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SYA (BLITZERS) Profile, Bio and Facts


SYA (샤) is a South Korean K-pop rapper, singer and a member of the boy group BLITZERS, under WUZO Entertainment.

Sya Profile

Stage Name: Sya (샤)
Birth Name: Lee Junyoung (이준영)
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: September 9th, 2002
Active Years: 2020–present
Age 21 (in Jul 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 169.4 cm (5’5ft)
Weight: na
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: na

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SYA Facts:

Early Life:

– He graduated high school from Cheongdeok High School.

Personal Life:

– Chinese zodiac: Horse
– He is still contemplating his ideal type.
– He is not from Busan, but he is a 3rd generation baseball ‘Lotte’ fan.
– Identity Number: 09
– He is an only child and has a close relationship with his family.
– He has a puppy, and his name is ‘Zeze’.
– Sya admits to not being a good student academically, but he performed well in Korean and English when he focused on studying.
– He loved Pokémon when he was younger and has visited Japan multiple times, including a memorable visit to the Pokémon Center.
– One of his personality traits is that he never eats alone.
– At the age of 6, he broke his left elbow after falling off a bicycle and had to undergo surgery to insert a metal core. Since then, he has been unable to ride a bike due to the trauma.
– He developed a passion for dancing in high school after joining the dance club with his friends.
– Sya once said, “I’m shy, but I don’t care.”
– After attending an iKon concert, Sya was inspired by seeing them perform on stage and had the thought of wanting to be on stage himself. It was the first time he had a dream he truly desired.
– During his younger years, Sya would often get injured, possibly due to his rough nature.
– Sya’s dream is to become the future owner of Lotte.
– His dream is to be able to share the same space, sweating and breathing, with the fans who visit his concerts.
– In sixth grade, he broke his collarbone while playing soccer, but eventually recovered and resumed playing.
– He was cast through Instagram, where he posted a dance and a selfie through which he got the call.
– Sya has a high tolerance for spicy food.
– According to Chanwoo, during a photoshoot with Sya, he took good care of Chanwoo’s jokes, creating a pleasant atmosphere.
– Sya cannot watch horror movies as he dislikes being surprised.
– He enjoys all sports, and his favourite sport is football.
– Being cute is his charming point.
– His figure is like an Arctic fox.
– His hobbies include watching movies and writing lyrics. He has even written a song called “I Fell Into a Lake Called You.”
– According to Sya, his charm point is the jelly-like, macaron-like aegyo (cute behaviour) that occurs when he smiles with his cheeks.
– Shopping is one of his hobbies.


– Sya was officially revealed as a member of BLITZERS on August 24th, 2020.
– He serves as Sub Vocalist and Sub Rapper in the group BLITZERS.
– He co-wrote “Win-Dow” and “Hit The Bass” for his group’s album “WIN-DOW”.
– SYA has made his appearance in “Dancing Idol Stage Season 1”, “Weekly Idol” and many more.
– On February 2, 2021, he was reintroduced with his now stage name SYA.

Likes & Dislikes:

– He dislikes vegetables and loves to eat chicken.
– SYA’s favourite song to listen to is “Wind” by iKON.
– He doesn’t like sweets very much.
– His favourite movie is “Last Christmas”.
– His most liked songs are “Air” (WINNER), “Parks, Squares, and Alleys” (Bicycle), and “Perfect” (iKON).
– His favourite snack is Jelly.
– SYA likes coffee over juice.
– He loves to drink Iced Caramel Macchiato.
– He also likes Cheonggukjang and boneless chicken
– He absolutely loves meat and enjoys beef, pork, and many more foods.
– SYA dislikes horror movies as he doesn’t like being surprised.
– His favourite music genre is Hip Hop


– His nicknames include Shamo Monkey, chamois monkey, mini monkey, gag monkey, and anchovy monkey.
– His nickname on Discord is “Syasyaysya”.

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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