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G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Profile, Bio, & Facts

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G-Dragon (지드래곤) is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer under Galaxy Corporation. He is a member of the boy group BIGBANG and its sub-units GD&TOP and GD X TAEYANG. He debuted solo on August 18, 2009, with the album ‘Heartbreaker’.

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Profile

Stage NameG-DRAGON (지드래곤)
Birth NameKwon Ji Yong (권지용)
OccupationRapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Fashion Designer
BirthdayAugust 18, 1988
Active Years2006–present
Age35 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height177 cm (5’10”) 
Weight58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood TypeA

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Facts:

Early Life

– G-Dragon was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He went to Sungeui Elementary School and Seoul Korean Traditional Music School.
– He transferred from Seoul Traditional Music Arts High School and graduated from Dongducheon Information Industry High School (Commercial Design Department).

Personal Life

– His family consists of his parents and a sister named Kwon Dami.
– His Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon.
– He dropped out of Kyunghee University College of Art and Design (Postmodern Music Studies) and gained his bachelor’s from International Cyber ​​University (Leisure Sports Studies).
He attended Sejong University Graduate School of Industry (Distribution Industry Studies) for his master’s degree.
– He wore Jacques Marie Mage glasses during his 2023 drug case outdoor interview and the glasses sold out right after the interview.
– His mom takes care of his fridge most of the time. (Chef & My Fridge)
– He is childhood friends with T.O.P and Kangin from Super Junior.
– He was friends with JunK of 2PM during his trainee days.
– He is fluent in English.
– He said he has lived like G-Dragon since the age of thirteen and during these years there wasn’t a time when he didn’t belong to any company. (Elle Korea 2017)
– He developed a passion for rapping after listening to Wu-Tang Clan’s first album. (Elle Korea)
– He has several tattoos.
Jooheon from MONSTA X admires him and wants to meet him. (Seventeen)
– He admires artists like Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Blackstreet, Wu-Tang Clan, Beyonce, and Rihanna.
Seungri said that in an interview G-Dragon said that his biggest fear was Seungri surpassing him. lol (Source)
– He believes that he has developed the ability to deeply read trends and vibes.  (Vogue Korea)
– Despite the official height of 177 cm (around 5’10”), rumors circulate that his height is closer to 168-169 cm (5’6.1″).
– He has two Shar-Pei dogs, named Gaho and Jolie.
– He once spread a rumor that Sandara Park rejected a younger celebrity in the company after he vented to him that she wasn’t picking up the phone. He felt really good and spread the rumor which eventually landed in the boss’s ear and she had her phone taken away. (Jjandangpo)
– Dispatch disclosed his year-long relationship with Blackpink’s Jennie on February 24, 2021, but YG Ent. declined to comment.
– G-Dragon’s ideal type is someone skilled in cooking who can introduce him to unfamiliar areas. 

Early Career & Training at SM & YG

– His first TV appearance was on a children’s program titled “Bbo Bbo Bbo.”
– He later joined the group “Little Roora” at the age of 7 but the group’s contract was terminated by the company and they disbanded.
– He was scouted by S.M. Entertainment trainee when he was 8 years old and was on a trip with his family. He trained at the company for 5 years and left at the age of 13.
– He joined YG Entertainment after he caught the interest of Jinusean’s Sean, who recommended him to join the company.
– He started training at YG Entertainment at 12 alongside Taeyang.


– G-Dragon is the leader, main rapper, vocalist, and face of the group in BIGBANG.
– Initially, he and Taeyang prepared for six years as a hip-hop duo, GDYB, but the plan evolved, adding three more members.
– He is also the main composer and producer for the group.
– He is recognized as the K-pop idol earning the most song royalties for self-composed tracks.
– He was featured in Moonshot Korea’s promotions alongside Sandara Park (2ne1).
– GQ Korea gave him with the title of ‘Man of The Yea’r in 2015.
– He enlisted in the military on February 27th, 2018, and was discharged on October 26th, 2019.
– He launched his fashion brand “Peaceminusone”.


