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Xiaojun (NCT/WayV) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Xiaojun NCT

Xiaojun (샤오쥔) is a Chinese singer and a member of the boy group NCT under SM Entertainment. He is a member of the Chinese subunit WayV.

Xiaojun (NCT/WayV) Profile

Stage NameXiaojun (샤오쥔)
Birth NameXiao Dejun (肖德俊)
Korean NameSo Deok Jun (소덕준)
BirthdayAugust 8, 1999
Active Years2019–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height172 cm (5’8’’)
Blood Type A

Xiaojun (NCT/WayV) Facts:

Early Life

– Xiaojun was born and raised in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.
– He attended Donghua Elementary Middle School.
– He graduated from Donghua Junior High School.

Personal Life

– His representative Emoji is 🐲.
– He looks up to EXO’s Baekhyun.
– He was previously roommates with Yangyang and but then became roommates with Kun.
– His family includes his mother, father, and one older brother.
– He is interested in girl group dances, especially Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, aespa, GOT the Beat, BLACKPINK, CLC, 4Minute, and NewJeans.
– He likes durians since his mum really likes them and when he was young, he dreamt of bringing home two big durians for his mum.
– Xiaojun said if WayV participated in the Squid Games, everyone in the group would win the ‘red light, green light’ game.
– He has a weakness for snacks and tends to eat them, especially when he has a fever.
– He started studying girl group dances around the age of 10 or even younger, and was inspired by Wonder Girls “Nobody.”
– His father and brother are also in the music industry.
– He resonates with the words “Life is long” and admires Jack from “Titanic.”
– He always carries a dinosaur doll keyring in his bag.
– When he was asked for a ‘try not to laugh challenge’ he said he would lose.
– He trusts the company’s decision on his hair color and is open to their suggestions.
– His hobbies include reading, songwriting, eating without stopping, and watching movies.
– His motto is “Being complacent will result in loss, being humble will bring benefit.”
– He recalls his first memory of being in the water and seeing his dad and brother trying to rescue him.
– The hometown food he misses the most is “Yuba roll,” a Hakka dish made by rolling yuba with prawns and vegetables.
– He is friends with SEVENTEEN’s The8.
– He sleeps with his eyes open.
– Ideal way of spending Christmas: candies, huo guo, wine, small concert, China
– The most unforgettable moment for him after officially debuting was the anticipation and atmosphere before the stage door opened, especially the waiting time behind the stage.
– In a message to himself three years later, he urged himself to remember his actions and always engage in self-reflection.
– Hendery said when meeting Xiaojun he was impressed by his strength and confidence, and he was often seen in short-sleeved hoodies during their pre-debut days.
– He can play the piano, ukulele, drums, and guitar.
– Among NCT members, he loves Haechan to the point that he wants to become his brother.
– He said he has the best chemistry with YangYang because their favorite game styles are similar.
– He aspires to become a director and dreams of making a movie in his hometown.
– He’s an avid gamer and often plays games with YangYang.
– He finds happiness in the praise for his singing skills, dedicating 50% of his energy to it.
– His role models are his brother and father.
– When asked about breaking the limits of time and space, he wants to do something ordinary with his family.


– Xiaojun is in the NCT subunits, WayV, and NCT U
– He joined SM Entertainment as an S.M. Rookie on July 17, 2018.
– His official position in WayV is the main vocalist.
– On June 16, 2021, he and Kun debuted as a sub-unit, WayV-KUN&XIAOJUN, releasing their digital track “Back To You.”
– He debuted as a member of WayV on January 17, 2019.
– He was a contestant on the Chinese survival show “X-Fire” in 2015.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite number is eight.
– Green is his favorite color.
– He likes brushed wool hats and hoodies.
– His favorite sound is laughter.
– He enjoys the time after 11 pm.
– He loves purple lighting.
– His preferred song is “Turning Page” by Sleeping at Last.
– His favorite type of plant is Mimosa Pudica plant.

Food Preferences

– His favorite foods have a green tea flavor, including ice cream, cake, and latte.
– He has a preference for strong flavors.
– He really likes stinky tofu.
– He loves mint chocolate ice cream.
– His meals are incomplete without Lao Gan Ma, a Chinese chili sauce.
– He loves to eat kue ape.

Personality & Habits

– Xiaojun’s MBTI is ENFP.
– He has a habit of spontaneously speaking lines from books he reads.
– He frequently goes up and down the bunk bed, which can be irritating, especially around 3 a.m., according to YangYang.
– He described himself using three words: enthusiastic, funny, and gentle.
– He has a high EQ (emotional intelligence).

Instagram: djxiao_888

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Genie | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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