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Shuhua (G)I-DLE Profile, Bio, and Facts

Shuhua (G)I-DLE

Shuhua (슈화) is a Taiwanese singer, and a member of the girl group (G)I-DLE under Cube Entertainment.

Shuhua (G)I-DLE Profile

Stage NameShuhua (슈화)
Birth NameYeh Shuhua (葉舒華)
BirthdayJanuary 6, 2000
Active Years2018–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height5’3” (161 cm)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Shuhua (G)I-DLE Facts:

Early Life

– Shuhua was born in Taipei, Taiwan.
– She went to Bugang Kookmin Elementary School and Bugang Kookmin Middle School.
– She took a leave of absence from Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School (Department of Theater).
– She performed Crayon Pop’s “Bappa Bar” dance at a school festival.

Personal Life

– Shuhua is a middle child and has two sisters.
– Growing up in a strict family, she spent a lot of time at home and dreamed of becoming a celebrity while watching TV.
– According to the members, she has the best appetite in the group. 
– She has been a K-pop fan since her time in Taiwan and likes SHINee and Hyuna.
– She wants to have Minnie’s dreamy voice, height, and language skills. (W KOREA )
– Her most used phrase is “Unnie ya”. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– If she was reborn again she would want to be born as a dolphin or a teacher. (Mindset by DIVE Studios)
– If she could be any of her members for a day she would be Minnie.
– She said her most memorable moment after her debut was performing the intro for LION. (Marie Claire)
– Shuhua is a fan of the character Totoro and often carries a Totoro bag.
– She used to use Rose flavor perfumes but she has switched to baby powder-scented perfumes. (Ask Anything Chat
– She wants to have her own restaurant in the future.
– She has flat feets.
– She used to commute for an hour and a half to go to school.
– She wanted to become a singer because of HyunA.
– She has two heroes in her life, the first is her uncle who saved her when she almost drowned when she was young and the second person is a stranger who saved her from drowning. (Mindset by DIVE Studios)
– Shuhua would confidently tell her family that she would be on TV, practicing acting alone daily and imagining an audience in front of her.

– Her nicknames are “Chou”, “Jerry”, “Rabbit”, “Wolf” and “Princess”.
– Her first love was a boy who saved her by hitting a ball that flew towards her, and they still have contact.
– Due to her fair skin, she overheard other girls speculating that she had received a whitening injection.
– She did not appear in the pool scene of the i’M THE TREND music video due to her water phobia.
– Shuhua introduces herself as (G)I-dle’s visual maknae.
– She doesn’t speak about her younger sister and she never visited Korea. Only Taiwanese fans know and have seen her in person.
– She wants to collaborate with Ariana Grande. (103.5 KTU)
– Her English name is Susan Yeh.
– Her biggest lesson in life is to always believe in herself. (GRAMMYS)
– She has two pet dogs named Haku and Mata.
– In second grade, she secretly used her grandmother’s cosmetics to put on makeup but got into trouble when it wouldn’t come off.
– She chose to study theater because many of her favorite singers and actors came from theater majors.
– When asked about her future aspirations, she said, “I want to be a Superstar.”
– She used to share a room with Soojin.

Joining Cube Entertainment

– Shuhua was introduced to K-pop by her friends, which shifted her career aspirations from acting to singing while she was in middle school.
– In 2016, she accompanied her friends to audition for Cube Entertainment out of curiosity and auditioned with modern dance.
– Despite having many worries about going to another country at a young age, she ultimately decided to go to Korea to pursue her dreams, fearing bigger regrets if she didn’t.
– It is said that she cried a lot during her trainee days, and many members mentioned that she would comfort them when they cried.
– The hardest part of her trainee days was struggling to understand Korean.


– Shuhua is the vocalist, visual, and maknae of (G)I-DLE.
– She had a training period of one year and six months.
– She is the official visual member of (G)I-DLE.


– She appeared in the radio programs “IDOL RADIO” and “rumor children”.
– She appeared in the Rising Legends CUBE x SOOMPI Promotional Video.
– Before her debut, Shuhua appeared in 10CM’s music video for the song “Pet” alongside senior singer Yoo Seon-ho from the same agency.

Magazines & Endorsements

– She appeared in magazines “Beauty+”, and “Marie Claire” in 2020 and 2022.
– She was appointed as the muse for “Olive Young Colorgram” in 2023 and also appeared in their advertisement.
– Shuhua is a Rising Star Cosmetics Model.

Likes & Dislikes

– She enjoys playing games and internet shopping.
– She likes watching dramas and sleeping.
– She enjoys watching horror movies.
– Her favorite place in Seoul is “Seong-su”.
– Shuhua is a fan of ITZY, Apink, and Aespa.
– She does not like dyeing her hair or heavy makeup.
– She doesn’t like anything falling from the sky like rain, hail, or snow.
– She plays PUBG Mobile with Yuqi and is known for the loud gunshots and voices during their gaming sessions.
– She also likes Korean dramas.
– Her favorite fabric material is velvet.  (Cosmopolitan)

Food Preferences

– Her favorite foods are chocolate and fried pork.
– She does not eat soft-boiled eggs and prefers her eggs well-cooked.
– She doesn’t like eating strawberries, taro, egg yolk, and shrimp.
– Her and Yuqi’s go-to food delivery order is pasta. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– She enjoys ramen and fruit juice.
– She is alcohol intolerant.
– Shuhua has a unique way of eating cup noodles by boiling them in a pot before putting them back into the cup to eat.
– While she used to have a picky diet, she now enjoys eating vegetables.


– She is skilled in snowball fights. (Knowing Bros)
– Shuhua has a phobia of water, as she drowned twice as a child. She also has a fear of rivers and the sea.
– She can speak Korean and Chinese.
– She is afraid of fire, is intolerant to hot objects, and can’t properly use a lighter.
– She can cook seaweed soup really well. (Mindset by DIVE Studios)
– Among all the group members, she can sing the highest notes. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– Despite being born and raised in Taiwan, where traditional Chinese is used, she can recognize both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. (Vlive)

Personality & Habits

– She jokes around a lot with her members and is often seen chasing after them.
– According to Soojin, Shuhua has a 4D personality.
– When excited, her voice becomes very loud, and is nickname “Neverland’s eardrum buster.”
– She is known to have the most complicated skincare routine. (BuzzFeed Celeb) 
– She doesn’t like meeting new people because she is shy, and so she often avoids people.  (Mindset by DIVE Studios)
– She has a strong heart and is willing to take risks, such as bungee jumping and trying spicy food.
– According to the members, she and Miyeon sleep the most in the group. (SEVENTEEN)
– She doesn’t like when people touch her head even as a compliment.
– Her favorite thing about herself is that she is honest and confident. (Mindset by DIVE Studios)

Celebrity friends

– She is close with Tzuyu (Twice), Kang Hye-won (IZ*ONE), Shiyoon (Billlie), Chuu (ex. Loona), Elkie (CLC).
– She became friends with Sei from Weki Meki after Sei saw Shuhua’s interview and thought she was cool and contacted her first.
– She and G.I attended the same school and grew close after coming to Korea. They frequently meet up and support each other.

Social Media Handles
Instagram: yeh.shaa_

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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