– He has worked with many popular brands including “Airbnb”, “Shinsegae”, “Kappa”. “Hyundai”, “Nike”, “Samsung” and “Vogue”
– In 2016, he became the first Asian man to be selected as Chanel’s global ambassador.


– His 2017 concert tour, Act III: M.O.T.T.E, became the most extensive tour ever conducted by a Korean solo artist. It was also the largest tour by a Korean artist in the US and Europe and was attended by 654,000 fans globally.
– G-Dragon has written or co-written 23 number-one songs on the Gaon Digital Chart, many of which he co-produced.


– Forbes recognized G-Dragon in 2016 as the most influential figure under 30 in Asia’s entertainment and sports.
– Various artists, including Zico, Jungkook, and J-Hope (BTS), Be’O, BamBam (Got7), Ricky (Zerobaseone), Jaden Smith, Younha, Rocky (Astro), S.Coups (Seventeen), One, Lee Seung-hwan, DinDin, and Grimes, Kim Eana, have cited him as a significant influence on their work.
– He has been included in the list of “100 Most Influential People in Fashion” by Hypebeast multiple times.

Likes & Dislikes

– He loves layering accessories. (i-D Vice)
– He loves to travel and explore different places to make new experiences. (Nylon Japan 2016)
– One of his favorite songs is Sanullim’s ‘Youth’. (Elle Korea)
– He loves to wear black clothes as he feels like the black color retains all of his passion in his body. (Anan Magazine 2016)
– He has loved flowers since he was young and he finds them inspirational and comfortable. (Vogue Korea)
– His favorite colors include black and red.

Food Preferences

– He likes to eat Ganjang gaejang (Crab preserved in soy sauce).
– He loves to eat the Japanese product Natto because of its different flavors. 
– He is a fan of spicy food.
– He likes to eat caviar with mashed potatoes or on top of pancakes. (Take Care of My Refrigerator)
– He likes to eat bean paste. 
– He loves to eat truffles and adds them with fried eggs. 


– G-Dragon is nicknamed a ‘1-cent mouth’ because he likes to exaggerate and gossip. (Chef & My Fridge)
– He is known as the ‘King of K-Pop’.
– He got nicknamed “Iguana Idol” because he frequently changes his hair color.

Personality & Habits

– He has a curious personality. (Vogue Korea)
– He believes that he has become more gentle and has gained more freedom after getting older as before he used to look bold, spiteful, and sensitive. (Elle Korea)
– He said he unconsciously behaves very nicely and gently in front of the women he likes and Daesung said even G-Dragon’s way of speaking changes when he is sitting in front of the girl he likes and he doesn’t speak much. (SBS Hwashin)
– He said that people believe that he is a very detail-oriented and nitpicky person but he is actually a good-for-nothing person who likes to sleep all day on his day off. (Anan Magazine 2016)

Drug Allegations

– On October 25, 2023, he was officially booked by the Incheon Metropolitan Police and underwent investigation for suspected drug use. The incident was similar to a previous investigation in 2011, where he faced allegations of illegally smoking marijuana. However, during that time, he received a suspended indictment for being a first-time offender and the detection of a small amount.
– He explained that he unknowingly took a few puffs of a cigarette, believing it to be regular, during a drinking session in Japan in 2011.
– On October 30, 2023, G-Dragon strongly refuted the recent drug use allegations through his legal representative and expressed a willingness for voluntary questioning, active cooperation with the investigation, and offered to undergo required tests.
– On December 13, 2023, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency officially closed the case and the decision was based on a series of negative drug test results and the absence of sufficient evidence.
– Later in the same month, he announced that he would be launching a foundation for combating widespread drug addiction.

Major Works

– His popular songs include “CROOKED”, “Without You (ft. Rose of BlackPink)”, and “무제(無題) (Untitled, 2014)”.


– He is the first and the only Korean artist who received the “ Artist of the Year” award at the Mnet Asian Music Award in 2013.
– In 2018, he won the award for having the “Most Royalties and Copyrighted Song in 2017”  at the KOMCA Grand Prize 2018.

Instagram: @xxxibgdrgn
Twitter: @ibgdrgn
Facebook: gdragon
Youtube: OfficialGDRAGON

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