hoping to have supporters for LUN8.
– As a member of LUN8, his objective is to work hard with others and develop personally.
– He has many hot packs on hand for chilly winter days he has a lot of hot packs on hand.
– EUNSEOP’s mottos are “Let’s do it right,” and “Let’s do it once and not look back”.
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