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Stell (SB19) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Stell (SB19)

Stell is a Filipino singer and a member of the P-pop boy group ‘SB19’ under 1Z Entertainment. 

Stell (SB19) Profile

Stage NameStell
Birth NameStellvester Ajero
BirthdayJune 16th, 1995
Active Years2018–present
Age29 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height170 cm (5’7″)
Weight60kg (132lbs)
Blood TypeN/A

Stell (SB19) Facts:

Early Life

– He is originally from Las Piñas City, Philippines.
– He pursued a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at STI College.
– He worked as a fast-food crew member while attending college.
– He takes pleasure in teasing other members.

Personal Life

Justin and Stell are the most friendly. (One UP TV)
– He assumes the role of main choreographer in the group.
– He is most likely good at doing girl group choreographies. (FYE Channel)
– He experienced severe overwork, nearly leading to acute pulmonary edema once.
– He spent recovery time babysitting for a family-supporting aunt.
– He and Ken take the longest to get ready. (Character Media)
– He is known for his jovial nature and tendency to joke around with his members.
– He previously had two dogs named Xavier and Potpot.
– He lives by the motto: “Be your own reason to smile”.
– He and Josh take the most selfies. (Character Media)
– He is an active member of a church choir, where he serves as the only Male Soprano.
– He takes skincare seriously.
– He enjoys collecting toys, including a stuffed monkey named “Tokki” and a stuffed banana named “Nanaque”.
– He is most likely to cry at Kdramas. (Niana Guerrero)
– He is a proud owner of a pet puppy named ‘Gimo’.
– He is skilled in impersonation and enjoys cooking.
– He is afraid of ghosts.
– He is most likely to scream at a flying cockroach.
– He is called TayTay man by his family.
– He has a celebrity crush on Toni Gonzaga and Mariz Racal.
– He is most likely to get the most piercing.
– He has braces.


– He debuted as the Main Vocalist and Lead Dancer in SB19.
– He was formerly part of a dancer cover group called ‘SE-EON’, winning 7 competitions alongside Josh.

Likes & Dislikes

– He dislikes doing aegyo.
– He prefers the colors blue or royal blue and favors the number “16”.
– He loves strawberries.
– Currently, his favorite animals are dogs and hamsters.
– He likes bike rides.


– He has won Main Vocal of the Year, Top Male Vocalist of the Year, and Male TikTok Face of the Year.

Twitter: stell16_
Instagram: stellajero_
Tiktok: stellajero16
Youtube: Vester Ajero
Personal Facebook Account: Stell Ajero
Facebook page: Vester

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