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Xdinary Heroes Members Profile & Facts

Xdinary Heroes Members

Xdinary Heroes members are Gunil, Jungsu, Gaon,, Jun Han, and Jooyeon. The 6-member K-pop boy band debuted on December 6th, 2021, with the single “Happy Death Day“ under STUDIO J, a sub-label of JYP Entertainment.

Xdinary Heroes Profile

DebutDecember 6, 2021
Active Years2021–present
Xdinary Heroes MembersGunil, Jungsu, Gaon,, Jun Han, Jooyeon
GenreRock, metal, pop punk
LabelSTUDIO J, sub-label of JYP Entertainment
Oldest MemberGeonil
Youngest MemberJooyeon
Former MemberN/A
Fandom NameVillains (빌런즈)

Xdinary Heroes Facts:

– Xdinary Heroes is a short form of “Extra Ordinary Heroes” which means that anyone can become a hero.
– They are the first boy group of JYP who debuted after 6 years of DAY6. (NEWS).
– They are under Divison 3 of JYP, mostly known as Studio J. (REDDIT).
– Their motto is “We are all Heroes”. (TheKoreaTimes).
– They consists of one drummer, two keyboardists, two guitarists, and one bassist. (KoreaHerald)
– Xdinary Heroes’s distributor is Dreamus.
– Their debut title track “Happy Death Day” mocks people who grin and extend words of congratulations in front of others during a birthday party but change their facial expressions when they turn around.
– Xdinary Heroes lightstick is “Flat Bong”.
– They have won the Male Rookie Award and Best Band Performance.
– The members joined the company in order;, Jooyeon, Gunhil, Gaon, and Jun Han. Jungsu was revealed through a trainee showcase.

Major Works:

– Some of their major works include “Happy Death Day”, “Strawberry Cake”, and “Good Enough”.

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Instagram: xdinaryheroes_official
Youtube: Xdinary Heroes
Twitter: XH_official
TikTok: xheroes_official
Facebook: XdinaryHeroes

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Xdinary Heroes Members Profile

1. Gunil

Gunil Xdinary Heroes
Stage NameGunil (건일)
Birth NameGoo Gun Il (구건일)
BirthdayJuly 24th, 1998
Active Years2021–present
Age25 (in 2024)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Blood TypeB

Gunil Facts:

– He went to Roy C. Ketcham High School.
– He has skills in taking pictures, speaking English and snowball fighting.
– For him, the main theme in the album Overload is “fighting with one’s fear and anxiety”. (Consequence)
– He’s been listening to Muse and watching their live performances ever since he was a kid.
– His ritual before going on stage is to pray. (allkpop)
– He’d be thrilled to work with Twenty One Pilots.
– He feels that dark hair suits him best and plans to colour it blue in the future. (Kpopwise)
– His personal hashtags are #sentimental #beautiful_world #serious_about_MBTI.
– He lived 10 years in the USA.
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Youtube: KeunilKoo

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2. Jungsu

Jungsu Xdinary Heroes
Stage NameJungsu (정수)
Birth NameKim Jung Su (김정수)
OccupationSinger, songwriter, musician
BirthdayJune 26th, 2001
Active Years2021–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height178 cm (5’10”)
Blood TypeA

Jungsu Facts:

– Jungsu’s Chinese zodiac sign is Snake.
– His hashtag is #dongdu.
– Some of his skills are learning things quickly, eating and laughing well. (TWITTER)
– His favourite track is “Zzz..” from the album Overload. (Consequence)
– He enjoys making his own rules, such as “clothes must be organized by colour,” “you must wear these pants or outerwear with this top,” and “hamburgers must be eaten with cola, meat must be eaten with cider.” (Naver)
– He loves Joker because he likes villains with backstories. (Kpopwise)
– His motto is “Never be satisfied.
– His training period is 3 years.
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3. Gaon

Gaon Xdinary Heroes
Stage NameGaon (가온)
Birth NameKwak Ji Seok (곽지석)
OccupationRapper, singer, songwriter, musician
BirthdayJanuary 14th, 2002
Active Years2021–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height171 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Blood TypeO

Gaon Facts:

– He can play electric guitar.
– “X-MAS” is the most loved track by Gaon because he believes it’s very catchy. (Consequence)
– He sips water and gargles with it before going on stage to keep his throat moist. (allkpop)
– He likes the idea of being a villain if he was an action movie star. (KBS World)
– His hashtags are #gaon and #Baon.
– He has 6 years of experience learning swimming.
– He was one of Gunhil’s YT channel subscribers.
– He’s roommates with
– He seems to be the member who eats spicy food the best.
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4. Xdinary Heroes
Stage (오드)
Birth NameOh Seung Min (오승민)
OccupationRapper, singer, musician
BirthdayJune 11th, 2002
Active Years123–present
Age21 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height177 cm (5’9″)
Blood TypeA

– For him, his favourite track is “Crack in the Mirror”. (Consequence)
– His ambition is to keep composing music until he is completely exhausted. (allkpop)
– If given the opportunity, he would like to perform on stage in the KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) in Seoul.
– He’d like to experiment with black hair with highlights. (Kpopwise)
– likes the villain Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad”.
– According to Jooyeon, is a great homebody. (DEBUT SHOWCASE)
– He’s confident in sports like long-running. (TWITTER)
– He passed his audition for JYP in late 2019.
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5. Jun Han

Jun Han Xdinary Heroes
Jun Han
Stage NameJun Han (준한)
Birth NameHan Hyung Jun (한형준)
OccupationSinger, musician
BirthdayAugust 18, 2002
Active Years2021–present
Age21 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height170 cm (5’7″)
Blood TypeO

Jun Han Facts:

– He attended Soul Tree Practical Music Academy.
– His favourite track is “X-MAS” among all the tracks in the album Overload. (Consequence)
– It wasn’t until the band’s performance in Thailand that he realized he was a “performer on stage”.
– His ultimate goal is to perform solo on one of Polyphia’s albums
– He wanted to work as a backstage supporter rather than a frontman before debuting. (XQXA).
– He resembles STRAY KIDSHan and DAY 6’s Young K.
– His role model is MIYAVI.
– He started playing music after accidentally hearing a song that said, ‘Music as a career is not difficult and fun.’ (DEBUT SHOWCASE INTERVIEW)
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6. Jooyeon

Jooyeon Xdinary Heroes
Stage NameJooyeon (주연)
Birth NameLee Joo Yeon (이주연)
OccupationSinger, rapper, musician
BirthdaySeptember 12th, 2002
Active Years2021–present
Age21 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height176 cm (5’9″)
Blood TypeO

Jooyeon Facts:

– He was in Dunchon High School.
– He likes the song “Ghost” in the Overload album. (Consequence)
– The facial features Jooyeon is most proud of include the area between his eyebrows, and his sharp jawline (Soompi)
– If given the opportunity, Jooyeon would like to grow his hair all the way down to his waist. (Kpopwise)
– He likes witty villains like Loki from Marvel comics.
– He originally played guitar and sang in the band. (Radio Show)
– He is Xdinary Heroes’ “Energizer”.
– His skills are being athletic and being great at learning. (TWITTER)
– His favourite hero is Hulk.
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