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Seeun (STAYC) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Seeun (세은) is a South Korean K-pop singer and a member of the girl group STAYC under High Up Entertainment.

Seeun Profile

Stage Name: Seeun (세은)
Birth Name: Yoon Se Eun (윤세은)
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: June 14, 2003
Active Years: 2022–present
Age 20 (in Apr 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
Weight: na
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A

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Seeun Facts

Early Life

– Seeun is from Pyeongtaek, South Korea.
– She went to Pyeongtaek Seongdong Elementary School.
– She attended Hankwang Girls’ Middle School and graduated from Kyunghil High School.
– During her childhood, she worked as a child actress under Kiara Entertainment.

Personal Life

– Seeun has two pet cats named “Ritchie” and “Yulmoo”.
– Her family consists of her parents, a younger brother (born in 2005) and an older sister.
– She wants to try a cool concept wearing a suit, similar to Girls’ Generation’s Mr.Mr.
– Her hobbies include listening to music, building miniature houses, and collecting stickers.
– Her official spirit animal is the desert fox.
– She regrets not having more acting experience as a child actor and would like to play a role like Rachel in the drama The Heirs.
– Seeun is left-handed.
– Her English name is Cherry.
– She would like to be a drama script writer if she weren’t an idol.
– She would choose to be a track and field athlete if she were an athlete.
– She learned Janggu in kindergarten and practiced the flute for three months.
– In the group, her representative object is “light.”
– If granted three wishes by a genie, she would ask for 100 wishes, give the wishes to her parents, and enter the Billboard charts.
– Taeyeon (SNSD) is her role model.
– Her motto is “After I achieve my dreams, I’ll become someone else’s dream.”
– She trained alongside the members of WEEEKLY in the past.
– In the group, she is responsible for displaying aegyo (cute and charming behavior).
– She wants to try a part-time job at a convenience store, as it was her childhood dream.
– Her signature emoticon is 🦊 (fox). It is often used to represent her in official videos, although not officially decided.
– Seeun shares the room with Sieun, J, and Isa.
– Her nickname is Sseni.


– Seeun is the vocalist in the group “STAYC”.
– She was a former trainee at PlayM Entertainment, along with fellow member Sumin.
– She appeared in the dramas “Circle”, “The Guardians”, and “Shining Nara” in 2017.
– She was revealed as the third member of STAYC.
– Seeun joined High Up Entertainment in 2019.
– She was featured in “Ceci China” magazine in 2018 and “Oat” magazine in 2023.

Likes & Dislikes

– Seeun also loves dramas like If You Like It and You Who Came from the Stars, as well as Ghibli and Disney animations.
– Autumn is her favorite season.
– Mint-choco is her favorite flavor of ice cream.
– Her favorite words are ‘STAYC’ and ‘I love you.’
– She enjoys fantasy genre films.
– Olivia Rodrigo is her favorite artist.
– Her favorite film is “The Princess Diaries”.
– She doesn’t like that her nose is too big.
– She likes neck pole tees because they are warm.
– Seeun is scared of ghosts.
– Her favorite song by STAYC is “Like that”.
– Her favorite class time is PE (Physical Education) class.
– She likes blue color.

Food Preferences

– Seeun doesn’t like coffee due to its bitterness.
– Her favorite food is rice, and she wants to try doing an instant rice commercial.
– Her favorite bread is garlic bread.
– She likes peach-flavored Eclipse candies.
– She likes to eat Kimchi Stew and Gyochon’s fried chicken.
– She only eats soft peaches and dislikes spicy food.
– Her favorite Gongcha drink is taro milk tea with 70% sugar, less ice, and extra tapioca pearls.
– She likes mint chocolate and claims to be the leader of mint chocolate lovers.


– Seeun is skilled in running and playing the flute.
– She can imitate Mr.Puff’s vocal chords from SpongeBob.
– She is skilled at chopping wood with an axe.
– She finds memorizing choreography challenging.


– She has a habit of touching her forehead when she is dumbfounded.
– Her habit is making a clicking sound from her throat.
– Seeun has a habit of drinking water before going on stage.

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Genie | Bugs | Melon

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