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Puzzle Members

PUZZLE (퍼즐) is a seven-member Korean-Japanese project girl group under Good Choice Entertainment. The group members are Sulhee, Chaerin, Honoka, Mizuki, Yeonseo, Wony, and Roko. They debuted on November 20, 2023 with the digital single “I”.

Puzzle Profile

Debut November 20, 2023
Active Years 2023–present
Puzzle Members Sulhee, Chaerin, Honoka, Mizuki, Yeonseo, Wony, and Roko
Genre Pop/Dance
Status Active
Label Good Choice Entertainment
Oldest Member Sulhee
Youngest Member Roko
Former Member N/A
Fandom Name N/A

Puzzle Facts:

– The group is made up of members of different K-pop and J-pop groups.
– Sulhee and Chaerin are from 1CHU, a subunit of HEY GIRLS.
– Yeonseo and Wony are from the Korean girl group We;Na.
– Mizuki and Roko from the Japanese group Secret School.
– The group’s name means that various colors (members) come together to form a complete new entertainment.

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Instagram: info_puzzle
Twitter: infopuzzle
TikTok: asianz_dancers_puzzle

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Puzzle Members Profile

1. Sulhee

Sulhee Puzzle
Stage Name Sulhee (설희)
Birth Name N/A
Position Leader, Main Vocalist
Birthday March 8, 1998
Active Years 2019–present
Age 25 (in Mar 2023)
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A
Representative Emoji Cherry (🍒)

Sulhee Facts:

– Sulhee was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– She enjoys playing sports.
– She loves eating sushi and her favorite drinks are sports drinks.
– She plays the piano very well.
– She doesn’t watch horror movies.
– When she used to live with her family, she wasn’t allowed to travel to far places.
– She prefers spring among other seasons.
– She also write lyrics in PUZZLE
– Her nicknames are Snow White, Short Hair Goddess, Sultato (a combination of her name and a potato).
– She admires her fans a lot. She once said that she would marry them.
– She has a passionate and enthusiastic personality.
– She has a good sense of style.
– She loves the baby powder scent.
– She looks up to Taeyeon.

Instagram: l0ve_blo0m_4

2. Chaerin

Chaerin Puzzle
Stage Name Chaerin (채린)
Birth Name N/A
Position Rapper, Main Dancer
Birthday June 26, 2003
Active Years 2020–present
Age 20 (in June 2023)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type B
Representative Emoji Rabbit (🐰)

Chaerin Facts:

– Chaerin was born in South Korea.
– She loves the color Pink.
– Her inspiration is Joy from Red Velvet. She likes her voice and smile.
– Her favorite cartoon character is Hello Kitty.

Instagram: _judy_626_

3. Honoka

Honoka Puzzle
Stage Name Honoka (호노카)
Birth Name Hoshimiya Honoka (星宮ほのか)
Position Main dancer
Birthday December 19, 2003
Active Years 2022–present
Age 20 (in Dec 2023)
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Height 5’1” (156 cm)
Weight N/A
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type N/A
Representative Emoji Daisy (🌼)

Honoka Facts:

– Honoka was born in Nagasaki, Japan.
– She is a big fan of BLACKPINK and Kep1er.
– She is friends with Japanese girl groups like Tokyo CuteCute, Chu-Z, Waltetto, and Kimi Towa.
– She loves “Kuromi” from the cartoon Sanrio.
– Roko is teaching her Korean.
– She is very passionate about dancing.

Instagram: ss___honoka
Twitter: SS___honoka
TikTok: ss___honoka

4. Mizuki

Mizuki Puzzle
Stage Name Mizuki (みずき)
Birth Name N/A
Position Visual
Birthday August 9, 2004
Active Years 2022-present
Age 19 (in Aug 2023)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height 5’4” (165 cm)
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A
Representative Emoji Butterfly ( 🦋)

Mizuki Facts:

– Mizuki was born in Tokyo, Japan.
– She is also the social media manager of the group.
– She loves making her fans happy on stage.
– She is competitive and hates losing.
– She is also a model.
– She knows how to drive a car.
– She has a tongue piercing.
– She has been a food reporter in a newspaper. She reviewed the jerk chicken.
– She is very active on X with her fans.
– She is close with Luna from Chu-Z and the members of Japanese girl group Waltetto.
– She takes her singing and dancing lessons very seriously.

Instagram: ss___mizuki
Twitter: SS___mizuki
TikTok: ss___mizuki

5. Yeonseo

Yeonseo Puzzle
Stage Name Yeonseo (연서)
Birth Name Ryu Yeonseo (류연서)
Position N/A
Birthday September 26, 2004
Active Years 2021–present
Age 19 (in Sep 2023)
Zodiac Sign Libra
Height 5’2” (158 cm)
Weight 45 kg (99 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A
Representative Emoji Chick (🐤)

Yeonseo Facts:

– Yeonseo was born in South Korea.
– She and Wony are signed under RBC Amusement.
– She can make anyone smile with her laugh.
– She loves reading, photography and arts and crafts.
– She wants to perform in other countries.
– She is a fan of the group Seventeen.
– She looks up to Ariana Grande.

Instagram: ryuyeon_seo

6. Wony

Wony Puzzle
Stage Name Wony (원이)
Birth Name Ahn Seungwon (안승원)
Position Vocalist
Birthday October 4, 2004
Active Years 2020–present
Age 19 (in Oct 2023)
Zodiac Sign Libra
Height 5’1” (155 cm)
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A
Representative Emoji Cat (🐱)

Wony Facts:

– Wony was born in South Korea.
– She loves sleeping.
– She looks up to Eunji from Apink.
– She has good reflexes.
– She and Yeonseo are signed under RBC Amusement.
– She was inspired by her cousin to become a soloist but she chose to become an idol instead.
– She loves working out.
– Roko is teaching her Japanese.

7. Roko

Roko Puzzle
Stage Name Roko (ロコ)
Birth Name Misaki Roko (岬ロコ)
Position Main Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday October 8, 2005
Active Years 2022–present
Age 18 (in Oct 2023)
Zodiac Sign Libra
Height 5’0” (153 cm)
Weight N/A
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type N/A
Representative Emoji Dog (🐶)

Roko Facts:

– Roko was born in Osaka, Japan.
– She is fluent in Korean and Japanese.
– She is close with the Japanese girl group Tokyo CuteCute.
– She is teaching Wony Japanese.
– According to these members she has a bright personality.
– Her nickname is “Strongest maknae”.

Instagram: ss___roko
Twitter: SS___roko
TikTok: ss___roko

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