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Sion (NCT Wish) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Sion NCT Wish

Sion (시온) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group NCT Wish under SM Entertainment.

Sion (NCT Wish) Profile

Stage NameSion (시온)
Birth NameOh Si On (오시온)
BirthdayMay 11, 2002
Active Years2023–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Blood TypeN/A

Sion (NCT Wish) Facts:

– Sion was born in Mokpo, South Korea.
– He went to Mokpo Aehyang Middle School.
– He later attended Mokpo Mariahoe High School but later transferred and graduated from Seoul Sejong High School.
– He is the leader and vocalist of NCT Tokyo
– He has a few nicknames which include Ocean, Wolf, and Iriozion.
– Sion’s MBTI type is INTJ.
– His one sentence to describe himself is a lot of personality prudence and rational laughter.
– His motto is to be a person who develops more tomorrow than today.
– His hobbies are reading books, finding good songs, watching anime and dramas, bowling, and having bread and coffee.
– He has been learning to play the drums and he said it helped him hear the music better while dancing. (NCT Lastart Ep1)
– His parents raise cows on a farm. (Lastart Welcome Party).
– Coffee is his most cherished item.
– His favorite NCT songs are WE GO UP, TOUCH, and 윤설.
– His favorite movie genre is musical, live stage, animal, animation review, and drama.
– He wanted to become an idol after he got interested in dancing and singing.
– His role model is EXO’s Kai.
– He would want to be a model if he wasn’t an idol.
– His dream is to practice hard and hard with his group members and have fun on stage.
– Vocal coach Kim Sungpil described Sion as someone who knows what sound suits him and how to connect to listeners. In one phrase, he would describe Sion as an artist who’s always making an effort. (NCT Lastart Ep1)
– His training period is 4 years.
– He was introduced on June 28, 2023, as the SMROOKIES trainee team.
– Water is one word to describe him.
– He likes drinking coffee cause it makes him energized.
– He was a bass player in his middle school.
– To interact with international fans, he wants to learn all the languages.
– He enjoys drinking beers.
–  He participated in the survival show “NCT Universe : LASTART”.
– He resembles NCT’s Jaehyun.
– He often listens to music to relax.
– Along with Daeyoung, he is NCT’s first member from a non-metropolitan area.

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