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DOHYUN (LUN8) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Dohyun(도현) is a South Korean Kpop singer, and a member of the boy group LUN8 that is yet to make its debut on June 15, 2023, with the mini album, ‘CONTINUE?‘ under FANTAGIO Entertainment.

Stage Name: DOHYUN (도현)
Birth Name: Park Dohyun (박도현)
Occupation: Rapper
Birthday: October 23, 2003
Active Years: 2023–present
Age 20 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 180 cm (5’11ft)
Weight: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A/B

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– INTJ is his MBTI type.
– His motto is, “Don’t rush and never stop”.
– He was introduced as Free Throw in his identity film.
– DOHYUN and IAN love decorating their room.
– He was the last member (8th) to be revealed on 12 April 2023.
– His most protected item is his AirPods, he never loses them.
– He is voted to be the member that loses his things a lot which are mostly expensive items ironically, in LUN8.
– DOHYUN has read “The Grace of Communication” every day for the past two years. It’s his favourite book.
– His favourite items list includes milk tea, clothes and sweets desserts.
– One of his hobbies includes searching for random things on the internet.
– He carries his valued picture of him, IAN AND JI EUN HO in his bag.
– He has adored KPOP ever since he was a kid, which is the reason he always watched music shows almost every day.
– His specialities include speaking English and finding new information.
– He feels proud and amazing of himself when his parents are happy and proud of him.
– He was scouted on the streets and started his trainee life.
– DOHYUN likes the beige color.
– He said that if he was stranded on an island, the only three things he would be taking with him are multivitamins, a navy blue scarf and lip balm.
– Lip balm is an essential part of his skincare routine since he has a habit of licking his lips a lot.
– He wants his fans to shout and say sentences like, “Wow….(AMAZING)”.
– He broke his IPAD on his first day at the company as he was practicing and dropped it.
– DOHYUN wants his fans to look forward to their group, LUN8’s, debut.

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