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Minho (8TURN) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Minho 8TURN

Minho (민호) is South Korean singer and member of the boy group 8TURN that debuted on January 30, 2023 with the mini album “8TURNRISE” under MHN Entertainment.

Stage Name: Minho (민호)
Birth Name: Yang Minho (양민호)
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: October 14, 2002
Age 21 (in May 2024)
Active Years: 2022–present
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 179 cm (5’10½”)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A

Minho Facts:

– He is the vocalist in the group “8TURN.
– He went to Guseong Middle School.
– He graduated from Bojeong High School.
– He is nicknamed “mingmingi” because of his gentle personality.
– His motto is “Let’s live kindly”.
– Yang Minho is known as the “mom” of the group.
– Recently, he has developed an interest in variety shows and composing.
– If he won the lottery, he would give half of the winnings to his parents and use the rest to buy a car for solo traveling.
– His family consists of his parents and sister.
– His favorite color is blue.
– Among all the ramens, He likes the raccoon ramen.
– His favorite snack in winter is hotteok.
– His most cherished treasure is his family.
– A moment he will never forget is receiving his first letter from his father, which happened during their Mnet debut show.
– He likes to drink taro milk tea.
– His favorite ice cream flavor is passion fruit ice cream.
– His charming point is his cuteness.
– One of his standout qualities is the contrast between his pure and cheerful image offstage and his powerful dance skills and charismatic expressions onstage.
– When asked to describe himself in five characters, he chose “eye smile prince”.
– He dislikes impolite people.
– He has a preference for cute and nice things.
– He revealed that he has a habit of reading articles and news on Naver.
– He doesn’t like to drink lattes because he has a lactose intolerance.
– In 10 years’ time, he envisions himself as a cool artist and someone others can learn from.
– His representative emojis are 👾 / 🐹.
– He uses Illeism and has a habit of saying “Hyung will…”.
– He prefers puff cream taiyaki over red bean taiyaki.
– He doesn’t like mint chocolate.
– Shopping and reading are among his hobbies.
– Gaming and taekwondo are his specialties.
– He often says the phrase “oh my goodness”.
– He doesn’t like chocolates because they are too sweet.
– His MBTI personality type is INFJ-T (he previously had an ENFJ result).
– On October 11, 2022, he was announced as a member of the group 8TURN.
– His favorite cafe drink is ashatchu.
– He has tried many sports including, taekwondo, judo, kendo, and boxing.
– One of his responsibilities is taking care of the members when they’re sick.
– He and Yoongsung have given themselves the nickname “Daengdaengz”.

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