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Sumin (STAYC) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Sumin (수민) is a South Korean K-pop singer, rapper and a member of the girl group STAYC under High Up Entertainment.

Sumin Profile

Stage Name: Sumin (수민)
Birth Name: Bae Su Min (배수민)
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: March 13, 2001
Active Years: 2022–present
Age 23 (in Apr 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 159 cm (5’3″)
Weight: na
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O


Sumin Facts

Early Life

– Sumin was born and hails from Pohang, North Gyeongsang in South Korea.
– She went to Pohang Idong Elementary School and Pohang Idong Middle School.
– She graduated from Kyungil High School.

Personal Life

– Her MBTI is ISFJ.
– If Sumin didn’t become an idol, she believes she would have been an office worker while pursuing her passion for cooking and running a mukbang (eating broadcast) YouTube channel on the side.
– Her role models are Girls’ Generation, BTS and Oh My Girl’s Hyojung.
– Her signature emoticon is 🐰, often used to represent her.
– She shares the same height as Sieun.
– During her free time, Sumin enjoys playing video games with Yoon.
– Her family has four pet cats “Dubu”, “Kong”, “Bizzy”, and Ankko”.
– She is the shortest member, standing at 159 cm tall, and often gets teased by the other members about her height.
– Her English Name is Isabelle.
– On her bucket list, Sumin has listed learning to box, mastering a musical instrument like the guitar or drums, and obtaining her driver’s license.
– If she could have any superpower, she would love to be able to become invisible.
– She had a childhood incident where a colored pencil got stuck in her nose during a tickling encounter, causing a nosebleed.
– If she were to become an athlete, she would choose to be a soccer player due to her strong thigh strength.
– Her hobbies include collecting body lotion, watching dramas, and reading books.
– She shares a close friendship with Suyun from Rocket Punch.
– She is the youngest in her family and has an older sister born in 1998.
– Her motto is “Don’t look at the trees, look at the forest.”
– She wants to befriend the members of KARD and Girls’ Generation.
– She finds pleasure in eating delicious food, watching movies, and playing with Yoon to change her mood.
– Sumin is the oldest member in STAYC.
– Her object in the group is represented by ‘water.’
– Yoon is her roommate in the dorm.


– Sumin is the vocalist, leader and rapper in the group “STAYC”.
– She appeared on many programs including “GOT7’s Youngjae’s best friend”, “STATION Z”, and “K-Pop Star Season 6 – The Last Chance”.
– She was revealed as the second member of the group.
– In 2016, Sumin had the opportunity to be an extra in a Puma commercial with BTS.
– During her training period, Sumin trained alongside the members of WEEEKLY.
– She auditioned for “Produce 48” but did not pass.
– She passed the auditions and became a High Up Entertainment trainee in 2018.
– She was a former trainee under Plan A Entertainment.
– She made an appearance in Huh Gak’s music video for the song “The Last Night.”
– She underwent training for a total of 5 years and 6 months.

Likes & Dislikes

– During her free time, Sumin enjoys watching figure skating.
– Her favorite song by STAYC is “Love Fool”.
– She would choose a life without MSG over a lifetime without social media.
– She prefers morning sleep over breakfast.
– Her preferred movies include Twilight, A Quiet Place, and Tazza: One-Eyed Jack.
– She likes the Autumn season.
– She likes pink and purple colors.
– She is afraid of bugs and also feels fearful of frogs.
– If given superpowers, she would prefer to have them alone.
– Elsa is her favorite Disney character.

Food Preferences

– She loves to eat pork rib hangover soup and corn.
– If Sumin had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of her life, it would be Ramyeon noodles.
– She favors Gongcha’s Pick chocolate milk tea with 200% sugar, less ice, and tapioca pearls as toppings.
– She wants to try Hawaiian pizza.
– She has allergies to milk, sweat, and heat.
– She loves to drink tea.
– Among sweets, Sumin enjoys Pepero the most.
– She enjoys Kyochon Chicken’s Honey Combo.
– “Stability” is her favorite word.


– Sumin has several nicknames including “Bae Leader”, “BaeSum” “Jasmine”, and “Toyangi” (rabbit + cat).
– She is fond of reading books and has earned the nickname “Sum Library”.


– She has difficulty pronouncing the Korean letter “Siot” (ㅅ).
– Sumin is skilled in making seaweed soup.
– She can perform an eyebrow wave.

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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