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Park Jeongwoo (TREASURE) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Park Jeongwoo

Park Jeongwoo (정우) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group TREASURE under YG Entertainment.

Park Jeongwoo (TREASURE) Profile

Stage NamePark Jeongwoo (정우)
Birth NamePark Jung Woo (박정우)
BirthdaySeptember 28, 2004
Active Years2018–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height181 cm (5’11″)
Weight70 kg (154 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Park Jeongwoo (TREASURE) Facts:

Early Life

– Jeongwoo hails from Ilsan, South Korea.
– He went to Iksan Eoyang Elementary School and Seongsan Middle School.
– He graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School.
– He was a schoolmate with Junghwan.
– He was part of the school basketball club.
– His childhood dream was to become a surgeon.

Personal Life

– He has a younger brother.
– The first time Haruto met him, he was singing “I Spy” and Haruto’s first impression of him was that he is a great singer. (Teen Vogue)
– Park Jeongwoo is left-handed.
– He is very interested in fashion and researches new looks daily. (Seventeen Superlatives)
– He takes pleasure in listening to music.
– His long leap record is 235 cm. (Idol Einstein)
– He boasts a perfect attendance record for practices
– He is left-handed. (IDDP)
– His English name is Justin.
– Jeongwoo is very flexible and he can split his legs. (Weekly Idol Ep479)
– He’s recognized as one of the most talkative alongside Yoshi.
– He has a mole on the bottom of his left foot. (MUPLY RandomQ)
– He is known for his outstanding fashion sense and looks.
– He auditioned just two days after joining the academy and passed.
– Jeongwoo doesn’t like sleeping alone so he takes turns sleeping with the other members. (Arena Homme+)
– For him, YG is a place with excellent food in the cafeteria and the best practice environment
– Park Jeongwoo aims to move people with powerful high notes.
– He claimed that Yedam and Jungwoo helped the members a lot in terms of vocals, and the rapper line Hyunsuk, Yoshi, and Haruto helped each other in many ways by directly participating in writing lyrics and sharing concerns. (Vibe)
– He described himself as having great reactions, being a fantastic singer, and sporting tanned skin.
– His specialities include ear wiggling.
– He is somewhat slow-witted. (Studio S1)
– He is nicknamed Choco Jeongwoo, Tension Boy, Handsome Shoulders, Baby Wolf, and Rap Jeongwoo.
– He is represented by the wolf emoticon.
– He sleeps in his pajamas and is a messy sleeper. (Cancam)
– He wears a shoe size of 285 mm.
– He is good at hyping things up. (Studio S1)
– He is known for his energetic personality, often making everyone laugh.
– His favorite Japanese stage is “Beautiful”. (Membership Magazine)
– In his free time, he enjoys watching camping vlogs, and singing ‘Where’ by Killagram at karaoke.
– He said that the performances they have, seems to be led largely by the dance members, including Mashiho and Doyoung. Whenever they were tired, Jaehyuk and Jeonghwan would raise the tension, and with their unique sense of fun, Asahi and Junkyu would join in and act as mood makers. (Vibe)
– He is one of the top three members in TREASURE who cry the most, according to Asahi.
– If there is this one thing he wants people to remember TREASURE, it would be the Entity that provides strength and consolation. (allkpop)
Haruto picked Jeongwoo as the member he would date if he were a girl.
– He said that as leaders, Hyunsuk and Jihoon led the members from the front and pushed them well from behind.
– Jeongwoo, Haruto, Jaehyuk, and Asahi are avid fans of SEVENTEEN, regularly watching their variety show, ‘Going Seventeen,’ and have even received notice from SEVENTEEN members Seungkwan and Hoshi.
– He has a hard time making eye contact with strangers. (IDDP)


– He trained for nearly three years.
– He competed in ‘King of Masked Singer.’
– He officially made his debut as a Main Vocalist for TREASURE on August 7, 2020, with the release of their first single album, “The First Step: Chapter One.”

Likes & Dislikes

– Fall is his favourite season.
– His favourite word is TREASURE.
– He likes turquoise.

Food Preference

– He enjoys Tteokbokki.
– Chocolate is his preferred ice cream flavour.
– His favourite snack is fish cake.
– His Baskin Robbins ‘ favourite ice cream is Rainbow Sherbet.

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